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Spirituality, Money and You

Money is energy. It is in our world an exchange of energy that we have printed, labeled and defined as “money.” We have attached meaning to it through giving it the ability to be used in trade for goods and services. We have attached purpose to it by offering our own skills and abilities in exchange for it. We have attached morality and values to it by observing how it has been used by individuals and groups on this planet. Money in itself is neither evil nor good – it is the intention behind its use that defines what it is. In the hands of one person it becomes food to feed, medicines to heal, houses to provide shelter and warmth, industry to provide creativity and purpose. In the hands of another it may become the power to rule, kill and dominate. Whether we use money with gratitude and joy or whether we use it with fear and greed is a choice that begins within.

It is sometimes said that spirituality and money do not belong together. One argument has been that spirituality is far too important to not give away for free. It is ironic then that if spirituality is “far too important” that we would rather spend our money and resources on things that are not as important. Another argument has been that spirituality is far too valuable to put a price on. If this was the case then any price requested or donated must be seen as a pittance in comparison, and so wouldn’t really be that big a deal would it? Perhaps the truth is closer to the fact that we have so much attachment to our money that we do not wish to part with it as little as possible and so placing the title of sacred on spirituality allows us the leverage to imply that money is evil and spirituality should be above these things.

Spirituality is above nothing unless we put it there. If we choose to spirituality can be part of everything. It can be part of business as much as family, personal and social life.

Another argument has been that spiritual teachings have traditionally been given away for free. My own insights into our history say differently, but rather than argue a past that I was not a part of (in this life time anyway!), it’s enough to offer that whether a tradition or teacher asks for payment is entirely up to them. Furthermore tradition and spirituality are not one and the same. There is sometimes a belief that past times had more spirituality in them. The truth is that our current time has an understanding of spirituality that is perfect and congruent to exactly what we are going through here and now. It could not be any other way. Spirit does not die, it’s relevance and relationship simply is changed because of the way we change, perceive and see it. Spirit while part of many traditions, rituals and beliefs is not exclusive to any single one of them. It is part of us all.

The purpose of this article is not to say that one way is right and another is wrong. It is simply to suggest that we see things as they are and through this perhaps gain some insight into our real relationship with money. How do we truly feel about our communication with money? Are we flippant or tight-fisted? Do we see abundance or lack? Through understanding our current relationship we are able to move the stream of energy into the direction of our choosing. I believe that the main reason that many of us have the perception of money that we do is because of fear. We fear that if we do not have then we will not survive. We fear what others will do with the opportunities that money provides. Fear provides a great incentive to create. Necessity has always been the mother of invention – but invention becomes truly great when the emotions of fear shift to inspiration.

Work with this exercise:

Get all your money out and lay it on the table or floor.

Touch it and feel it. Look at it.

How does it look physically? How does it make you feel?

There is no need to try and feel a certain way. Simply observe how you actually feel.

Many mixed feelings may be present. This is fine.

Imagine for a moment giving away all your money. All the money in your bank, all your investments and assets.

Observe how you feel. Notice how your body feels.

Imagine for a moment receiving ten millions dollars. How do you feel?

Is it difficult for you to imagine receiving ten million dollars? Is it difficult to imagine giving away all your money? If it is difficult to imagine giving away your money why not go out and give some of it away. Certainly not all – but just observe how you feel as you give away a few dollars here and there. If it is difficult for you to imagine receiving ten millions dollars then start asking for money from the world. Perhaps start in small amounts. Observe how you feel in asking and in receiving.

Do you feel worthy of receiving money? Do you feel fearful in giving it away? In the moments where the transference of energy takes place there is an opportunity to “listen” for a different path. We may feel fearful and reluctant in giving – but “listen” closely. Is there a part that you can find – a genuine part, that feels inspired, empowered and abundant? Move your consciousness into this part. In asking for money do we feel guilty, unworthy and ashamed? Leave these as they are – and feel for something else. Is there a part of our consciousness that can imagine feeling abundant? What would it feel like if the world was open, generous and effortlessly providing it’s abundance for you?