The Power of the Warrior

The warrior is one who is prepared to express and manifest resistance. Resistance is the direction that we choose to move toward. It may be in the form of transforming beliefs. It may be in the form of continually choosing peace. It may be in the form of being conscious. The way of the warrior is to sustain the cause that we have decided to “fight” for.

As our wisdom is developed and refined, we understand the influence of energy towards reality. We understand how much is needed to elicit the exact effect we desire. We understand which desires to put energy into manifesting. We understand the paths that will bring us real empowerment and we continue past the paths that will bring us illusions. Intellectual understanding is not enough. To actually realize and experience empowerment we must sustain the action that is required to manifest it. This persistence, this ability to connect with what we perceive as effort and in a sense, confrontation, is the essence of the warrior.

What strength is required to continue our journey in the face of self-criticism, ridicule and doubt?

What resiliency is required to sustain in spite of confusion, scattered focus, and low morale?

What courage is required to find compassion and forgiveness regardless of a hardened heart, self anger and hatred?

There will be times where we will find ourselves alone – seemingly even from ourselves. It is the essence of the warrior that will aid us to continue along the path, doing what needs to be done to find the next step in the dark. The wisdom of the warrior is equally as important as it’s strength and resiliency, for knowing that in seeking peace, there will be times when it needs to bow down to the power of new knowledge. That there is something greater and deeper that it is striving for. This ability to step down, to realize that what has served up to now has done it’s time and must be let go of, requires strength and honor to ourselves. This too is the way of the warrior.

It takes strength to hold true to a cause. It sometimes takes even greater strength to admit that a cause is no longer the whole truth.

The essence of the warrior recognizes destruction as part of transformation. Deep hate when met with unconditional love is changed in an instant because it is embraced and accepted absolutely. The “shape” of this acceptance has no form – it has no resistance and so it becomes what it meets and what it meets recognizes that it is understood. It realizes peace. Connecting to the energy of unconditional love however requires a perception of resistance because we are moving through the layers of our own illusions. This resistance or direction is also the essence of the warrior. The action of resisting nothing is where the warrior puts down arms and experiences the destination. This is a very important point because sometimes in our quest for learning we may get so attached to the lesson, that we do not let go of it – and in doing so we prevent ourselves from experiencing the very purpose of our journey.

A wise journey is always a balance of action and reflection.

Work with this exercise:

Activate the desire to look over your life.

Where are you going?

Where have you been?

What is it that you truly wish for?

What is it that you would truly not wish to experience again?

Observe how you feel about these questions.

Notice how your body feels. Feel the emotions and thoughts.

Let the effect of these questions come and go from your mind in whatever fashion they should wish to move.


Begin to imagine the empowerment that would be required to bring your destination, your path, to fruition.

What amount of resiliency would be required?

What kind of strength would be required?

What degree of nurturing and support would be required?

What type of wisdom and flexibility would be needed?

See and feel these essences infusing into a visualization or feeling.

Feel the power of the warrior that is able to complete this path effortlessly.

“Listen” and feel for the most genuine level of this power.

If there are any feelings of doubt, ridicule, fear or confusion allow these to be as they are and simply continue to focus on the feelings of inner strength, focus and deep sustaining power.

Know that connecting to this essence no matter how small the connection should feel, is creating a communication and realization of empowerment and strength within you.

Merge with this essence and know that it exists here and now.

Observe the details and overall essence of this warrior energy. The more you pay attention to the way of the warrior as it feels in your body, the more you become connected and tuned to this energy. Over the days, weeks, months and years it blends with you, walks with you and becomes you. This is the power of the warrior.