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Psychic Ability and Spirituality – Transcending the Physical Body and Mind – Entering the Higher Dimensions

Psychic ability is simply the ability to communicate with weaves of energy that are above the ‘normal’ level of physical reality. Reading future events, past events, spiritual knowledge and channeling the ‘dead’ are symptoms of connecting to specific weaves of energy. The term ‘psychic’ has become an umbrella term to encompass many skills and abilities that are considered paranormal or metaphysical. To expand on this all of these skills can really be classed under ‘communication.’

It makes the topic of spirituality far clearer when we understand that ‘spirituality’ is really a communication with spirit. It always has been and probably always will. The various definitions of ‘spirit’ change from religion to religion and belief to belief, but the essence is the same. It is about communication with spirit. The most accurate communication is always going to be direct communication. It is the same with any verbal communication with another person. Being there and doing the actual speaking is always going to be more accurate than second hand information. This is where psychic ability comes in.

Psychic ability is simply an expansion of our set of communication tools. Where there may have been no conduit with which to listen and speak to spirit or other energetic entities, psychic abilities help to open up these paths. Having said this, psychic ability in and of itself does not equal spiritual communication. Spiritual communication like any communication requires an intention to connect – in this case to spirit. The language and faculties of connection are then used and developed to gain fluency and understanding.

A surrendering of the ego’s desires is necessary when learning to communicate psychically to spirit. This process is supported by guides and entities that hold the path open at specific planes and dimensions. For example while some may be at least able to fathom the infinite spirit, most will have difficulty with moving fully into infinite consciousness. This is simply because the energetic pattern of the mind is too strong. The older or more experienced we are, the more crystallized these patterns become. Getting around this requires dedicated practice, subtlety and a constant will to refine and understand self-mastery. The modern world has a habit of getting people addicted to semantics and this too is something that we must let go of. Semantics and words become useless eventually, only the true meaning that words and concepts point to hold real empowerment and understanding. This is where psychic ability provides a powerful opportunity. Psychic ability allows us to see deeply beyond words and concepts to the source. In shapes, scents, sounds and forms these weaves of energy expand and deepen, leading us through their paths and removing us through our own. The channel that is formed becomes stronger and clearer than the organic body we live in could ever be. This becomes our conduit to the spirit, our connection and our communication. It is here that we come to see spirit with our own eyes, hear spirit with our own ears and feel spirit with our own heart.



Clairsentience means true knowing. It is the ability to shift into a consciousness that knows the exact knowledge that is desired. The shift of consciousness that occurs is a connection with what is known as the Akashic Records. These records are an energetic dimension that contain the knowledge of all that has been, all that could have been, all that is, all that could be and all that will be. The Akashic Records act as a portal between realities and from this portal we can directly draw upon knowledge and guidance. This is the reason why Clairsentience allows us to simply know. By connecting to the reality where what we seek has already happened we gain the opportunity of understanding how our desire or intention is successfully able to be manifested. Clairsentience is congruent with knowing because in relation to the place where we are receiving this knowledge it has already happened. This knowledge however does not mean that we can be certain it will happen here in this reality – we simply have the tools to make it happen. It is similar to an electrician possessing the knowledge of how to create a safe and effective circuit. They have the knowledge but they still must implement the action. This is the main mistake that many beginners make when developing clairsentience or manifestation abilities. They assume that knowledge equals action which is not always true. For sure if our only intention is to have knowledge then yes we have achieved our ends, but if we seek to create changes in our physical reality then we must take action. When we connect honestly with clairsentience then we will know this, it will be strikingly clear. This brings me to another important point about clairsentience. In my experience it is one of the most commonly felt of the psychic senses, but often people do not feel the openings because they simply assume that they have guessed or deduced the knowledge in some other way. In order to extend this ability to the level where it is impossible to gain the knowledge in any other way we need to explore it’s attributes and opportunities.

