The Steps to Enlightenment – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

“Everyone has within them the potential to be a master, a spiritual warrior and to know infinite power. The path of Enlightenment is known by few simply because adversity seems too overpowering and so they never break past the initial walls of illusion.” – .

When I first began Metaphysical training there wasn’t a lot of knowledge that was given out freely and in many ways this hasn’t changed. The real keys, the secrets and subtleties are still kept pretty well hidden. The sad thing is that in lieu of real Enlightenment there are teachers going around saying “you don’t need to do anything – you’re already Enlightened.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Real Enlightenment exists and its not about just going around saying “Yeah I’m Enlightened.” It’s about hunting down those damn secrets and using them.

I remember when I had my first encounter with a teacher who was well on his way to Enlightenment and his consciousness was so overpowering that I could feel it transforming my very bones just from being around him. This was back when I didn’t believe that Enlightenment was for us mere mortals…but that first meeting changed my mind completely. Power that you can feel…you don’t meet that everyday.

On to the steps to Enlightenment!

The first rung on the ladder to Enlightenment is developing some degree of self-control and discipline and using this to get a small “foot in the door” connection with the Higher Self. This gets people out of their normal headspace, a place that is not usually so conducive to getting Enlightened and into a kind of super consciousness highway where intelligence, information and understanding can process at an unbelievable rate. Where the normal mind plods along…1, 2, 3 – the super conscious Higher Self is like 1 to infinity in an instant. The knowledge is there, the understanding is there and the path to Enlightenment is all of a sudden a Hell of a lot clearer!

The second rung is developing psychic awareness – now this isn’t the type of psychic showmanship that you see on the back of tabloids – checking out who is cheating who and so forth. What it’s really about is getting a phone line to the universe – tapping into that ripe knowledge and using it to boost up your ascension and Enlightenment. I’ve heard talk that Psychic ability and Enlightenment have nothing in common but to be honest these people just don’t get it. Most of the reason that Enlightenment is seen with such unattainable awe is because people haven’t worked out how to perceive it…and what is Psychic Mastery if not the ability to perceive at an infinite level?

The third rung is what is known as the inner or Esoteric warrior. This is the stuff that you need when the real inner battle begins and believe me, it’s a battle waged on many fronts and from many angles. Learning to fight on this inner level is really important and is one of the most misunderstood things on this whole journey. Let me put it another way: Being a spiritual wet noodle gets you no where when the battle comes to the door of your consciousness. Develop your inner strength and mental fortitude like this was your last day to do it and you’ll conquer whatever comes from within swiftly and decisively.

The 4th rung of Enlightenment is purification, but I’ll leave that for next time.

John Gregor