Beyond the Psychic

The psychic senses begin the opening to understanding and communicating with the Etheric planes. This connection begins with an expansion of consciousness into the 5 primary physical senses as well as a deep integration within the intellect and mind. The bridge between these psychic senses and the higher spiritual senses becomes active when sentient cellular realization occurs. At this point a person’s dormant spiritual abilities and powers move from the Etheric into the physical and they understand how to perform such influencing as quantum healing and physical manifestations such as telekinesis, breatharianism and bi-location.

This level of ascension is also important for accessing a higher understanding of our spiritual purpose. Without these higher senses being active it is impossible to understand higher levels of spirit, much in the same way as if one does not have eyes, they cannot understand written text.

The psychic is the beginning of expanding the physical senses. The next step is to use this as a foundation to bridge to the higher Etheric senses. At this stage the true purpose of psychic abilities will become clear as the higher Etheric senses allow us to communicate with spiritual consciousness in a way that is beyond anything the intellectual mind could currently imagine or perceive.

The next levels of ascension from occur here as physical ailments and disease are understood and healed and the denser aspects of consciousness are fully integrated into the spiritual light. The universe and its child the earth then begin to provide power in a way that is completely in alignment with our spiritual self. Our true purpose becomes illuminated.