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Purification – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

Purification has been talked about in spiritual circles since God kicked Adam’s butt for lusting after Eve. Legends have been told of saints and monks facing demons as large as the sun while their very flesh was flayed from their bones while they maintained their oaths to purify their souls.

It all makes for great reading, but what is purification really?

First you need to get the concept of Karma. Karma is like throwing a huge rock at a bull, it’s gonna get an effect. Karma is like smiling at a pretty girl (or a guy!), it’s gonna get an effect. That’s what Karma is – it’s cause and effect.

Karma doesn’t make any promises about what it will deliver – but one thing that it will promise is that something will be delivered!

Now your consciousness is made up of many different levels give or take a few, but you’ve got the big three.

You’ve got the mental side – that part that thinks that it gets it all and knows what is going on.

Then there’s the body – you know the thing that carries your head around. Funnily enough, the head is also part of the body but many people don’t really get below the neck, they just keep all their consciousness bottled up in the head.

There’s also the spirit – and this is where people get all funny, because some people don’t believe in it, others will kill or chastise you for looking at it the wrong way and some think that it’s something that you drink.

So all these levels of consciousness have things that are going on. Day to day procedure – business as usual. In most cases the procedures are happening because of patterns or habits.

Now a habit is made up of 2 parts – cause and effect.

So there again, we have Karma.

This funny little thing keeps us winding up and winding down and we run our lives by it. It creates who we think we are – our personalities, our perception of pain and pleasure, our values, ethics and beliefs.

All of it started because of a rock being thrown in a pond somewhere at sometime…a pond in our consciousness.

So it’s all well and good when things are well…good.

But watch people come running when things go south.

That’s when purification comes in.

Someone once said to me: “All my life I thought that spirituality has a load of horse crap and now all of sudden I’m crazy about it…what happened?”

I said: “You started getting old, knew that grim death was just around the corner point and decided, Hell I better do something before I get there!”

Purification is that investment, but it’s not necessarily about self-flagellation and so forth. It’s about applying the essential ingredient of purity to all the layers of Karma within you.

Then, like a flame burns wood, all your Karma layer by layer is dissolved.

That’s it, you no longer recreate the same patterns that you’ve played out for all these life times.

Your consciousness at the 3 main levels becomes free to do what it wants.

That in a nutshell is purification.

The next question is: what remains when the consciousness becomes free?

John Gregor

Illuminating the Dark ~ Part 1 ~ The Essence of Meditation, Purification and Enlightenment

Real mastery of the self can only be realized through meeting all aspects of being with conscious equanimity. In the moment of connecting with these parts unflinchingly and with acceptance, we no longer struggle with the self and we experience unity.

The path of ‘the dark’ means a path where we are lacking awareness. Unconscious, subconscious and spiritual dimensions all have relevance here, but it is also valuable to note the various grey areas. It is possible and common to have an intellectual awareness of certain concepts and principles, but without integration at the level of the body these skills and experiences will not be fully realized. For example we may understand the principle of ‘living in the now,’ but as long as our body still reacts to pre-programmed responses we are still living in the past. The journey of moving from an intellectual idea to an experience that encompasses not only the mental but the physical is a far deeper and more “whole” level of integration.

Mental consciousness generally works at a far greater speed than the physical, but through training and practice we can guide the body to realizing it’s own potential for development and expansion. Keeping the connection between body and mind requires that we do not neglect one over the other. When working with the body we observe the nature of the mind and learn to direct it’s energies through the body. When working with the mind we observe how the body perceives and interprets this level of consciousness and we look for the spaces and areas where it can open to the experience with deeper understanding.

Patience is important when working with an intention for integration because until full integration occurs the mind will almost always be faster than the body. This is especially true for those that are developing their psychic senses as the ability to perceive subtle energies opens a literal floodgate of information. Without integration this information will lead to various levels of agitation, stress and confusion. What is actually happening is that the physical level of consciousness has no idea of what is happening and being realized at the subtler mental and spiritual levels. We could look at it as upper level management not communicating to the middle and lower levels. While it may not always seems as exciting to work at the physical level the revelations and realizations can be just as profound if not more because they can actually be used and implemented into our physical reality. Further more what we experience is solid, tangible and built on a base of emotional, physical and mental strength. On the contrary experiences that try to ignore the body are essentially leaving the foundation or base behind.

Illuminating the dark brings light to all the aspects that we would ignore or pass off as too mundane, boring or not worthy of note. In bringing the light of consciousness we are communicating and understanding. This reciprocal interchange of energies speaks and listens and within time we realize that we understand the meaning of this communication clearly. As our ability to listen increases, so too does our ability to inject meaning into the communication – and so the product of the communication becomes more refined and more meaningful. Many results can be gained from bringing consciousness into these dark parts and each morsel of knowledge and wisdom opens up new opportunities to seek out and explore. In the end however, all paths lead back to the one true path, the path of unity, the path of peace, the path of power.