The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones are so called by the ascended masters who have and still inhabit our galaxy. It is the legacy of the ancient ones to have left behind the knowledge and understanding necessary to follow them beyond time and space. The knowledge that they have left us indicates that all paths truly do lead to the one path and that in the end both dark and light are realized as one.

Throughout the planes the interpretation of the teachings of the Ancient Ones is applied differently, sometimes drastically so. There seems to be an understanding however by the higher plane beings that all sentience eventually returns to the one path. This eventuality however can take millennia or it can take the direct route and these are the ideals that are being struggled over within the astral and higher planes.

This planet also is being offered the opportunity to ascend through the connection and practice of deep purification, light work and self-mastery. While the dark feeds off apathy, ignorance and fear, the light works through focus, courage and love. The activations of each take place when we set our intention to action.

Those who are the Ancient Ones were once from all sides, the dark, the light and the neutral. Their legacy however provides knowledge that indicates that all sentient beings must move through the spectrum and return to full light. Even those from the dark have left consciousness and energy which has in the transformation of compassion spoken of the importance of shifting to love and the transcending of the dark.