Imagination – The Way to Empowerment

The power of the imagination is in it’s ability to change the direction of how we perceive the world. This perception becomes our reality and is the difference between being powerless and being empowered.

Inspiration, purpose, meaning, reason and passion all start from imagination. This is the mind state that allows these aspects to begin, grow and evolve. This is the seed of manifestation into the external world.

Imagination exists in the mind at both the physical and mental level. Through projecting our imagination and visualizing it through our bodies and minds we create.

Whether we believe in the power of imagination or not – it’s power to shape and direct our lives still has a very real effect. If we choose to be conscious of this then we gain the opportunity to change our reactions, direct our perceptions and transform our beliefs.

Left to the devices of an unconscious and habitual mind, imagination will simply continue to play out the same patterns, reactions and perceptions. A directed, observant and conscious mind is the key to using imagination effectively.

The difference between a focused mind and unfocused mind is imagination.

The difference between objectivity and subjectivity is imagination.

As much as imagination can be daydreams and idle fantasy when directed it can also be conscious growth, expansion and vision. Imagination will be the difference between feeling trapped in old patterns, going in circles or connecting with purpose, inspiration and vision.
Vision is imagination and without vision we will never continuously sustain a life with purpose and meaning.

It must be remembered that imagination is mind and so it is the flexibility and strength of mind that will enable us to effectively utilize all aspects of imagination.

One factor that seems to discourage people from developing imagination, is that on initial trial of the skill it sometimes seems weak – we sometimes perceive this weakness as meaning that it is not working. It is working it is simply that our former patterns are stronger at this time.

What is actually occurring is that our imagination is very strong in regards to maintaining our current patterns, but it is new and yet unfocused at creating the new. This is why it is important to develop flexibility as well as strength. The imagination and mind is already very strong. Flexibility allows us to direct this strength appropriate to our vision and desires.

Imagination is perspective. It is the same imagination that embodies the energy of despair. It is the same imagination that chooses a feeling of happiness. The difference is which path has been patterned and chosen the longest. This is the path that will be felt and perceived as reality.

Our bodies and minds must follow the same universal laws. An object once in motion will remain on course until acted upon by an outside force. Even the smallest most subtle of forces will enact a change. Sustain that small force and eventually even the largest of objects will have made a dramatic deviation from it’s original course.

Even the largest mountain can be reduced to rubble by continued action.

When we choose to motivate ourselves, this is imagination. We are building our energy, emotions and feelings to perform. When we choose to push ourselves into apathy this too is imagination – we are gathering feelings, thoughts and energy to increase the apathy.

It’s all imagination.

Imagination is the gear stick that shifts our mind from a perception of unfocused to focused and vice versa. Similarly it will shift us from undisciplined to disciplined, subjectivity to objectivity and delusion to enlightenment.

Mind directs the interaction between trained patterns of bio-chemical release and new actions. By imagining mind and body states, we release bio-chemicals which will inter-react in certain ways. By creating the reaction that we desire we are able to transform old patterns into new ones. This is the process of creating a life of empowerment.