Ascension Activations

A new form of activating spiritual energy within our mind and body has become available to this planet over the last 12 years and is reaching critical mass at this time. Planetary experiences have been moving vital elements into place which are now making it possible to access energies and activate dormant knowledge within our cells and dna. Until now much of this knowledge has been transmitted and used at the mental and spiritual levels, but it has only been through drastic restructuring of the physical nervous system that people have been able to integrate at the cellular and dna levels.

In the past many masters have burnt out or short circuited their physical systems in the development of their spiritual connection. This was mainly due to the lack of planetary energies to support their physicality. The massive influx of energies into this planet over the last 12 years has changed the potential of this completely. The body over this time has been gradually adjusting to the increases and expansions of energies and new information. This has resulted in much information from the higher planes channeling through into modalities and systems on the Earth.

Within the Astral, guilds are forming and strengthening in order to create the opportunities for sentient beings on the Earth to activate and access their higher consciousness and abilities. For the first time in many ages the possibility for mass ascension of not only the subtle consciousness, but the physical body is possible.