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Surrender – Opening your Mind, Spirit and Heart

In any communication there is a balance of listening and expression. The deeper our ability to listen, the more effective our ability to express becomes. Listening allows us to understand the essence of what is being conveyed to us and to reciprocate with precision and clarity. This is essentially what surrender is all about. Surrender is a yielding in order to gain understanding – and understanding is everything. It is the knowledge that allows us to act with intention and purpose. It is the ability that allows us to create empowerment, it is conscious transformation and it is mastery.

When the channel between the Higher Self and the consciousness has been opened, it takes about 14 days to make this connection permanent. Depending on the thickness of the channel, spiritual information will either trickle or pour like a waterfall interacting with the mind and physical body. The more willing we are to surrender and at least for the time being ‘give up’ our own expression and simply “listen,” the more information and knowledge we will absorb and integrate into ourselves. As each channel becomes open to receive it clears the way for knowledge and energy to come through. In a sense it is like having many water hoses. As long as we are pushing our expression through, it is difficult to receive energy coming the other way. When we surrender, we stop for a time pushing out our own essence and listen to what else is there. Ironically, what comes back is our own essence but so much more also.

The Higher Self has the ability to encompass what we are because its plane of existence is multi-dimensional. Integration of the Higher Self into the body trains the body to increase its perception of dimensional planes. This is what lifts the body from a 3 dimensional state to 4, then 5 and more planes of existence. This is what it means to “ascend.” Spiritual power can only exist at a limited level at the 3rd dimension, simply because the 3rd dimension has its own set of laws. As the body is trained to connect to higher dimensions it is no longer just in the 3rd dimension, and so it gains the experience and ability to use and call on a broader range of spiritual power. This only occurs if the practice includes the physical body. Meditations and practices that exclude the physical are splitting the mind from the body and so they do not gain this benefit of integration. This is also the reason why many spiritual masters have developed physical health problems. Their higher plane bodies became so powerful and full of higher energies, but their physical bodies could not hold or maintain these levels and so they overloaded, short circuited and their physical bodies died. Interestingly, many masters who had ascended and split from their bodies before, have chosen to come back to this plane to learn how to fully ascend inclusive of the physical.

Another thing that is important to note is that full integration of the physical plane with the higher planes will allow us to manifest and “fit in” to this world, so to speak. This avoids all the pit falls of spirituality that is insubstantial or full of “fluff” so to speak. Spiritual power becomes manifest not just in life philosophy and attitude but in the very way that we connect with physical reality. The structures that are our physical bodies and minds pour in higher dimensional energies. These are integrated using our physical bodies as “converters.” Through this channel the multiple dimensions can meet without hindrance or obstacle. This is the essence of “surrender.”


Meditation Mastery – Developing High Level Elite Meditation

Meditation is the practice of understanding. It is training the mind and the body to observe and gain knowledge about specific energies and aspects of consciousness. As the body and mind becomes familiar with the language of these energies, a communication is realized and formed. This communication is the catalyst to understanding.

Often understanding is perceived to merely mean intellectual realizations. In truth understanding can be defined as ‘knowing.’ It is knowing how ‘cause’ relates to ‘effect,’ and it is also knowing how to influence “cause” and “effect.” Deep understanding means an intrinsic, intuitive knowledge of how to create effect or result. It becomes as basic as simply reaching out and taking a glass of water. No thought, theory or concept needs to be understood to take the water – the ‘knowing’ is so deep and cellular that our body and mind has the perfect coordination and knowledge to simply reach out and take it. This is ability and skill. It may not be recognized for a task such as this, but this is because we have reached a high level of skill. It is simply taken for granted. This is the direction of mastery. It is tuning our abilities to such a high level that ‘intention’ can become ‘reality’ at our will. This level of mastery only occurs through progressive practice.

For many people spiritual practice does not move much deeper than the intellectual level. The intellectual level is the level of thought, concepts, philosophy and theory. This is the level where we make our plans and understand the ‘map’ to creating deeper skill. The fact of the matter is that without deeper practice we do not have the opportunity to control cause and effect. Using the example of taking a glass of water for instance, as babies we were unable to manifest this effect at will. Even through watching and gaining instruction it took practice and time to entrain these abilities into our bodies. It took even more time to develop this ability to the level where we could do it without thought.

