Reiki is a method of connecting to certain energies for the purpose of healing.   There are different lineages of Reiki however in general the Reiki healer does not direct or control the Reiki energies but instead the healer becomes a vessel that allows the Reiki energy to do it’s work.  For this reason it is important that the vessel of the Reiki practitioner is transparent and has released as much of their own negativity as possible so that the Reiki energy that is transmitted is not tainted by their own unresolved Karma.

The client too must discern the transparency of the healer – as one Reiki Master is not the same as another Reiki Master and the true functionality of the Reiki healer is determined by the work they have attended to within themselves to release impurities and thus be a clear vessel.  The Reiki hierarchy can mislead clients in this regard since some are given the title of Master in a weekend, which may Attune them to this level of Reiki energies however without a clear vessel, not only will they not be able to transmit this level, – they will transmit any impurities that they have not yet resolved.

In essence, one must distinguish between Master level energies and the ability to functionally coordinate these energies with Mastery.  Both are required to perform healing work with Mastery and it would be clearer and more beneficial for clients if the label of Master was not given so easily – but this is what is – and so the client must be discerning.