Cellular Activation

The core level where the physical, mental and spiritual meet is at the cellular and atomic level of the body. There is no actual separation between these three aspects of consciousness, it is simply limits on awareness which make it appear to be so. As awareness grows the blank areas of ‘connectedness’ or unity become apparent. Transcending illusion is very easy at the spiritual level of consciousness, it is the easiest level of awareness and knowledge. The mental and intellectual level is more challenging, but the most difficult is the physical layer. It is the training of this layer that offers the most potential for gaining powerful abilities within the astral and etheric realms and this is the reason why so many sentient beings have come to this planet.

At the physical level of the body spirituality is simply about bio-chemistry. This is how the physical and organic elements of this planet communicate with one another. Cellular activation requires that the chemicals of the body are trained to become an expanded sentience or consciousness. This process is best facilitated through the DNA. The DNA is like the master program of the physical body and it is through this program or blueprint that our ability to know true power and ability is activated.

Activating DNA strands from an ‘inactive’ state is difficult to do on oneself – or at least the process may take many years, if not a lifetime or more. The length of time depends on the programming and compartmentalizing that has taken place within the body. Furthermore, implants may be in place which continually sabotage the process. These programs and implants have been put in place by entities who feed off the struggles of sentient beings and so have a vested interest in keeping consciousness and empowerment limited and ignorant.

In spite of this, knowledge of DNA activation has been taught through the co-operation of astral guilds and higher planes masters. This training is taking place with the hope that those beings who are activated will realize their true calling and begin to support the path of illumination and ascendance for all beings on the planet.