Opening to Deep Spiritual Experiences and Insight

This world that we live in is accelerating at the level of intellectual information. We seek to understand and many of us believe that intellectual understanding is the highest level of understanding. The truth is that intellectual understanding is a very shallow level of understanding. It only requires the understanding of some concepts and ideas and then it is finished. No further action is required. On the other hand physical understanding is very deep. It requires action at the physical and cellular level of the body.

The reason that spiritual development has received such bad publicity over the years in mainstream circles is because it has a reputation for existing only at the intellectual level of understanding. In short, without seeing any tangible benefits people have been quick to dismiss it as lacking practicality in the ‘real world.’ This is simply a result of only receiving a small piece of the picture.

Spirit is part of the consciousness, just as the physical and the mind is part of the consciousness. If any of these elements is left out of the practice, then the practice is incomplete and therefore on any of the respective planes of existence it will lack “practicality.”

What this means is that spirit must have a real practical connection to the physical world, the mind must have a real and logical understanding and connection to the spirit and the mind must have a real and practical connection to the body. This is how we can use our complete consciousness.

Scientists have speculated for some time that human beings only use 10% or less of their brains and the reason for this is the separation of these mind, body and spirit connections. When they are in place then access to the remaining 90% becomes readily available. This expansion opens up the dormant faculties of human mind, but it is in truth only the beginning of a vast journey of consciousness evolution.