The training of the mind and body to coordinate and follow intention in this way is meditation. Mastery of meditation is the development of all the skills required to move, direct and control the mind in all its facets. Where the basic meditation will form fewer aspects of focus and skill, mastery is able to flow from one to another at will. The difference is like needing to think hard about reaching out and taking a glass of water, all the while concentrating intensely – and simply reaching out and taking it.

The speed of ‘thought’ is fast indeed, but it pales in comparison to the speed of knowing. Mastery is the training of our abilities into body and mind so that this deep coordination of consciousness just ‘knows’. ‘Thought’ needs to interpret and process experience, then apply the necessary level of consciousness. ‘Knowing’ simply creates experience directly. The higher the level of ability and skill, the less thought is required. It is like taking the glass of water – we simply reach out and connect. There is no dispute, doubt or argument about the fact that we can simply reach out. We just do it. This is what ability and skill does for us. This is also the reason why intellectualization, concept and theory leaves so much room for arguments, dispute and doubt. None of this however matters when we develop real skill. It becomes completely irrelevant when we develop mastery.

Training towards meditation mastery develops the ability to connect to spiritual experience without requiring intellectual concepts or theory. The experience just happens as a result of the ability and skill. Our understanding of spirit, the Higher Self and metaphysics changes completely, because instead of working with theories and thinking “what if?”, we get to actually try out our ‘what if?’ ideas within the realm of experience.

Where theories would discuss whether spirit of the Higher Self exists, ability demonstrates existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. More than this, experience moves us into a more constructive phase such as viewing discussing methods of evolving with Ascended Masters, astral projecting into mystic libraries of spiritual knowledge and communing with the Higher Self or God force.

Mastery is a path that is created when we dedicate ourselves to developing a high level of skill. Through this path, purpose and meaning are made apparent – empowerment is made apparent. Ideas that were concepts become experiences within our reality. Mastery at this point is no longer simply an idea, dream or ideal. It is refined ability and skill. Correct meditation, the art of understanding and communication is the most direct path of training to bringing these skills of consciousness to mastery.


Spiritual Growth – Achieving Real Spiritual Evolution

The state of spiritual growth as a whole on this planet is in a shambles. Contributing to this is the lack of or inappropriate teachings, but the worst of the lot are the philosophies proposing that we have nothing to learn at all. It is this idea that halts growth in its tracks. It may provide moments if not minutes of inspiration and the odd fantasy that everything is all right and we need not do anything – but in effect it is asking us to stop being critical and seek ignorance.

The most technically gifted masters among us have already long left our company, having realized that most of us simply do not care enough to truly gain from the teachings. This leaves much of the modern world speculating about the true nature of ideas like enlightenment, empowerment and so on. In the mean time these Savants walk through the levels of consciousness as easily as one would walk through an open door.

While modern day intellectuals would debate the existence of enlightenment and the meaning of empowerment, the masters are evolving and refining their methods for evolving the actual practice. It is understood that not all beings are on the direct path to enlightenment, the universe is fully capable of encompassing those that are actively choosing other roads. It is for this reason that the masters do not agitate over teaching, rather they understand the energetic momentum that the planet as a whole will gain from their own growth.

Being caught in the flow of beings powerful enough to influence entire planets with their consciousness is simply an indication of lack of self-mastery. It is not a moral condemnation, simply an observation of fact. It is similar to being caught in an ocean storm. Only the most effective swimmers can break free from its grip. This in itself is about training for real ability and skill.

If we are too weak to influence our own direction, then we are caught with the waves. Perhaps even unaware of what is occurring. If we wait for masters to give us strength, then we will wait forever, for true strength cannot be given, only earned through facing our weaknesses.

It comes back to us to remain critical. Critical of ourselves and critical of what we have and are creating. It is in this that we gain the opportunity to evolve with intent, meaning, reason and purpose. There is so much more to be known. Spiritual growth initiates when we acknowledge this. Concepts and ideas only reach fruition through sustained action and practice. Ideals such as love and compassion only become what they are through testing our connection to them in the heat of real life and experience. Principles such as those of manifestation and purification are only entrained into our bodies and minds through vigilantly aligning our spiritual understanding with our physical and mental being.

