The Way of the Crystal Pt 1

All things are able to communicate a certain frequency or energy. The power of the crystal is in it’s ability to absorb, contain and sustain a particular communication of energy for very long periods of time. While humans come and go within the span of 100 years or so, crystals have been found that have been dated back to 4.3 billion years. This may all seem pretty mundane until we understand how to communicate with the energy that a crystal holds.

The first step is always to learn the manner that a particular entity speaks. We do this by exploring the different ways of listening. Observing the physical texture, visually focusing, smelling or otherwise meditating on crystals are all effective ways to listen. It is important to remember that listening is simply being open, to feel and allow what comes to come. In the beginning there may be nothing, or at least the perception of nothing. As our awareness becomes sharper we will begin to feel, see, hear and perceive spaces and flows. There is in essence no difference between the movement in meditation and the communication that occurs with crystal work. The main hurdle is that we perceive one to be external and the other to be internal. Through practice and experience we bridge this gap and the communication becomes fluent.

The reason that listening is so important is because is teaches us how to in turn communicate in a way that we will be understood. If we simply jump into a new language without any understanding then it will be just like two people yammering away with no idea or concern as to what the other is saying. Listening also provides us with the opportunity to generate a tangible and real level of communication.

All the skills used within clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and so on are used in the communicative interchange with crystals. By understanding and refining our ability to utilize the language, we are able to ask and explore the database of knowledge and information that a crystal holds. By finding the space within the communication and expressing our inquiry through this space and listening we find what we need.

Perhaps more important than gaining information is the experience of learning to communicate with different perceptions of energy. Crystals and all reagents provide the opportunity to understand the bridging of space, flow and energy. Eventually we learn to bypass the bridge and connect directly to the consciousness that we seek. This is the shift where external Alchemy becomes purely internal Alchemy. As we become more fluent in different languages we learn to understand the principles underlying all of them. The path becomes subtler but the destination remains the same.