How to Realize Life Purpose

At it’s heart Life Purpose is about feeling. We are seeking to find that which gives us the feeling of meaning, reason and purpose. This is the reason why two people can duplicate the same external experiences and yet not attain the same inner experience. We must look within for what truly resonates with us as purpose. We must begin with listening to what makes us as individuals feel purposeful.

It begins with knowing desire.

By listening to what it is that we desire we will find our purpose. This is what something as seemingly simple as a wish list is. A wish list is asking ourselves – what do I want? What do I desire? Then simply writing it all down. Allowing it all to come out, the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly.” It is listening to what we desire as opposed to telling ourselves what we should desire. This is what allows us to truly know ourselves – and what allows us to know our life purpose which is of course a part of ourselves.

The written word is perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways of manifesting our expression of desire into the physical world. In mere moments of the desire being acknowledged it is there before our eyes. It is not enough particularly in the beginning to simply connect mentally to our desires and wishes – they can be fast and fleeting – in short forgotten and overlooked. Writing them down and seeing them in physical form makes our conscious mind acknowledge them.

The power of this expression is that it allows us to know – and knowledge is the whole point here.

Connecting to our life purpose is difficult only when we do not know what we desire. Know what we desire and life purpose becomes easy.

Begin writing a wish list – keep it safe, keep it private.

Keep updating and adding to it and see and review what you have after a week, a month and a year. Once we get started it can seem like we have an infinite supply of dreams, wishes and desires – and only through experience and practice can we learn to recognize the ones that are just fleeting and the ones which deeply connect to our purpose.

Remember it is not about saying “no to those desires and wishes that seem too ridiculous or too childish or wrong. It is about connecting to the emotion of desire and purpose in whatever form it may appear. As we learn to connect to the feeling of desire our consciousness will begin to reveal our life purpose.

For most people the main obstacle to starting a wish list will be the belief that it is a ridiculous thing to do. Do it anyway. The results will be found in the experience of it.

Wishes can be anything – just as desire can be anything. Some examples that I’ve heard are:

being really really funny; creating an empire; for the phones to stop ringing for 5 minutes; telling people what to do; learning how to paint; inner peace; world peace; becoming an astronaut; seeing the pyramids; going for a walk on the beach; unlimited wealth; respect; a day off work; true love; knowing absolute happiness; eating chocolate all day;

Just to name a few!

Remember that what is important is not to judge whether this energy, desire or wish is wrong or right – but to simply acknowledge that it is desire. Observe and enjoy the feeling that desire awakens in you.

All the wishes that we express have within them a link to deeper and emotional purpose. If we enjoy telling people what to do perhaps we would make a good director, a project manager or personal development coach. If we wanted to be really funny we could set a goal to tell at least 1o new jokes a day, start noticing the funny side of life or practice laughing! Nasa may or may not accept us becoming an astronaut, but in any case knowing that we are interested in space travel could lead us to writing science fiction, taking up classes in creative visualization or building life size model space ships!

If our wish is to be truly happy we may perceive many of our other wishes and desires to be “superficial” or “frivolous.” The thing is if it is true happiness that we seek, then perhaps we need to consider that the reason we have not found it, is because we have closed ourselves to the echoes of the very thing that we seek. The trick is to learn to recognize it wherever and whenever it appears. When we begin to define when it is appropriate to feel happy and when it is not then we shut ourselves to the experience and reality of it. All our wishes and desires echo and reflect our connection with happiness in some way. Understanding all that we desire is the key to connecting with the deeper and greater well of purpose and life’s desire that dwells within.

How often do we get the opportunity to express our wishes and desires? How often does someone ask us “what do you want out of life?” When we take the opportunity for ourselves then we wait for no one. Take the time right now – open a notepad and right down at least 5 wishes. Write 500 if you wish. Keep adding to it.

As soon as you begin you start a process in your consciousness whereby you are taking action to discover your life’s desire and purpose. Continue and sustain this process and you will eventually come to full understanding. This is the nature of experience.