It is not difficult to see that spiritual growth as a whole is floundering. It is only difficult when we refuse to be critical. When we are objective we can see the vast amounts of incongruent knowledge and information. We can see the struggle to understand and find clarity within this knowledge. We can see how this lack of clarity has come to limit expansive spiritual vision and potential. We can see how protecting this lack of answers has led to fear and aversion to having a truly critical mind.

We only fear the critical mind when we choose to cling to blind belief, but no answer will be forthcoming from blind belief. The myths within the spiritual arena are legion, but this also means that the opportunity for truth is massive. Potential for growth lies in these opportunities, but without taking them there is no real power or conscious growth. The intellect must move beyond the comfortable appraisal that potential lies out there somewhere. It must look to the heart and see why we are not moving stridently toward our potential right now. It may not be pretty, it may not be in the current trend of “spiritual speak,” but it is true. Movement between two points of consciousness only occurs because of the choice to move. This choice is made when we understand critically the reason for our new destination.


Expanding Awareness – Evolution of the Mind, Body and Consciousness

Awareness is understanding, the expansion of awareness is the expansion and deepening of understanding. Generating the forms of mind required to deepen awareness is about ability and skill. Without ability and skill the same patterns of awareness will repeat themselves. Deepening awareness requires the ability to first recognize the gates, then to recognize the key required to open the gate, and lastly the skill to move through the portal that is formed. In opposition will be the magnetism of old patterns of awareness. It is for this reason that self-discipline has always been the first key to mental mastery. Self-discipline is the strength to keep the mind to the grindstone.

As the mind initially enters each space of awareness it must learn to adjust its tension. Each shift will seem like a stretching, as if no more can be encompassed and yet we must seek the spaces where more openings can be found. This can only be accomplished through working each form into the mind. Each time we walk this “groove” with our mind, it learns through intense observation the communication that exists within this space of awareness. Without the skills to “listen” and communicate with the energies that exist here, we will not gain the keys to further expansion. Pure strength and will is not enough, because where one gate will require rigid strength, another will absorb this type of strength like a sponge, instead requiring a formula or an intelligent communication. It is recognition of these keys that students and seekers have classically come to masters for, however there must be a balance between blindly accepting keys and the process of learning to recognize keys on our own. While simply taking and training in a key will open up the experience for us, we will pass by the vital opportunity to develop the sensitivity required to recognize within our own consciousness. Without this sensitivity we may gain spiritual and metaphysical experiences, but we will lack the ability to choose and direct those experiences.

This can be likened to the difference between being told the exact words required to enact a conversation and being taught how to express communication with conscious influence and direction. Ultimately learning how to communicate through our own consciousness is what is important, however neglecting the understanding of exact words or keys would be foolhardy. Just as we need to learn etiquettes to communicate within the external world, understanding language within the world of consciousness is vital. Eventually our grasp of the language becomes fluent and we can critically decide what parts to lose and what to keep. At this point we have learnt how to express meaning with less and less importance placed on form or etiquette. However this state can only be achieved through first mastering the form. It is again similar to verbal communication in that exact phrases and such are very useful when learning a language. Then when fluency is achieved forms can be restructured in order to refine the meaning and expression within. By learning to observe the effect of a ‘phrase’ or ‘word’ we understand the meaning behind the form. It is this energy or influence behind the form that is most important. This is what unlocks dormant awareness. It is through this process of unlocking, observing, stretching and alert focus that awareness is expanded.


Arrogance – Transcending the Ego – Finding the True Higher Self

The fear of being arrogant is one of the greatest hindrances to spiritual development. This perception prevents us from acknowledging our strengths and accomplishments. Without full acknowledgment, it is impossible to fully understand these strengths and abilities. Acknowledgment is awareness and honesty. Just as limitations need to be seen in order to be transcended, strengths need to be noticed in order to further evolve them.

The development of skill, power and ability will take us through the full gamut of emotions. When we fail we feel humbled, when we achieve we feel proud. This is emotional scenery. They have nothing to do with the achievement of real mastery. If we are to reach the goal of mastery, then pride, humility, arrogance and joy must become second to the main journey. We enjoy, we grieve, we rage and love, but we do not allow any of these to sway us from the path.

