The Power of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto brought many of his discoveries about the nature of water to the world through his book, “The hidden messages in water,” as well as the movie, “What the Bleep do we know?” For those that aren’t familiar with his findings they basically show that water will react to forms of energy, thoughts, emotions, sounds and so on. The relevance to human beings of course is pretty big considering that our bodies have such a high water content.

It’s always interesting when experiences that people have through their own journeys in personal and spiritual development begin to have parallels in science. The art of positive thinking, imagery and so on has been discussed and researched for some time now and while there are arguments as to whether straight positive thinking is sustainable – the fact that it does have an effect on the body and mind is pretty obvious.

Correlating Dr. Emoto’s findings to actual experiences in people seems to show the similarity that water is transient in the way it holds frequencies. It’ll shift form pretty quickly. This seems similar to the way that humans are able to shift moods and at least provides some insight into why many people perceive sustained positive thinking to be almost futile.

From my experience bringing the body and mind to a “high” vibration is not difficult for most people – sustaining it is. The reason for this is because of the blueprint. The blueprint is the part of the mind and body that believes that there is a primary pattern of emotions and thoughts that we need to follow. So when we shift out of it that blueprint like a rubber band is trying to pull us back. It has it’s own inertia. Of course with enough sustained focus we can keep our state going long enough that we create a new magnetism or inertia. But many people don’t get to this stage. The other thing is that there are differing levels of water in our body depending on whether we are working with organs, skin, muscles or bones. The denser areas require slightly different mindset to shift and sustain the new vibrations.

Of course if we had sufficient depth and flexibility of focus to go into every iota of the body and mind and transform it to our liking then the transformation would be instant – but this degree of focus is only developed by learning to sustain it in the first place. It’s ironic that by the time we have developed depth we’ve also developed resiliency.

Practice brings experience, experience brings knowledge and knowledge deepens practice.

Here is a simple exercise for charging water:

Fill a glass with water and have a sip. Notice how it tastes and feels.

Holding the glass of water in your hand, focus on feeling and seeing it being filled with love.

Imagine you are giving the water a genuine hug. Feel the energy shifting within the water.

Now have a taste. Can you taste the difference?

Working with food may feel slightly different because of the structure of the food. It tends to retain its form – but most of us will have experienced having eaten food that seems to be “cooked with love” before – it is not an uncommon thing.

Here is a simple exercise for charging food:

First taste the food. Notice how it tastes and feels.

Focusing on the food, feel and see it being filled with love. Imagine the frequency of this love penetrating into the food. Visualize it moving into the atomic structure of the food.

Allow this shift to occur effortlessly and easily.

Now have a taste. Can you taste the difference?

Programming water or programming denser structures like food or clothing simply requires a slightly different mind-set. Work with the intention that your thoughts and feelings are moving into the specific structures and like water finding it’s way through rocks, your mind will become fluid and also find it’s way. It’s more a matter of having the belief and confidence to sustain the practice than anything else.

For years detractors of this kind of thing have said that it is “all in the mind.” This is in fact what explorers, practitioners and masters have said all along! The difference is that while some seem to imply that being “all in the mind” is no big deal – masters have been reminding us that it is in fact a very big deal. The mind literally creates our reality. Science is simply catching up with this because science is essentially the study of cause and effect.

Practice charging your food, water and then notice the parallels to charging your body, thoughts, emotions and actions. Notice how long a charge of for example happiness or motivation will sustain in your body before former blueprints move back in. Explore subtle differences in how you can program your energy so that they sustain longer and easier. Everything is energy – becoming a master of this playground we become a master of ourselves.