Transcending Separation

The primary message of the Asharem is to transcend separation – to perceive the bridge that exists between objects, emotions, people, energy and the universe. The ability to bend time and space exists here and now within consciousness – it simply needs to be directed.

The very intellect that we humans prize so much is the very same intellect that holds us from achieving this. With intellectual power comes ego and ego exists to believe that it is superior and righteous. True power exists regardless of intellect or ego. All it requires is understanding. The intellect would have us believe that deep understanding exists at the intellectual level and through deduction and concept. It is this very intellect that we have discovered to only utilize 10% or less of our capacities. Utilizing the whole consciousness is not about simply pushing the intellect – it is about activating other sources and faculties of understanding and perception.

The intellect will only lead us within patterns that it understands. Super expanded consciousness does not require initial understanding – it reaches out and grasps new knowledge knowing that it may in fact take the intellect months or years to integrate the information. There will be some experiences that the intellect may never understand.

It is this type of leap and expansion that is required to transcend separation. The intellect that has not experienced transcendence has no chance of understanding how enlightenment and ignorance can exist in the very same atom – just as it cannot understand how to transform a diseased cell into a completely healthy and vital one. The information that is required for the intellect to understand this process is the very same information that is gained through leaping and expanding into this very new territory. It is only later when the intellect is able to work with new faculties of perception that everything makes sense. It is at this point that intellect, spirit, body and emotion are unified. This is what it means to transcend separation.