The Esoteric Warrior

The Esoteric Warrior must know how to fight and defend, these are the basic principles that evolve into inner strength and flexibility. At higher levels ‘fighting’ and ‘defense’ become blending with the attack, then absorbing and transforming negative energies. The path of the Esoteric Warrior moves from the basic fundamentals of psychic battle to high level ability to move through negativity and transforming it immediately into positive light.
The same skills that are developed while learning to ward off negative energies and entities are the same skills that are used at the beginning levels to fight off diseases and other physical and emotional ailments. Likewise at the higher levels the same ability that would transform a negative energy into positive energy is the same ability that is able to open a channel to Higher Self consciousness at any level of darkness or ignorance.
It is a very high level of skill that is able to perceive the channels of the divine within utter blackness and despair. Drawing these channels outward not only destroys the form of the darkness, it guides the darkness to healing its own ignorance. This is the mark of a master Esoteric Warrior, this is what it means to destroy with love and understanding. The destruction is that of ignorance and illusion, the darkness is slain and light rises from its ashes.