The main way that we develop clairsentience is through feeling, recognizing the frequency of knowing, integrating it with the process of “listening” and interpreting the knowledge into solutions. Knowing is a perception that will deepen and strengthen with time, but we must be careful not to allow it to turn into arrogance. Knowing is knowing. Arrogance is pretending that we know. Clairsentience works in a way that provides us with knowledge but it allows for the fact that reality can be directed and changed and so the relevancy of the knowledge can change too. Arrogance is rigid, knowledge is flexible. Knowing is represented by certainty tempered with sensitivity to changing what is required at any given moment – after all reality arrives in a fluid state not as static chunks of “rock!”

Clairsentience requires a fine balance between being and doing. The practice of automatic writing is an example of Clairsentience. Rather than thinking about what we need to do, solutions or answers we simply write, speak and be. We focus more on the state of being, finding and feeling, “listening” for the frequency that is congruent with knowing – then we simply let it come out. We get out of our own way and let it happen. The deeper we move into this consciousness the more we develop a trust with our body and mind to just let it happen. Automatic writing is an effective way of developing Clairsentience because the progression of knowledge will be seen on the page after we have finished. The main thing that this process aids is our confidence and belief that we are actually achieving something. Remember how I said that clairaudience is one of the most commonly experienced psychic skills? The reason that most people don’t go any further in developing it is because they don’t have confidence – they don’t believe. By showing yourself solid and tangible results you will begin to believe, as your belief grows you’ll use it more, as you use it more your skill will develop. It’s an all round beneficial cycle of growth. Eventually you will get to the stage where you don’t need to use automatic writing, you’ll just know. After all what we are really developing is a mind state, a dimension of consciousness.

All the psychic senses work around the same core, that of truth – and truth is essentially about knowing. We can use these psychic skills to play with the world, but ultimately like any toys and material possessions there is a sense of dissatisfaction. Turning these skills within and using them to master and empower our inner selves brings real wealth, joy and happiness.


Developing Psychic Senses Pt 3

The principles described in the 1st and 2nd articles are paramount to developing the intuition and psychic senses and I have known many people to develop their skills without any extraneous energy work or techniques. The most important action that aids manifestation of these skills is consciousness. Being aware, present in the here and now. Feeling and observing your body and through this sensory observing the way your consciousness moves and reacts to energy in your body.

The body works like a radar dish. It picks up energy and is either ignored by the conscious mind and processed by the subconscious or noticed and given the opportunity to be interpreted and understood.

Here are some points for development:

When interacting with people observe your body. Observe their body. Observe any feelings and sensations. Learn to watch and notice what comes neutrally, this will allow information that you may be in the habit of blocking, avoiding and ignoring coming through to you.

Develop your inner listening abilities. Practice silently saying the mantra “I AM” in your mind. Say it once then listen to the “echo.” This trains your subtle hearing abilities. Practice until you no longer need to say it at all. Be familiar with this space. At this point you are at the door that leads to clairaudience – true listening. Connect to this energetic frequency or space when interacting with the world and people. Observe and notice anything that you feel, perceive and interpret.

Observe the way your eyes and therefore your mind reacts when interacting with the world. What are your patterns of interaction? Learn to observe your body and it’s relative posture and overall “feel” when communicating with people. How do you feel? How are you trying to make other people feel? How are you trying to appear? Observe and allow yourself to play the part you usually do – but make observing and watching yourself a priority. Notice the space that lies between your connection with people and the the reactions and emotions in your body and mind. Observe this space. This is one of the doors that leads to clairvoyance – true seeing.

Become familiar with how your sense of smell works. Explore essential oils. Smell a rose. Notice how your body feels and reacts. Observe the frequency of different smells. Watch for the space that lies within this sensory at the moment of connecting to a smell. Observe this space.

Notice the way you eat and taste food. Observe the way that you perceive the tastes. Notice how your body reacts. Observe any sensations and emotions. Watch for the space that lies within this sensory at the moment of connecting to taste. Observe this space.

