Illusions Pt 1 – Breaking Free of the Matrix – The Secrets of Meditation and Enlightenment

Illusions are all about the perception of obstacles, the most effective of which we are the ones we do not even see. Perhaps the greatest of obstacles to self-discovery is believing that we have reached a point where we are beyond self-delusion. When we cling to this belief then we lose the ability to perceive where we are. We close our eyes to feedback, intuition and true seeing. Growth stops, the ego grows rigid and we create an illusion of self-actualization. This will be a way point for many who have built a little skill and ability. Substantial development and connection comes only if we recognize this and continue on our way. Seeing the pettiness of pride can be a slap in the face particularly when we have worked to develop inner strength and stability. The truth is that the only reason it is coming up now is because we have the strength and stability to face it. If we follow the fundamental principles of awareness and observation and allow ourselves to meet what is so obviously there then we can get through this particular obstacle.

The “higher” we get up on the throne of development in any particular area the higher there is to fall from, and so inevitably we seek to keep our place. Real strength and wisdom however is understood through learning to take the falls. We learn to meet the ground and we gain yet another opportunity to understand illusion. What is it that is hurting when we admit that we are fallible? What is it that is stinging when we allow other people to know that we do not know all? That we may even have something we could learn from them? Through this particular kind of exquisite pain we reveal the shape of our pride. We trace out the image of the personality that we have chosen to develop and we gain the opportunity to seek more. How much stability do we truly receive from our false pride? How much strength and empowerment do we truly receive from pretending that we are flawless? How strong can the inner child become when we simply continue to shelter it from the world?

Invincible spirit is forged only in connection with the universe. Connection comes through consciousness, consciousness through awareness and observation.

Transcending illusion means that at any particular time we are ready to truly admit that we may be totally wrong. That each and every experience and our perception of it could have been total bull-arcky. That all our rationalizations, ideas, concepts no matter how proven in science or backed-up by society, friends or family could be a total farce. When we face this possibility what do we find? What exists in our consciousness at this place? This is what we must find if we would find our truest, deepest strength and reach our highest peaks.

The fear that we are totally worthless when met with understanding reveals the way to absolute empowerment. When we reach that place and we allow ourselves to find courage, love, compassion and complete acceptance regardless of the fear that what we have achieved and are is absolutely nothing, then the illusion is gone. In that moment we are innocent. We become nothing and we meet this state with absolute peace. The practice is achieved through observation, awareness, focus, the development of psychic senses, communication with spirit and communion with the earth. The degree to which we will experience real inner peace depends on the degree to which we are willing to face our selves.

The illusion of infallibility occurs because for so many people personal development begins as a result of perceived flaws, fears and insecurities. As we gain some skill we gain the opportunity to say “look at me, I’m alright now!” We say this to ourselves, we say this to the world. It’s what we’ve always wanted. To be alright. The thing is though we aren’t alright by the things we have and become. We become alright when we perceive we are alright. As long as we believe that we need more in order to be a better person we are saying that we are presently not good enough. Meeting that aspect of consciousness and guiding it to experience love and acceptance completes the circle. We show our deepest self that what we are, however we are, is good enough – always.