Logical Spirituality – Practical and Effective Spiritual Practice

Faith becomes truly strong when it is tested. Untested faith makes way for corruption, deceit and illusion. Blind faith is the kind that fears criticism because the bearer lacks real understanding or perception. Ironically, what will bring understanding is to shake that faith to its core and see what comes out.

Real inner strength comes from absorbing what remains after illusion has been broken. This is the reason why protecting illusions is so detrimental to real personal development. We need to let go of what is essentially useless, not hold on to it like there is no tomorrow. All it requires is that one moment of being critical and then to observe the outcome. What do we feel when we are critical of faith? Do we feel lost? Do we feel despair? Anguish? Hurt? There needs to be a little rejoicing also, because all these emotions are signs that we have found flaws in our faith. Here in lies the opportunity to discard what is useless and refine what is true.

Testing faith like this may seem like a very unstable course of existence, but in truth it is the most stable way of being possible. Not only does testing faith develop inner strength and fortitude, it also creates the perception that allows us to become increasingly sensitive to what is of value and what is not. This cultivation moves our being in the direction of understanding real strength, mastery, meaning and purpose.

Spirituality is all about action. This statement was never meant as a metaphor. It is a reality. If we do not integrate what is important into our actions then they never really become important. It is ludicrous to then complain why spirituality does not make sense, and why life purpose is not more clear. Confusion, lack of purpose and meaning will always exist as long as we do not make our actions congruent with our values. It means being critical, it means looking deeply at what we are doing, how we are acting, thinking and feeling. Then we must bring our actions, thoughts and feeling into alignment. This is what mind, body and spirit as one means -again, not a metaphor, but the reality of action.

Spirituality becomes extremely logical when we observe ourselves critically. Sure, there may be areas that haven’t been accounted for yet, but on the whole, it will be clear that the vast majority of our consciousness, mind and body is simply not aligned with what holds meaning and value. This awareness clears up a lot of confusion. Instead of lamenting: “What is going on?” we will be able to state clearly: “All this is happening because these actions and thoughts aren’t in the appropriate places.” There is a massive difference between these two ways of perceiving. The first way takes the role of the denying knowledge and understanding, but saves the ego from needing to acknowledge weakness. The second way embraces and receives the knowledge and understanding and allows the ego to feel whatever it believes it needs to feel.

Logical spirituality just comes down to being open to knowledge and awareness. We must guard this principle from being blind dogma or a New Age slogan. “Being open” does not mean just welcoming in the light and love and pretending that nothing else exists. “Being open” means seeing reality as it is, whatever this awareness may bring. This is the most tangible and concrete way of ensuring that spiritual development and growth is real.