The Power of Recognition ~ Part 1

Real, tangible empowerment exists when we train our physical and mental consciousness to recognize it. Recognition is the development of listening, seeing, feeling and perception. It is our senses that provide us with the opportunity to judge and perceive our experiences, and thus it is our senses that determine what empowerment truly is. Without the ability to hear it would not matter how beautiful sounds might be as we would not be able to appreciate them. Without the ability to see it would not matter how beautiful sights might be as we would not be able to see them. Without the ability to feel it does not matter how beautiful a feeling may be as we are not able to feel them.

Understanding what to recognize at the intellectual level provides us with a road map of what it is that we are seeking, but this is all it is – a road map. Intellectualization does not provide us with the feeling, sight and sound of the actual experience. We may read all there is to know about enlightenment, empowerment and awakening, but without actually experiencing it we are simply reading and relating a story.

The gift of the intellect is that it acts as a gatekeeper to deeper knowledge. By understanding at an intellectual level we give permission and allow ourselves to explore a more dedicated level of experience.

For all intents and purposes intellectual recognition affords us two things: the ability to see that a certain path will lead us somewhere and a certain level of confidence in our ability to manifest this direction. This is a level of vision and insight which by its very realization provides us with the opportunity to recognize ability. It is ultimately the confidence and insight which comes from this which allows us to move.

Intellectual recognition will lead many of us to taking the first steps to experiential, physical and spiritual recognition. For some it will be the first step, for others a foundation of faith or inspiration may provide the base in which to move. What is important is that we learn to use this energy in a way to sustain the direction of our consciousness. It is this continuity of direction, intention and energies that ultimately creates and manifests our life in a way that is meaningful.