Taste and smell are perhaps the two most under-rated of the psychic senses and for this reason realization in this area is often the most dramatic. Work with them all and find the paths that connect them. Explore the spaces in between the paths as well as above. The mind is an entity of unlimited dimension and so exploration may well feel like it is confusing at first. This is a good indication that you are on the right track. Don’t let the practice become monotonous. Allow each practice to hold the same curiosity as if it were your first. Form a practice group or join a class in psychic development. The group energy not only supports regular training it also encourages the mind state to move in a motivated and creative direction.

The methods in this article focus on techniques, but it is the principles explained within the first two articles that really make psychic senses work. Many people have developed a high level of skill simply by entraining the core principles into their daily life, where as some practice techniques for years and never get anywhere. Look at it this way: an electron telescope is powerful but if we only use it to look at the same patch of wall we may never learn anything that truly helps us develop. By turning it on ourselves, seeing what we are made of, watching everything that is shown and not limiting ourselves to only what we want to see, we gain the opportunity to evolve and grow. Psychic senses are like a powerful telescope and in the exact same way it is how we use them that brings us empowerment and happiness. Using them to look out we can see the truth of the world and of people, we can see to the core of things, but we cannot control the world, we cannot control other people. Using these same senses to look within, we can learn to look deeper into what makes us who we are, understand what makes us harm ourselves and what will allow us to heal and when we are ready to meet our higher self. The difference is all in our intent.


How to Develop the Psychic Senses Part 2

Psychic sense allows us to communicate with reality and understand how we are perceiving the universe and also how the universe is perceiving us. We can look once at a person and know their level of honesty, their level of denial, hope, dreams and despair. This sensory may develop as a feeling or as an ability to see these feelings in the physical structure of the body. As your skills develop you will be able to see the level of communication a person has with their own intuition, higher selves and the spiritual dimensions. You will be able to perceive where and how they allocated their conscious and subconscious energy, you will be able to see where and how they carry their parent’s and grandparent’s emotions and experiences.

Those of us interested in learning, growth and personal development will be able to perceive how a person is meditating simply by looking at their face. We will be able to see and hear the rate and frequency that a person’s brainwaves are moving and through this understand how to shift and move the mind state into different frequencies and shapes. Teaching meditation and esoteric alchemy at this level requires no guess work – methods are not simply the same system rehashed again and again but instead are developed explicitly and will suit and fit each person like a glove. Connecting to higher consciousness will work at a level that is tangible simply because we can see and hear the frequencies that are holding us back from perceiving – and we can see the exact frequency needed to “dissolve” and transcend this “barrier”. This is an important point for us at this time as the spiritual arena has been fed much disinformation and exploited by many for reasons of manipulation and ego. Learning to directly and tangibly connect to the higher self and intuition will banish any and all control that these systems have had. It is extremely difficult to buy into garbage when you can clearly smell and see with exquisite detail the pungent aroma! This may sound harsh, but the truth is that through the freedom we gain from seeing things for what they actually are, we develop the ability to not be affected by them. Further more because we are developing our own inner resources we gain the stability and strength and we move away from the fear and insecurity which usually asks us to seek external sources of power. As our own inner power is realized we understand that suffering comes through our own reaction to the world and we realize the choice that we have always in truth had – to be free. This freedom is not a mere concept, it is the reality of seeing and feeling what is and understanding the opportunity to choose. When we truly and deeply understand then regardless of our external or internal world we choose empowerment and love every time. This choice is available to us only because we choose to be powerful in spite of feeling fear, in spite of feeling inadequate, in spite of feeling insecure, ugly or doubtful.

In developing true sight we are able to see strength in a person regardless of whether they are currently shaking in their boots. We are able to see desperation in a person even if they are trying to appear happy and self-assured. This sight is not developed because we seek to see a person’s faults – we simply see, listen and feel. We observe and pay attention to our senses. We use the exact same methods on ourselves. We practice sensitivity to energy and meditations. We notice. We look beneath the surface. We listen to irregularities. When we are ready then the teachers will appear. Readiness simply means to see that knowledge and truth is being relayed to us constantly. In this instant we perceive teachings within everything. This is the beginning of psychic sense development.


