The Way of Karma ~ Pt 2 ~ The Journey to Enlightenment

The story of Karma will lead us through its many dimensions, paths and levels. It will bring us through the worlds of emotion, the literal civilizations of thought and belief, right through to the beginning where they were born. By listening to the story of Karma we learn to see that in truth the way has been formed by who we believe ourselves to be and it is through this channel that Karma becomes what it is.

Understanding only deepens as our ability to listen and hear deepens and is opened. Karma when it is truly heard and seen reveals itself to be as fluid and free as pure energy. All that would make it rigid is simply that in our consciousness that would grasp to shape, form and belief. There is a path where consciousness tells the same story, simply because the energy of this story requires validation and expression. There is however no release in this expression, it is born again with each validation at the deepest level of sense and perception. This is the story of Karma and it has become our way.

In time the story of Karma becomes like a tale that has been heard too many times. It is like being at the same carnival sometimes for what seems like an eternity. What once stimulated the senses no longer holds charm or allure. There is the sense that the story hurts more than it heals. This is the essence of the True Self, ever patient, yet a reminder that no carnival ride will ever match up to true power of being at one, and being at peace. It is through this crack that we gain an opening. An opportunity to move past the story, to realize that the meaning has changed and that the destination no longer has any purpose. Through observation, meditation, inner communication and life we gain the opportunity to hear the story of Karma, to see the way that we have created and to discover the path of freedom.