Arrogance is a strange one indeed. The path of spirituality is inextricably linked to that of self-mastery. Mastery is simply the ability to control our mind, body and consciousness. This control becomes a precision instrument for connecting and communicating with more expansive and subtle levels of reality. However we may choose to define spirituality, there is most definitely the opportunity to communicate with more than the “physical” when we develop the abilities to do so.

The fear of arrogance almost implies that we cannot acknowledge a difference between ourselves and others. The irony is that it is our perception of difference that started us on this journey in the first place. As we develop a little skill we believe that we must remain humble and so we repress the parts of us that would acknowledge these skills. This repression is a conscious and direct shutting down of our awareness. For anyone who has ever felt that they have practiced much and yet felt limited somehow, this may have some significance.

The other controlling element of arrogance is the fear that if we are perceived as such by others, that we will be thought of badly. This belief stops us from straying too far from the group consciousness. There is only so much development that can occur and be integrated while we allow ourselves to be controlled by this fear. Whole integration is the only way to complete and thus real mastery.

We need to let go of trying to control how others perceive us. We need to let go of trying to control how our own mind perceives us. How long can we struggle with these before we notice that the main journey has been on hold? These illusions are like carrots held in front of the donkey so that it keeps on plowing that field.

The truth is that as we develop in ability and awareness we will notice vast and massive differences between ourselves and others. This is no time to give into fear. These differences are what we set out on the journey for in the first place! We wanted to become something different, we wanted to evolve and grow! Of course the ego will begin to preen itself and say “Look at me, look at what I’ve done!” That’s just the ego doing it’s thing. It’s no big deal. In fact it is ridiculous to limit our skills, abilities and self-mastery because we fear that our ego is enjoying it too much. We let the ego do it’s thing and we continue on our way. This is just another aspect of inner strength.

Hindrances to the journey come in many shapes and sizes. Beating down arrogance may not seem like a bad thing, because we’re told that arrogance is bad and humility is good. These rules don’t apply to inner mastery however. Inner mastery is not about playing a game of illusions with society. Inner mastery is about creating inner control. Real control is not repression, it is not denial, it is not about being played by our fears. Real control is the ability to reach out and grab our destination regardless of the hindrances that may appear. It is in this light that we must look at arrogance.

The purest humility exists when we allow all aspects of life and this includes our inner self, mind and consciousness, to just be. Out of this landscape we find the element or stream of consciousness that is congruent with our highest goals or intentions. Then we simply jump on board. At this structure we will find that those aspects that we thought needed controlling and repressing actually don’t hinder us at all. In fact, the only time they hinder us is when we get off the boat and start brawling with them. The moment we step into our own direction all these other elements become scenery. Sure, they may hawk their wares to us from the shore, but they only hold power over us the moment we decide to buy.


Judgment – Discernment, Wisdom and Insight

Judgment is a tool for growth and evolution. It is the aspect of our consciousness that decides our priorities. By definition everything else becomes less of a priority. This is by the way where the famous line, “judge not lest thee be judged,” fits in. As soon as we judge one thing as better than another, then we automatically judge the elements of ourselves that are not aligned with the “better” aspects as being lacking – and vice versa. But that’s the price of conscious evolution really. Each direction, choice and action is a weighing of priorities, values and meaning. We can’t have one without the other. The famous line rather than being a moral statement is more of an explanation of universal law.

More important than debating whether judgment is morally sound or not is to understand it’s meaning and value. The fact of the matter is that without judgment none of us would exist here and now in this form anyhow. First off, without judgment our lungs wouldn’t be able to breath because they couldn’t perceive the difference between the feeling of air and no air. Without judgment we would walk smack bang into pain and danger because we could define it as an experience that was detrimental to life.

Essentially, growth is about realizing what direction has real meaning and value and then going for it. The main factor that gets us there is judgment. Judgment is what takes in the over view, looks at the cards we’ve got, knows what to hold, knows what to fold and knows what to keep back from the game for a later day. Judgment is what recognizes opportunity and sends the message to jump to it. Without judgment, well all those opportunities would just float on by. There is no argument about it. The greatest ally of conscious growth, evolution and personal development is good judgment.

