The True Inner Critic – Empowering Enlightenment through the Master Consciousness and Mind

Evolution only has meaning when we decide to imbue our choices and purpose with meaning. The integration point is the point where survival on this planet connects with our inner truth. Survival is necessary. Where we take it from here is up to us. We have decided that survival extends to having the right type of lifestyle, the right job, the right car, the right partner, the right house, the right watch, the right holiday and so on. During this time we decide that we’ll put off the inner truth part. After all there’s always time for that later isn’t there?

We shift our mind into critical mode, but it is different from the critical consciousness of our true essence. Instead of refining and seeking the elements that are most congruent with our true self, we create a critical mind that seeks ways to find gratification through the eyes of society, the image and the esteem that we find in the eyes of friends and family. We learn to play a game of painting the right picture and saying the right lines. All along the true critical mind goes to sleep.

We need to put the true critical mind to sleep during this time, because if it woke up it would be asking us with very little subtlety why we decided to become so daft. Accepting adoration through having a certain car or sports jacket? Tilting our noses up when we walk past people that we secretly want approval from? What is this game that we are playing, the true critical mind would ask – and why haven’t we finished with it yet?

It would point out with no concern for our attempt at ignorance that trying to win approval and self-worth from others was only an affirmation of our own need for approval, and so in fact was an affirmation of self-worth issues. It would then go on to inquire as to why we were kicking this dead horse.

The true inner critic isn’t about beating us up gratuitously. It is actually about taking apart everything that doesn’t work and fixing it so that it does. In short its about results.

Not getting the approval we need from our new shoes? Well how about bypassing the fashion sector and plugging in direct to the heart center? Want respect from our peers and colleagues? May or may not happen – but how about giving it to ourselves instead?

Results. The true inner critic cares little for the way of image and illusions. The true inner critic is about truth. What will truly bring happiness, worth, empowerment and meaning. With this goal firmly fixed it moves through flaws and fixtures without mercy and tears them apart. If we scramble to put our image back together then this just indicates to our true inner critic that we’re not so comfortable being naked and it has no problem prodding us and asking us why? Further more it wants to know how we can expect to become strong or at the very least attain a certain level of happiness if we just bundle our fears and insecurities up under the rug.

After a certain amount of time – weeks, years, decades we find new ways to get around our inner critic, we find ways of re-talking and affirming new directions. Counters and counter-counters – but the heart of the issue remains as true as it ever was.

The truth is patient. Denial on the other hand is forever desperate, for it knows that all it takes is one wrong turn, a slip up – and all fakery is revealed. Through this gap comes the true inner critic. Here comes the psychological beating that we have been running from for so long! But instead we turn and face it – and listen. We listen openly and we listen and feel for the part of the inner critic that is truth. We see to the part that looks beyond punishment to the source, to the very core and reason of its existence. The true inner critic has a purpose. This purpose is to see through the illusions of all that is not congruent with inner peace, real self-worth, happiness and empowerment. In truth it does not need to destroy anything. It simply prompts us to see – and in seeing we realize the flaws and limitations of illusion. That is all that is needed. That picture speaks a millions words. It tells the story of hope and exploration. It reminds us why we set out on this adventure of discovery in the first place. It wasn’t for half-baked dreams and easy compromises. It was to find real happiness, real peace and real power.