Developing Psychic Senses Pt 3

The principles described in the 1st and 2nd articles are paramount to developing the intuition and psychic senses and I have known many people to develop their skills without any extraneous energy work or techniques. The most important action that aids manifestation of these skills is consciousness. Being aware, present in the here and now. Feeling and observing your body and through this sensory observing the way your consciousness moves and reacts to energy in your body.

The body works like a radar dish. It picks up energy and is either ignored by the conscious mind and processed by the subconscious or noticed and given the opportunity to be interpreted and understood.

Here are some points for development:

When interacting with people observe your body. Observe their body. Observe any feelings and sensations. Learn to watch and notice what comes neutrally, this will allow information that you may be in the habit of blocking, avoiding and ignoring coming through to you.

Develop your inner listening abilities. Practice silently saying the mantra “I AM” in your mind. Say it once then listen to the “echo.” This trains your subtle hearing abilities. Practice until you no longer need to say it at all. Be familiar with this space. At this point you are at the door that leads to clairaudience – true listening. Connect to this energetic frequency or space when interacting with the world and people. Observe and notice anything that you feel, perceive and interpret.

Observe the way your eyes and therefore your mind reacts when interacting with the world. What are your patterns of interaction? Learn to observe your body and it’s relative posture and overall “feel” when communicating with people. How do you feel? How are you trying to make other people feel? How are you trying to appear? Observe and allow yourself to play the part you usually do – but make observing and watching yourself a priority. Notice the space that lies between your connection with people and the the reactions and emotions in your body and mind. Observe this space. This is one of the doors that leads to clairvoyance – true seeing.

Become familiar with how your sense of smell works. Explore essential oils. Smell a rose. Notice how your body feels and reacts. Observe the frequency of different smells. Watch for the space that lies within this sensory at the moment of connecting to a smell. Observe this space.

Notice the way you eat and taste food. Observe the way that you perceive the tastes. Notice how your body reacts. Observe any sensations and emotions. Watch for the space that lies within this sensory at the moment of connecting to taste. Observe this space.

Taste and smell are perhaps the two most under-rated of the psychic senses and for this reason realization in this area is often the most dramatic. Work with them all and find the paths that connect them. Explore the spaces in between the paths as well as above. The mind is an entity of unlimited dimension and so exploration may well feel like it is confusing at first. This is a good indication that you are on the right track. Don’t let the practice become monotonous. Allow each practice to hold the same curiosity as if it were your first. Form a practice group or join a class in psychic development. The group energy not only supports regular training it also encourages the mind state to move in a motivated and creative direction.

The methods in this article focus on techniques, but it is the principles explained within the first two articles that really make psychic senses work. Many people have developed a high level of skill simply by entraining the core principles into their daily life, where as some practice techniques for years and never get anywhere. Look at it this way: an electron telescope is powerful but if we only use it to look at the same patch of wall we may never learn anything that truly helps us develop. By turning it on ourselves, seeing what we are made of, watching everything that is shown and not limiting ourselves to only what we want to see, we gain the opportunity to evolve and grow. Psychic senses are like a powerful telescope and in the exact same way it is how we use them that brings us empowerment and happiness. Using them to look out we can see the truth of the world and of people, we can see to the core of things, but we cannot control the world, we cannot control other people. Using these same senses to look within, we can learn to look deeper into what makes us who we are, understand what makes us harm ourselves and what will allow us to heal and when we are ready to meet our higher self. The difference is all in our intent.