Now the “lest thee be judged” part is another story. This part is a reminder to look at the reasons why we seek growth, evolution and development.

Why do we do what we do?

Past the intellectual reasons we come to feeling. If we consciously seek something other than what we have right now, then it is because the mind is not at peace with what is right now. “Better must be there, not here,” – this is the perception that we have created.

This is the “be judged” element. If over “there” is better, then over “here” is by implication just not good enough. Sound familiar? It’s the story that begins every journey of personal development. Buddha walked out of his palace because it just didn’t cut it, Mohammed went looking for his mountain, Moses thought his people deserved a better deal, even Jesus had a few complaints. By all accounts these guys could have judgment like an avalanche at times, but they got results, there’s little arguing with that.

The peace that seekers realize over the course of their journey comes as they gain a deeper understanding of their purpose. They begin to see that what they truly seek is lacking within themselves at deeper levels.

How do they realize this lack?


The more intense the drive is to create a better tomorrow, the more intense the agitation today. The trick however to maintaining direction is not necessarily to cut back on the drive, but to make peace with the agitation and intensity. This is the balance point of weaving growth within inner peace.


No – Staying True to Your Path

Spirituality and personal development suffers the same fate as trends such as fashion, perhaps more so. One of the current trends is that to be spiritual we must surrender to everything. “Say yes to the universe!” so it has been said. There is no specific direction within this, since all directions become valid when we say yes to everything. More to the point, is that when we say yes to everything we throw what we hold to have true purpose and value in the trash. This leads to confusion, passive aggressiveness and lack of purpose, meaning or any semblance of true power.

All these obstacles are destroyed when we say no.

One door opens and another one closes. When we close all the doors of lesser relevance and priority the true doors are given leave to open. The philosophy of saying yes to everything is ludicrous when we have purpose and meaning in our lives. Purpose and meaning is a direction, achieving these requires resistance and resistance is the holding back of specific elements that would limit us. In short resistance is saying no so that the aspect of life and experience that we would say yes to are allowed to manifest.

Personal and spiritual development is extremely logical. It is as solid as a rock and as down to earth as dirt. It lacks in clarity only when we try to force in-congruent elements, dogma and concepts onto it.

If we sincerely wish to achieve self-mastery we need to be honest first. We need to admit that we want this. Taking the spiritually politically correct route of saying “I’m fine with myself just the way I am,” doesn’t serve us well if it is not to the truth. We need to be honest and be done with it. So much better to say: “No I’m not fine with the way I am, and that’s why I’m going to move the universe to become fine.” This is the sort of motivation that achieves self-mastery. This is the sort of honesty that creates the inner strength and real personal development.

Once we choose what it is that we want then it’s just a matter of saying no to all that doesn’t help achieve this goal. We need to say “no”, and we need to learn to say “no” without shame or guilt.

The more we say “no”, the more in tune we get with what we want to say “yes” to. This “yes” is an indication and affirmation each and every time of what it is that we believe to be of value, meaning and purpose. It appears through the simple process of acknowledging the intentions of “yes” and “no.” As we create a life that is full of that which holds meaning there is no longer a problem with saying “no”, because we understand clearly why it is that deny these other experiences. We deny them because we have embraced our purpose.


Real Mastery – What is Self Mastery and How to Achieve It

Mastery needs to be recognized for what it is if it is to be reached. Many terms and concepts such as empowerment, enlightenment and mastery are bandied about these days and it seems almost popular not to define them at all, but to simply use them as romantic concepts. This is fine if we are to remain passive listeners to stories of spirituality. If on the other hand we wish to develop and experience spiritual understanding for ourselves, then we need to exercise our brains and refine and analyze exactly what these goals mean.

Real Mastery is about skill and ability. This statement encompasses the necessity that strength and discipline are also part of the skill set. Part of the romance of the later parts of the last century were that mastery has nothing to do with skill, but has more to do with being alright with being where we are. This mindset implies that whether we are growing or not, “it’s all good.” This is not real mastery. This is just passive acceptance and a reluctance to engage with perceptions of struggle, work and fear.

