Illuminating the Dark ~ Part 2

When the light of consciousness communicates with the dark, a reciprocal interchange occurs that results in understanding. It is this understanding that leads to true inner peace and spiritual integration. It is vital that we control the potential arrogance of our egos enough so that we allow this communication to take place. The ego wishes to perpetuate a belief that it is in control. The truth is that the ego knows but a fraction of what full consciousness is capable of receiving. A decision needs to be made as to what it is that we truly seek: real knowledge and empowerment or the ego’s fantasy of superiority and control? If we are to choose real knowledge and empowerment then we must remain aware and each time we are given the opportunity to choose between ego or truth we must choose truth.

The path of truth will takes us through whatever lies in it’s way. This means that many times we will cross through what we perceive to be ego. The difference is that it is the goal of pursuing truth that is taking us there not the pursuit of elevating the ego. When we tap into the consciousness of pure awareness and allow it to communicate with the dark and the places that hurt emotionally, we are allowing these aspects to “see.” We are lending them vision and through this vision they realize what they truly are – whole.

Incorporating the practice of seeking out the dark and bring light to it is valuable because it is easy especially when making progress in “higher” arts to forget, ignore or pretend that all aspects of being are in alignment. The castle comes crashing down when we go so high, but have no foundation to stand on and eventually we realize that the foundation is not something that we can ever do without. Tibetan Buddhism has a practice called ‘Tonglen’ in which a practitioner embraces and welcomes all the world’s suffering and pain into themselves and projects love and compassion back. This conscious directing of the mind to seeking pain, suffering and darkness shifts the consciousness from one that usually avoids pain to one that is looking for it. The main goal here is find the places within us where we hide our pain and suffering. This then gives us an opportunity to heal it. It’s important to fully meet those parts of us that hurt and to really feel and experience them before moving to heal them. It is the same as any communication, the more we hear and understand the more effective and real the process will be.

Eventually the practice of illuminating the dark will reveal a level where we experience light and love opening up from within what we perceived as pain, suffering, boredom, mundane or so on. This is the space within which we realize our true self which exists and knows empowerment and peace in every moment and experience. Continuing to work with this consciousness, to deepen, listen, speak and understand the communication gives us the opportunity to create with power, meaning and purpose here and now on this planet.