The Power of Intention Part 1

Intention is the directing of consciousness. It is moving the consciousness into areas with a desire to affect a particular result. Intention is a powerful tool for manifestation when used to gather the specific frequencies and knowledge required. Weaving the psychic skills with direction of intention allows us to gather the exact information that we need be it in the form of visions, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes or other forms of knowledge. Integrating this knowledge which can often be done immediately begins to elicit the changes that we desire. The process of refining the practice utilizes the exact same principles. If something is not occurring the way we wish it to then we direct our intention to gathering the information as to what needs to be added, subtracted, sped up or slowed down. This is a two fold development of learning how to manifest and learning how to gain precise information. In time the process of intention, information gathering and implementing this knowledge will occur simultaneously and accurately.

It is important to observe and access the information coming through with honest and open awareness. This is perhaps one of the main difficulties inherent within the art of manifestation. For example information may be coming through that to create a certain result energy needs to be built and gathered for 4 weeks. If this crucial detail is ignored then a person may believe that their manifestation has failed where as what has actually occurred is that they have simply not followed through on all the necessary requirements. The development of accurately and clearly perceiving information is also important. The mind needs to be directed with the intention to understand and hear, see or feel clearly and then we need to observe and allow ourselves to find this space within us. Through continuous training the mind understands exactly what it is that we are wishing to access and in time we can connect with these spaces effortlessly.

The understanding of how intention works is like how water finds it’s way through rocks. If there are many rocks the water will continue to weave around them until it reaches it’s destination. Similarly intention is a direction of the mind. When the mind finds an obstacle or distraction is must allow that entity to be as it is and simply find a way around it. In the case of the mind, intention is the place of knowledge as well as the consciousness that is seeking connection with this place. In time the two become one and this is the process that dissolves the illusion of location or separateness. This is when the acquisition of knowledge becomes effortless and instantaneous.