Real mastery is about control of the self. It is through skill and ability that we gain the opportunities to control the self. Without skill and ability we have no choice. We are like puppets. It is like a car with a broken steering wheel hurtling along the highway. The passengers have no choice, they must go where the car goes. Ability and skill, is development of choices. It is directly linked to control. When we have control we can move and act as we will. Control in itself is a subject in itself, but suffice to say for now, that what many of us mistake for control, is not control at all. Control is not repression or “keeping a stiff upper lip” this is just a reflection of inability or lack of skill. Control is not rehashing the same emotional patterns or personality traits over and over again. Control is choice. It is the ability and skill to choose this action or that action. With control, the higher consciousness actually gets a choice. Without control there is only the choice that seeks to avoid or repress fear.

It has been said that all babies are masters, but while this is certainly a romantic notion, it holds no logic in universal law. Babies for sure have an ability to learn and adapt at a fast rate, but they do not have control over their environment or survival. If they were left alone for a few days without food or water they would almost certainly die. If they were left without physical contact for too long then they fall apart emotionally. Babies are not masters, if they were we would not need to be so protective of them. If anything, babies are masters in the making. They are developing the abilities and skills necessary to have choices and control.

The path of mastery ends when we decide that what we have is “good enough”. This is the reason why many people do not fully develop their abilities and skills. They simply believe that they are “good enough.” Mastery requires the cultivation of an extremely critical mind. This is not a mind that simply denigrates everything, rather, it is a mind that tests all things and searches for flaws. It does not stop here however, simply seeking flaws without also seeking solutions is what a pessimist really is. The true critical mind seeks flaws in order to seek solutions. It destroys in order to create something better. It is transformation with purpose and meaning. This is how ability and skill progresses, by seeing what is lacking or could be improved and making it better.

The mindset of mastery does not fit with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. The mindset of mastery fits more with the “let’s see if it breaks when I do this…and if it does, lets see if we can make it stronger.” Painful? More for the ego, than anything else, but it needs be understood that having regular scuffles with the ego keeps it in check. The ego needs to become accustomed to pain and bruising if it is to join the journey to mastery. The development of ability, skill and control will always be a thorn in the side of the ego, because it is only through being critical that conscious growth will take place. Denial makes many friends, truth is only interested in one. Luckily at the end of the day, this is the one friend that we will be able to count on to get the job done: our self. This is what mastery is about. It is about getting the “self” under control.


Real Manifestation – How to Create Your Reality

Manifestation is creation. It encompasses all that we create, from a single thought, to a breath, footstep or dollar. For each creation there is a transformation of energy, there is expenditure, destruction and creation of form. These days in metaphysical circles it is becoming popular to think of manifestation as existing without needing to expend any effort at all. There has become such a separation between body and mind, that people believe that if any physical effort or action is implemented at all, that this is not real manifestation. This way of thinking simply limits the potential and reality of manifestation.

Manifestation is not about creating things without lifting a finger. Manifestation is just about creation – period. Mental, physical, spiritual – it’s all the same to a consciousness that is intent on getting real and tangible results in life. The belief that says that all manifestation has to happen without any effort is simply limiting all the other ways that creation could happen.

It is our definitions and beliefs about work and effort that are getting in the way here. How can manifestation be working if I need to labor for 40 hours to get it done? The real question is: why is 40 hours for a manifestation wrong? Ah! Because I should be sitting on my couch waiting for enlightenment, a new car, fame and fortune to come knocking my door down!

The guiding principle of manifestation is to imprint the pattern of achievement into our consciousness. This pattern then communicates with our world with the language of achievement. If this language is saying: “I am master of my destiny, but only if I don’t need to do a thing,” then what is being broadcast loud and clear is that this goal really isn’t worth it. True intent is not about “I don’t want to lift to finger or get my hands dirty.” True intent is about “there’s my goal, let nothing not even heaven or hell stand in my way.” With an intention like that the language being communicated is entirely different. The world understands that we are serious about our goals, that sensations, emotions and feelings aren’t going to hold us back. More importantly, our own consciousness understands that we are serious. It is this kind of mindset that makes providence move mountains for us. It is also a mindset that cannot be faked. Denial is one thing – continual lack of results is hard to ignore.

