Integrity – Aligning your Inner and Outer Being for Mastery and Empowerment

Integrity is our word as law. It is keeping our entire being aligned with that which is of true value and meaning. This is not to say that there will not be struggles. It is to say that even if our ego and emotions are bucking like wild horses, that we remain resolute and persist in keeping to our path.

It is no secret that the path of self-mastery is paved with challenges. This is what mastery is all about. Mastery is not about sitting back and waiting for the accolades to rain down from the heavens. Without challenge there is no path to mastery. There is only stagnation and perhaps apathy. Integrity is not tested in shallow waters. It is tested in tsunamis. It is this constant battle testing that makes integrity strong. This is what makes it worth something. Without action and reality to challenge, prove and reflect the true worth of our integrity, it is simply a nice word.

We need to know and define what has meaning for us in this world. We need to know and define that which destroys our potential and limits our growth. We need to know what our goals are. We need to know what we want. Then we need to remain true to this destination.

Let all things that stand in our way become challenges to make us stronger and knowledge to make us wiser.

Let all setbacks and falls provide us with the opportunity to increase our discipline and persistence.

We need to honor that which is important and that which holds value and meaning. Each time that we do not, we essentially slap ourselves in the face. Integrity is not about waiting for others to give us permission to do what is right. It is about taking the reins and showing others what happens when we do what is right.

Some of us are born strong, some of us are born weak – all of us have the potential to be powerful. In other words: It is not necessarily what we’ve got, it is what we do with it that counts. Real power begins and ends with integrity. It is about remaining true, remaining resolute and keeping our word as law.