Clairaudience is known as “true hearing.” At higher levels of development it is the ability to communicate with spirits, but even at beginning levels the ability of tuning in to the subtle energies of what is happening within, to really hear what is, provides us with the opportunity to understand the messages that our own consciousness is sending to us. Our body and mind is always trying to communicate to us, it has our best interests at heart always, it is simply that often messages get “lost in translation.” Sometimes they do not even get heard. Clairaudience gives us the opportunity to hear, understand and respond. The more cohesive our communication becomes the more our whole being responds with harmony and understanding. This creates a solid and empowering foundation in body and mind. Whether we choose to use the skill of Clairaudience for communication with spirits or simply gain a better understanding of the self is up to the individual practitioner. The ability is developed in the same way, by learning a new way of listening. If you do not wish to communicate with spirits, angels or God, then instead simply use the same techniques to listen and communicate with your body and mind.

Clairaudience is first developed through the practicing of listening to a mantra or sound as I described in the article Developing Psychic Senses Pt3. By at first intoning a sound silently in the mind, then listening for the echo we begin to understand the “space” that is required for communication.

Through familiarizing ourselves to this the psychic space we are developing the ears necessary to hear the subtle realms. It is important that we begin to develop understanding and objectivity for all that we hear and receive. Many people believe that just because an entity is from another dimension or is dead that they must know more than us, or that they are somehow wiser or more knowledgeable about the spiritual realms. The truth is that many entities and spirits are much like people on earth, they will speak and tell tall tales, they will exaggerate truths, flat out lie and flap their jaws about anything they think we want to hear just to get an exchange of energy. Objectivity, awareness and focus is necessary to move through all the chatter. Remember what it is that you truly wish to achieve and move your consciousness through to this destination. The power of moving through this psychic space is that there is far less friction than in the physical world. By moving with decisiveness and intention you can connect directly with the authentic guides and entities who have the knowledge that you wish to share. By keeping your intention direct and pure you are manifesting the action clearly and so it will be. Likewise if you wish to connect and listen more deeply with your body you’ll likely find the notorious monkey-mind playing it’s usual games, trying to distract you and generally running amuck. Just let it be. Let it play it’s games and keep your consciousness in the space between observation and the area of mind or body you are listening to. Train yourself to keep your mind in this place, and in time you will hear.

In the beginning most people find that moving through the dimensional layers of space to where they wish to be somewhat confusing, but the truth is it is much the same as any form of focusing meditation. Allow the chattering entities to be, allow all other dimensions and spaces to be. Listen and feel for the space and dimension that is congruent with your desire and intention and keep a grasp of it. These layers of dimensions have often been described as having a feeling like moving through treacle, albeit shifting and sometimes tumultuous treacle. The trick is to let it all be, and simply continue to focus and move toward your goal. No matter how far away it seems, no matter how much else is going on, simply continue holding your mind on that place. With practice your mind will realize the ease and effortlessness with which you can instantly shift to where you need to be, but you must first start where you are and work with the skills that you currently have.

Always communicate with the intention of working towards your highest good and the results and experiences you manifest will always work out. Highest good means toward a direction where you have inner strength, peace, wisdom, love and empowerment. If you choose to connect to beings with the intention of dominating and controlling others you will get knowledge, but you will also enhance your own fears and insecurities and these entities by their very nature will also be looking to dominate and control you by feeding off and growing your fears. It is the same in the physical world. When we surround ourselves with people who seek empowerment our group consciousness empowers us all. When we surround ourselves with people who seek to dominate and control we feed our own fears and feed off others’ fears.

Listen to and observe the way of communication in the psychic realms. Explore expressing your highest goals and aspirations. Listen and feel for the knowledge and solutions that would best fit your experiences. With practice the communication from both ends will become clearer and the knowledge and solutions that you gain will also become more accurate, powerful and effective.

Clairaudience can have a profound impact on the way we experience our lives. The level of listening opens up a wealth of knowledge from spiritual dimensions but it also opens our mind and body to who and what we are. We learn to listen to ourselves and from here gain the opportunity to accept, make peace and love. This is perhaps the most valuable aspect of clairaudience.