We need to shift our minds from being attached to concepts and slogans, to looking at results. Legions of philosophy, spirituality and theory die in their very first steps when asked to provide results.

All manifestation, whether spiritual, financial, emotional, physical or otherwise has a logical process and practice that delivers it. If results are lacking, it is because the process is missing something. It may be something on the mental level, it may be something on the physical, it may be information and knowledge, it may be action and discipline. Real manifestation occurs when we recognize the process and structures that need to be linked and in place and then respond appropriately. The real reason that manifestation fails or is only partially realized is because limiting beliefs prevent us from seeing the opportunities and understanding that we can enter into them. This is all. Manifestation is simple. It becomes more complicated with each and every condition that we place on it. Being open to all the ways that creation may come, means that we need to destroy all the beliefs that would stand in creation’s way.


Being Natural – Creating Effortless Empowerment and Self Mastery

These days it has become popular to use the word “natural”. Its usage is especially enjoyed when it is used to refer to aspects of humankind or evolution not being natural and to use this inference in an attempt to direct a particular influence of “natural.” In the context of the universe there is nothing that is not natural. There is creation, there is destruction, there are layers of truth, illusions, shapes and forms. This very planet we live on was not always what it now is. There was a time that it was simply swirling gases, and a time before that when it was nothingness. Is this more natural than where we now live? Is it better simply because it is what was? A more accurate term for these swirling gases would be to use “original form.”

These same concepts and beliefs are projected through into how we see ourselves and how we direct our development. For instance in this very moment we may have natural tendencies which are not aligned with our conscious intention. These are habits, patterns and a magnetism that are moving in a particular way. The only reason that they are natural is because we have done them so many times that they are in effect self-perpetuating. This is in fact what we have defined “natural” to mean.

This planet, the trees, the air, the water – all have become self-perpetuating patterns of energy. They are able to hold their form, more or less. The same principles apply to consciousness. This is how energy works and yet we seem confused when certain achievements seem to require a lot of effort or hard work to attain. It is almost like all great goals and dreams should come easily. “It’s not natural,” we say when things get too hard and we fall back to old habits. “It’s too extreme,” we say and return to patterns that we consciously know do not serve us.

As a race we have done well to create language, but as a tool it can be used to hinder or support our intentions. We define words and concepts into negative and positive and then we act from the ridiculous notion of not wanting to be associated with negative words and only positive ones. What we really need to be doing is understanding what serves and supports us and what does not. Certainly being controlled by words does not. It is meaning that holds true power.

The ability to consciously, positively and willfully direct our reality is powerful. It is extreme and for many people it is not what comes naturally. The processes and abilities involved to reach this stage take work and practice. Often this work will be hard. It becomes harder when we feed ourselves beliefs that everything should be easy. Ironically, when we embrace what is hard the experience becomes inspiring. No person who has broken through their own self-limiting beliefs has ever not been astounded. Breaking through challenges is not natural. If it were natural then it would not be perceived as a challenge at all. Take walking for example: How many of us find it a challenge to walk into the next room? Is there even a thought that it may be an insurmountable obstacle? For many people the act of walking is so natural that it registers not even a thought. Yet for those that are in rehabilitation, walking may not come naturally anymore. They need to train it, over and over until their body and mind understands what is required. Eventually, it can become natural.

Living life at a “high” level is never entirely natural. There is always a stretch or expansion that is pushing at boundaries and limitations. Yet when we embrace and accept what does not feel natural then it becomes natural. The bottom line is that achievement in any area of life is about working the body and mind to remember the forms of consciousness that are required to excel. As each level becomes entrained into the body and mind they become natural. This then opens the way to use this base to reach for a higher level of achievement. Without a stable base, none of these changes or understandings are natural – they become as impermanent as the wind.

Power without perception is of no true use for us humans. This is what happens when we become attached to words. We need to look clearly at what it is that is important to us – what holds meaning and value to us. Then we need to understand what characteristics of consciousness are needed to achieve these. All that is needed then, is to practice these characteristics until they become natural. Natural is not about “easy”, it is not about “hard”, it is about perpetuating what is important. It is a full time job, but when it has value, then there is nothing better in this world.