Channeling ~ Part 3 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

There is a real opportunity for walking the path of channeling. Each communication with a being, energy or consciousness allows us to stretch and expand our mind, our way of feeling and perceiving the universe and ourselves. As our perception, belief and experience of our self changes we express, connect, think and communicate differently. Understanding our true self moves from an idea, inspiration and theory into a reality. Rigid forms become flexible and capable of being both rigid and fluid.

Communication will always only be available to the level that we are able to understand. So the types and forms of consciousness and energy that we are able to channel and communicate with will always be within these limits.

Higher Self consciousness is from our perception very close to unconditional love and compassion, but there is also a wisdom and intelligence present. Understanding this expansive state from the relatively contracted state of the physical requires constant stretching. Channeling and communicating with different forms of consciousness is that stretching. Each communication is like learning to stretch a different muscle. Each muscle is like a tool of perception that enables us to tune a finer channel with our Higher Self. The process is intuitive and creative, but there is also a very logical and mechanical process to it.

All communication and channeling contains within it the principles of teacher and student. The information and knowledge we learn helps to integrate the path and destination that we have chosen. In this we are the student, but at the same time we allow the teacher to understand what it means to give knowledge for the purpose of another’s integration. Teaching and learning is not necessarily about learning all that a teacher has to learn. It is about learning what we specifically need to learn in order to move to the next “level.”

Some Spiritual teachers will be patient, some impatient, some possessive, some generous or caring – many may be all of these at once. These traits will be reflected in the teachings and knowledge shared. The higher lesson is always for the student to remember their own true path, that of connecting to their own Higher Self. This intention will move all knowledge, information and communication toward this destination. It is necessary for all beings to eventually take control of their own spiritual destiny. This in essence simply means remembering that their Higher Self is the source of their truth and real empowerment. Remembering too will hold many levels of understanding and experience, but strengthening this intention will move the mind to understand the depths of this reality.