Activating Etheric Manifestation

The Etheric is where manifestation first takes place, it begins with vibration and become denser until reaching critical mass in the physical. Setting up ‘trends’ or self-sustaining currents of intention and energy within the Etheric is the most direct method of bringing solid manifestation into physical reality. The best method for this is to project directly into the emotional plane and then exit this plane by continuing through to the subtler Etheric. Using this method will ensure that emotional limitations have been transcended for the purposes of this excursion.

You will notice that in this plane your consciousness is devoid of the usual ‘mix’ of emotions. This is because of the lighter density of this plane. Learning to set up ‘trends’ or a current of self-sustaining manifestation is relatively easy because most limiting beliefs simply cannot exist here. The main issue will simply be learning to charge and build the ‘structure’ or ‘trend’ – this is something that will be rapidly learned through practice.

Enlist the aid of devas, elementals and other beings of this plane – you should not have any issues with lower plane entities because once again their density is too ‘thick’ to enter. Elementals are often chaotic but observing and learning to communicate with them will increase your understanding of how this plane works. You will notice that they, devas and other beings manifest easily here and with a joyous, reckless abandon. Their reasons and intentions may not match your own, but what is important is to understand and observe the methods and principles that they implement and to learn from this.

Returning to the physical you should have a strong, tangible impression or feeling of these connections in the Etheric linking through to your own being. If you have clairvoyance you will see the energies from these structures working with your own energies and if you have clairaudience you will hear them communicating with your own being. These structures and devices will sustain and create your manifestations pretty much 24/7 so ensure to reprogram or transform them when you have achieved your goals.


Metaphysical Technology

The influx of metaphysical technologies into this planet is moving into a new stage now. Where the harnessing of such technologies has largely been in the underground movements even within fringe new age groups, recognition of potential power and knowledge is beginning to be realized. The melding of consciousness and technology heralds expanded opportunities for manifestation, astral projection, healing and spiritual realization and as long as the balance is kept between the esoteric and exoteric principles, the path of self-mastery and control will continue to progress.

The advantages of using metaphysical technologies are many. For the novice they offer a way of sustaining high levels of energy and intent even when the consciousness is not yet able to hold these frequencies. It is much like a computer is able to tap into complex equations at a level and speed that most human beings are not.

Metaphysical technologies range from the very physical implements to etheric artifacts and structures. The method and material used to create these artifacts will determine the power and ease with which they can access each plane of reality. Ancient knowledge is now being understood and channeled in as to how to create technology that can link and transcend several planes simultaneously. The ability to link these planes and to draw energy from one seamlessly into a creation of another holds profound opportunities.


Ascension Activations

A new form of activating spiritual energy within our mind and body has become available to this planet over the last 12 years and is reaching critical mass at this time. Planetary experiences have been moving vital elements into place which are now making it possible to access energies and activate dormant knowledge within our cells and dna. Until now much of this knowledge has been transmitted and used at the mental and spiritual levels, but it has only been through drastic restructuring of the physical nervous system that people have been able to integrate at the cellular and dna levels.

In the past many masters have burnt out or short circuited their physical systems in the development of their spiritual connection. This was mainly due to the lack of planetary energies to support their physicality. The massive influx of energies into this planet over the last 12 years has changed the potential of this completely. The body over this time has been gradually adjusting to the increases and expansions of energies and new information. This has resulted in much information from the higher planes channeling through into modalities and systems on the Earth.

Within the Astral, guilds are forming and strengthening in order to create the opportunities for sentient beings on the Earth to activate and access their higher consciousness and abilities. For the first time in many ages the possibility for mass ascension of not only the subtle consciousness, but the physical body is possible.



Breatharians are those that have mastered the art of absorbing breath as nutrients and energy for the body. It is an exceptionally high level of mind and body manipulation that requires a deep connection at the cellular level of consciousness. Most serious mystics attain a certain level of this ability – that is that they are able to absorb life force directly from the environment or mummify fruits and vegetables.

It is important to understand that the practice of the Breatharian does not ever need to begin with not eating food. Starvation is not the aim of the Breatharian – the aim is to draw in the purest forms of energy for the body and mind as possible. Many simply choose the middle path and consume only the foods with the highest possible vibrations while at the same time practicing the art of drawing pure prana directly into the cells of the body.

