The Way of Karma ~ Part 1

Karma is the reality of cause and effect. All experience and creation is the result of an interaction that in itself was a result of previous interaction. Karma is manifestation. It is all that we have created and set in place. Karma is energy and so it is the interaction of energies that determines how Karma will manifest. For example intent affects solid matter differently from mental or spiritual matter. Likewise intelligent and aware consciousness may interact differently at many levels and dimensions, the result being a shape, form and essence unique to the consciousness that bears it.

It is the depth and manner of understanding that determines the ultimate effect of Karma. Just as our ability to transcend and move through mind and body states will determines pleasure and pain, struggle and freedom, so too will these states determine our Karma. In fact the existence of these abilities, perception and understanding is also Karma. There is no level that escapes it, because all is within the sphere of cause and effect. This is the law of Karma, but it too falls within the infinite and so its opposite exists as soon as consciousness perceives its direction. That direction is to take no level of reaction or response. The essence that escapes cause and effect is that which does not react to cause and effect. It is this essence that is used to transform and “pay the dues” of Karma. It effectively stops feeding the patterns of karma and begins neutralizing the chain of reaction.

Important to note with the purification of Karma is that as levels of consciousness are revealed all perception right, wrong, evil, ugly and good will also surface. The principle of no reaction will carry us through all these experiences, however the mind that would hinder us is the mind that decides we are not allowed to progress. These beliefs of the mind are directly connected to our perception of right and wrong. For example if we begin to perceive difficult emotions it is the perception of difficulty which will create aversion, this in itself seeks to hinder the mind from even looking at it. Similarly if we become aware of a thought or experience that we are too attached to, then we have already shifted from a state of no reaction to one of reaction.

The most important attribute in re-directing and purifying the flow of karma is mental control. Control is the cultivation of mastery and will bring absolute direction and will over all levels of consciousness. This is the single reason why mastery of the self is sought. With it comes complete autonomy over the direction of destiny, spirit and karma.