How to Develop Psychic Senses Part 1

Intuition begins as a feeling, moves toward knowing and then certainty. As the five senses are allowed to experience the frequency of intuition we develop what is known as psychic senses.

The biggest cause of preventing realization of the subtle sense is the ego. By this I mean the self image that we have of ourselves. When we hold a perception of how we want to perceive the world and ourselves, we try and often succeed in preventing ourselves from seeing what is. For example just say that we want to be loving and compassionate people and our intuition tells us that someone is being dishonest, fake and manipulative, then because we want to sustain this image of being loving and compassionate, we just pretend that everything is hunky dory – we literally block our vision of what is going on. Sometimes we even make up explanations and justify why this person is acting this way. Intuition and psychic sense is a lot simpler than this. If we find ourselves justifying stuff chances are it’s the ego and intellectual side of things working to balance things out, to try to suit the perceptions that we want to promote. Nothing is wrong with this, but it’s a different ballgame from intuition and psychic senses.

There are many methods and exercises to sensitize ourselves to energy, but the actual interpretation of energy is about awareness and awareness requires sincerity and honesty. What good is it if we have developed the ability to see if we don’t use this sight? In the example of the person who wants to be loving and compassionate, what is it that is destroyed when they allow themselves to perceive a person being manipulative and dishonest? It is their own self-image which is being destroyed. In this moment we see our judgment and criticism and we perceive that we are not the loving and compassionate people we believed that we were. Well it’s about time! The truth is that we’re not seeing anything that wasn’t there before. The truth is that we’ve simply been trying to deny the reality of our ego. Further more we have been denying the existence of real unconditional love that is able to exist regardless of any perceived “flaws” in our selves. We are perpetuating a reality that it is only when we are card board cut-outs of what “loving” and “compassionate” people should be, that we are worthy of love – and we quite literally kick our “shadow” and hidden sides to the gutter. Not only is this slamming the door on our intuition and psychic senses, it is closing our eyes to the real meaning of unconditional love. What ends up being created is a self that is running so hard and trying so desperately to be something else, that we neglect to see who we actually are.

Seeing who we actually are is all that is required, but how hard is it to see when we build up the stakes? When so much is riding on us being this particular image?

So what’s the big deal about truth and all that anyway? Well without truth we never know where and who we are – and without knowing who we are we can’t get to where we want to go. We attempt to feel a certain way and we don’t know why it all feels so fake and unreal. The word “clairvoyance” simply means true sight, the word “clairaudience”, true hearing and the word “clairsentience”, true knowing. These skills essentially are derived through allowing our mind to perceive what is. Many psychics are able to read and interpret what is and through watching and communicating with the stream of cause and effect are able to interpret and predict what will be and what has been. Future predictions don’t always come true simply because a person can choose to move in a different direction and change the course of the current stream. A psychic simply has been born with or developed the skills to read energy that is at a more subtle level than the physical, but the truth is that all people are able to develop this skill to one extent or another. It just starts with being honest.

Observe what you see in other people. Interpret and understand by observing how your own body and mind reacts to them. Allow your judgments to surface, allow your own issues to surface and just observe. Learning to perceive and understand what you see in others will not only develop your intuition and psychic senses, it will give you the opportunity to see and reconcile your own truths. It can be ugly to see the judgments, issues and feelings that we have about others, but it is only in recognizing and being honest that we do in fact have these feelings, that we can heal our own fear and reconcile those perceptions about our own ugliness. The path of truth will take us through whatever lies in it’s way. Truth is not about seeing the light and avoiding the dark, it is about eventually recognizing light and love within all aspects of being – but first we need to let ourselves see all aspects of being.