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Channeling ~ Part 5 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Channeling offers a practitioner the opportunity to shape their mind in such a way that it perceives itself to be communicating with external sources. It is this perception that allows the development of the internal consciousness to realize and understand that the entire universe can be experienced within. The process of seeking the outside from within guides the mind to discovering more than what its familiar comfort zone and it is this that allows it to find true strength and purity. The contrasting perception of purity, which is one of isolation ultimately creates a perception of complete separation from the True Self.

In moving the mind out we are working with the sense and perception that we are moving from what is the self into external territory. This perception is what opens us to the possibility of psychic manipulation and negative entities. There are two main methods of dealing with these phenomena. One is to release the areas of resistance within us that entities can hold on to. The other is to form the part of consciousness that channels into a weave of sensitivity – soft yet strong enough to match the frequencies of any that come in its way. At the point of meeting it is important that our mental direction and energy is strong enough to move past these entities without taking on their residues while at the same time not compromising flexibility for strength. This is a process that is learnt most easily through experience, however it is important to note these things. Interestingly it is almost impossible to connect with another energy and not have an effect. The intention is to learn how to manage and direct this effect so that it is congruent with our truth.

This type of training provides a basis for moving in the direction of our potential at all times. Rather than fearing what we perceive to be negative energies because we have not yet reached the point where we can transform them, we learn to keep ourselves centered while moving toward our destination. We neither compromise our ultimate destination nor do we compromise our development of real inner strength. Working with this level of sensitivity requires a constant state of consciousness because subconscious states will have a tendency to react with fear to anything that they cannot assimilate or transform. A flexibility of mind is required to understand when the opportunity for developing aspects of emotional strength are at their potential and when less vulnerable methods of protection such as the popular white light visualizations are more appropriate. In itself this flexibility develops into a wisdom that is gradually understood at the deeper levels of body and mind. This direction entrains a further congruency of truth, reason and purpose between all levels of consciousness.

All action must report back to reflection and observation, and the main factor to observe is the overall state of tangible and conscious energy. Energy is the fuel that allows us to direct, drive and move our consciousness. There will always be a balance between integrating knowledge and having that act of integration drain us of energy. The important thing is that we keep tuned into our purpose and destination. There will be times when we intuit that it is necessary to enter low energy states, but the awareness of reason and meaning will provide the opportunity to find a gate through which we can again transcend this state.


Channeling ~ Part 4 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Integrating knowledge, experience and information and transforming it into understanding and wisdom requires different levels of surrender and receptivity. Form must always change in order to assimilate something new, but at a deeper level that form must remember what it originally had been seeking if it is to use the new wisdom at all. The longer we move into a certain experience the more we become encompassed by it. This provides the opportunity for deep understanding and wisdom, but in the process it is possible to lose connection with how that understanding and wisdom was originally intended to be used. In the fullness of time all consciousness will return to its true self. The choice however is whether our connection occurs within our life time, tomorrow, the next ice age or a day short of eternity.

Providing our consciousness with an internal signal or beacon that moves from within our depths to where ever we are and who ever we become, gives us the opportunity to move deeply into experiences and in essence to “lose ourselves.” At the same time we set a kind of consciousness alarm clock, to wake us and allow us to remember our true purpose. The time spent immersed allows us to then understand and integrate experience and knowledge from the perspective of one who has walked fully in the footsteps of life.

By understanding the reason and meaning behind choosing particular paths of experience we can set a beacon of intention to allow immersion until specific realizations are met. The waking itself can be as gradual or sudden as we direct it to be. For this reason it is important to understand and observe what would best serve our needs. As much as a sudden awakening can push an accelerated direction of realization, we must also take into account the person that we may be at this time and the emotional and mental patterns that we will be working with.

The beacon that awakens should be integrated with any of the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, taste or thought. The awakening itself must be initiated with awareness – a trigger of observation that originates within the main sensory of choice. This way the mind will have the tools to recognize and interpret the nature of the beacon.

Working with this level of channeling needs to come with a warning. Losing oneself will always come with the requisite emotions of anguish and despair. Re-awakening and realization will bring all into perspective, but while we are gone we do not have at our disposal the the same vision or understanding. This is after all what it means to lose our self in the first place. The same method of triggering a beacon can be used for when we experience and meet these specific aspects also. Just as there can be much knowledge gained from entering into “the dark night of the soul”, despair and anguish, perhaps more can be gained from remembering how to move through and out. More than just a reminder, a beacon can act to trigger a realization of illusion. That realization will allow the experience of empowerment to be felt and understood, regardless of any emotional pain, feeling or thought. As this channel of empowerment and truth draws through all the experiences that have been, integration, awareness and awakening arise automatically and with them deep levels of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and rejuvenation.


Channeling ~ Part 1 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Channeling is the ability to communicate with spiritual and dimensional entities. This ability is anything from subtle communication to allowing other entities to fully enter our physical being. It is important to understand that communication on any level with dimensional or spiritual beings is to be taken with the same cautions that we would take communicating with someone on the physical plane. Many factors enter the equation when communicating with dimensional beings, the first factor being purpose – ours and theirs.

If we observe the spiritual dimensions objectively it is not difficult at all to perceive the truth behind any entity’s purpose. Many, many entities simply seek to have some fun with what they consider to be unsuspecting humans. Like many beings they like attention and so if we listen and follow their advice, they’ll continue to give it. Just remember though, just because they aren’t from the physical doesn’t mean they know anymore than you. The scope of entities available for channeling and communication is massive, but their relevance to our own life purpose is not. Many of the beings that have worked hard to purify themselves are also available but do not hang around or throw themselves at people who are not on the path themselves. In order to communicate clearly, we must be clear within ourselves. Without this clarity, the expression that we are capable of receiving is limited. In other words until our consciousness begins moving in a direction that is congruent with inner strength and truth, we are unable to perceive let alone communicate with those that are much further along the path.

The ability to create energy is always important. Without energy we cannot survive, let alone create. Between the initial and middle stages of development many forms of consciousness and entities will come to us, not necessarily to harm us, but simply because we are beacons of energy. As we begin to master our emotions it becomes more difficult to upset our center and so the entities that would normally take advantage of our fears and insecurities begin to move away and avoid us. The same thing occurs with people of this type in the physical plane. They simply sense at an energetic level that they cannot get what they want from us. At the same time they will sense that we can see quite deeply into their soul, but because we have met these aspects in ourselves with understanding we are able to meet these people with peace. The same goes for inter-dimensional entities, but the fact seems to remain, that unless they seek peace and understanding themselves, they will move on. In any case at this stage psychic vampirism and the like is no longer an issue.

It is of course important to move in a direction of fully meeting each aspect of ourselves with the energy of understanding. This is the best and only true protection that we can ever have. It is the kind of shield that protects by fearing nothing inside ourselves, not even fear and so in this state we are able to meet anything outside ourselves – even fear. Each master who has achieved full realization has come to this meeting and succeeded in facing this.

Until then, we must meet each communication and interaction with the highest level of perception and truth that we can connect to. We must connect to this truth and seek through the windows available to us even purer and clearer truths. This is the way to seeing to the heart of all communication, physical, spiritual or mental. There is no being that can truly deceive when we look at it through the eyes of truth. This is simply because when we are in our truth, we are in the essence of understanding and the essence of internal peace. This inner peace, means that we do not seek through craving, aversion or desperation any emotional promises or bargains. And so we can see with clarity what is actually occurring. This frequency of inner peace does not need to be fully realized in order to work. Even the merest intention or illusion of inner peace creates a direction for consciousness to understand. This is the true essence of real power, that even a reflection can banish what is false.