The results of channeling pure prana will always be an increase in energy, vitality, clarity, peace and focus. This is a sure indicator that the body and mind is cultivating the art of the Breatharian.


Negative Entities

A time will come when most projectors into the astral will understand how to navigate and deal with at least minor negative entities. By keeping the etheric body strong these entities simply cannot harm us. At this stage it can be very interesting to spend time around these entities. Much of what they communicate is going to be by our own perspective deceitful and in a sense cunning, but a lot of understanding can be gained through observing between the lines.

A certain level of emotional control is required in order to still aversion when dealing with these entities. They may be slobbering great spiders or demonic looking entities, but the true power of an entity comes from perceiving straight into its core. This is how we can identify true ascended masters from entities simply taking the form of one. The eyes too will often betray malice or the hunger for power.

Negative entities in the astral will often attach themselves to beings in the physical. By understanding and observing their methods and reasons, it becomes clear how to deal with them in the physical. Most of the time negative entities gain their power simply because people in the physical are unaware of their existence and effect. The two most effective ways of identifying these entities is through the psychic senses or through recognizing the patterns of entity disturbance.


The Infinity Gate

As the etheric moves toward the subtle, closer and closer to absolute stillness, time and location also move toward oneness. Entry to this plane is through what many in the astral refer to as ‘The Infinity Gate.’ It has record not only of everything that has happened it also contains the possible futures, possible pasts and possible presents. These are observed and experienced as real.

‘The Infinity Gate’ is simply an access point to the realities of the universe and entering this access point appears to be quite challenging even to those experienced to the astral realms. For many it will simply be as if invisible – invisible in form, mind, concept and idea. The way to approaching it will quite simply never appear. To those that gain perception of the gate itself it will then manifest itself in an as unlimited number of ways as there are minds to create these ways. It may appear as a medieval gate, it may appear as an energetic portal or a guardian. Beyond this form, the essence of the gate is the same, and the key adapts to the form of the being that beholds it.

The planes through the ‘Infinity Gate’ can be used for many things, entertainment, research, knowledge or enlightenment. It provides these goals by allowing the seeker to create all of their dreams, fantasies and desires as if they were real. The senses gain the stimulation that they have craved and desired and so gain the opportunity to ultimately experience the impermanence and false power behind these experiences. Lifetimes can pass within this realm without even a moment having passed within the physical.


The Planes of Scent – The Psychic Sense of Clairessence

Moving directly from each of the senses are the planes of pure sense. The plane of scent is one of these. It is a reality which exists only of pure scent and smell, all communication, information, knowledge and interrelationship occurs here through smell. Memory of the physical body is not lost, but the disconnection is such that it seems like a far away dream.

The intention and purpose of the being that projects into this realm is what is kept intact and for this reason the congruency of learning, understanding and wisdom is never compromised. The opportunity that is given is simply to immerse oneself fully into the realm of scent. It is like an intoxication that takes hold within moments, yet although the other senses for the time being seem to diminish and dissolve completely, the sense of smell rises to a level where it far surpasses that of the normal consciousness and intellect.

Recognition of specific scents as entities and intelligences of full consciousness, wisdom and knowledge becomes completely clear and apparent. High level communication with these entities not only becomes possible, it occurs at a rate that would make normal verbal communication seem clumsy and primitive. The depth of relationship within this plane is profound. Depth of intimacy and the ability and willingness to open ourselves to experience is enormous. Interestingly, although the other senses are absent, there is absolutely no perception that one is lacking in information or undergoing any type of sensory withdrawal. There is much learning to be had here.


The Guilds of Asharem

One of the places to study in the 5th layer of the astral are the Guilds of Asharem. Entry to these guilds is allowed as long as the seeker comes with love in their heart. As with most places in the astral the keys to temples, guilds and masters will be found in the energy of the seeker. The Guild of Asharem is a good starting place however because unlike other places which require high level transmutations of energy, the Asharem Guild simply requires that the inner motivation of the seeker is towards love and self-empowerment.

