Methods of Transmission

The methods of transmitting evolutionary knowledge always take the form of the medium that is channeling the energy and information. This is part of the reason why each culture and religion has its own way of communicating and connecting with spirituality – it is also the reason why at their core all religions have the same messages.

Methods of transmission separate further into creativity and difference through the aspects of individual consciousness that would access them. The purely intellectual would seek enlightenment through philosophical channels, while those on the path of experience would seek internal cultivation methods such as meditation and esoteric alchemy. Others would find deities through the direct manipulation of the bio-chemical system through herbs, potions and technologies.

At the higher realms of the astral, the masters that channel this knowledge through to our planet understand the intrinsic elements that unify all the esoteric schools – this is knowledge that is being made available here and now. It is the linking of all the aspects, the intellect and mind, the intuition and spirit and the body and cells. Rather than separate parts, the primary mind, body and spirit aspects are being linked and the barriers dissolved by moving directly through to the essences that are the foundation of all esoteric schools of spiritual investigation. This energy is now being brought forward by 3 planetary grids which will make the connection to this knowledge readily available for all within meditation.