The Power of Grounding

The essence of grounding is to be able to integrate and use all your knowledge and energies effectively in every day life. Often esoteric arts can leave a practitioner tired and emotionally drained because they spend so much time in the higher or more subtle vibrations. As I discussed in the articles on the “Physical Path” the body must be allowed time to adapt to new frequencies through stretching, relaxation and connecting to earth. In other cases where people are over training, concentrating on physical exercise, stopping meditations on higher frequencies and eating good solid food will help to ground them.

It pays to be aware, sensitive and honest about our progress. It’s ultimately self-sabotaging to go hard into practices only to burn out and need to take time off for weeks or months. This can be avoided by implementing grounding exercises regularly. I’d suggest 3 times a week for as little as 5 minutes, but as always each individual must determine and feel for themselves what is required.

Connecting to the deep frequency of the planet helps us to feel solid and stable – and so we become solid and stable. It helps us integrate our spirituality into our everyday life.

Work with this exercise:

Visualize the soles of your feet extending into the planet’s core.

Imagine them being nurtured and supported by this energy.

See and feel this energy being drawn up into your body and surrounding you.

As you inhale see and feel the earth’s energy infuse your cells.

Hold your breath and observe your body and cells shining with the earth’s power.

Exhale and feel this power intensifying and integrating into your body.

Explore this exercise with different feelings and visualizations. Use what works for you. Internal martial artists sometimes use the grounding visualization of seeing roots growing out of the soles of their feet deep into the planet. You could also see and feel yourself as a tree. Actually feel the solidity of the wood and the consciousness of the tree. Another is to visualize the planet living in your belly. See it there powerful and strong. Nourishing and supporting you.

Everything about the earth supports our existence. Being conscious as we breath the air, drink water and walk on the earth brings this awareness into our body and mind. We allow ourselves to be supported by the earth. This awareness of our relationship with the planet makes the body and mind strong. This strength of body and mind is the essence of grounding.