Many of the teachers within are dedicated to helping seekers learn how to transmute earth plane energies into subtler etheric energies. These practices are extremely effective compared to many earth bound methods and seekers will find they are able to develop in days what would take years in the physical.

The currency in the Asharem Guild rather than money is the energetic honor of its practitioners. There is an understanding that cultivation of this inner energy and integrity is helping all practitioners within the guild move toward their goal. Unlike the physical, seekers who are dishonest in intention will be seen immediately for what they are. On the other hand seekers who are sincere will be helped and supported in transmuting and transforming their limiting and ‘negative’ energies.

Dedication to learning the methods of even a less strict guild such as the Asharem will require much commitment on the physical plane. Spiritual learning will need to become a priority, not necessarily over basic survival needs such as working and family, but for the most part spiritual development will need to revolve around other physical plane pursuits and not the other way around. All in all, the Asharem Guild is a boon to those ready to seek effective and ‘higher’ forms of spiritual learning.


Higher Self Manifestation – The Secret Key to Truly Effective Manifestation and Abundance

The highest or most effective level of manifestation is through the Higher Self. This is the direct connection to the God source, where creation becomes effortless. This is the reason why all meditation and esoteric practice has as its highest aim a connection with God or the Higher Self. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

The Higher Self or God Force manifests accurately and effortlessly because it is able to remove the blocks, download new programs and infuse the creation with energy that is required to ‘make it happen.’ The stronger the connection to this power, the quicker, more accurate and effective the manifestation becomes. This is the law of attraction at work, but instead of it taking say 1 year to manifest, the Higher Self accelerates the process so that it takes 1 week.

All creation whether spiritual, monetary, emotional or intellectual is essentially about understanding how to magnetize or attract that reality into the here and now. The Higher Self or God Force does not judge whether we choose to manifest enlightenment, good health, wealth or knowledge. Why would it? It already is all that it needs to be, it exists to be part of us – if we would have it. The Higher Self exists to be all that we would have it be – all that is required is that we allow it.


The Nature of Energy Blocks

Energy is pretty much everything, so in this light an energy block can be pretty much anything from patterns of thought, emotions or physical knots. Blocks are simply weaves of energy. Deep blocks are weaves that have worked into each others spaces, formed subtler supporting weaves and interlocked throughout forming a multi-level matrix. The first step to unlocking a block is to follow the weave. There are several ways to do this, but first it must also be remembered that not all blocks are bad. All blocks have a reason for existing, it is important to understand this reason because sometimes a block is simply supporting our consciousness in its present direction.

The first question that should be asked is: ‘Why does this block exist?’

The second question should be to ask: ‘How would I benefit from removing this block?’

The answers to these questions can be gleaned from moving the mind into the blocks by simply observing objectively – no pushing or prodding of any sort. Dependant on the level of sensitivity, communication will occur in any number of ways. You may observe written contracts spelling out the reason for these blocks; you may view visions of a past or present life illustrating why the block exists, you may hear voices from guides; the knowledge may simply be felt. It is important to observe these responses and only act to remove a block once you understand why it was put there in the first place.

In many ways energy blocks can act like the walls of a hose. By creating obstacles and resistance these blocks can divert energies, emotions and thought forms to moving in specific directions or patterns. Some of these patterns may be necessary in order to fulfill certain intentions. It needs to be understood however that energy blocks will in the end cause the stagnation of energy at specific points of the body and mind. This will lead to dis-ease.

In choosing to remove an energy block it is important to understand that the essential ingredient is simply a connection to the block. Through this connection a communication is formed. By following the weaves until we find the first weave we can communicate a dissolution. Subtlety and focus of the mind must be developed to a very high level in order to reach this first weave. If the mind is not able to remain sharp at these very subtle levels, it will keep missing the spaces through which to follow the path of the weave.

All programs, blocks and mental patterns, can be structured through the workings of these principles. Energy can be set up to support specific patterns, or taken away to dissolve others. By implementing these at specific levels of consciousness, we build a kind of scaffolding in which to support the direction of our purpose and intention. In time the inner structures must be made self-sufficient, strong and flexible, as to not become reliant on the blocks and thus grow stagnant. As long as these phases and cycles of growth are regulated, energy structures can be used to create powerful mediums of intention.