Two Paths – Releasing Our True Power and Purpose

There are essentially two paths that we may choose from at any time – that of increasing awareness and truth, or that of delaying it. Awareness seeks connection, unity, understanding and truth. Denial and delaying seeks separation, removal and truth.

The path of awareness is the path that finds complete understanding through unity of all that is. Instead of seeking to separate from darkness, evil, hate, anger, negative thoughts and painful emotions, the path of unity seeks to feel through illusions that the mind has created around these. Where the path of denial would attempt to separate the True Self from darkness and negativity, the path of unity brings awareness to ignorance, enlightens the dark, and exposes love in all the places of pain, hate and suffering. The path of separation creates hierarchies of experience, where the mundane cannot be profound and the student cannot be the master. On the other hand the path of unity bridges the gap between the ordinary and the enlightened and the student and the master.

The path of denial and separation understands power because of that separation. It is the perception of relative difference, that would express one experience as higher than another. Yet this difference will cease to exist on the path of unity. There will still be forms, expressions and individuality, but the defining of them as higher or lower will be gone. This occurs because the mind that would experience one thing as better and another thing as worse has learnt to feel and see the truth. The truth is that better or worse, higher or lower is a perception of consciousness that once purified allows us to be free of the need to divide and separate. At this point we see the path of denial and separation for what it truly is. A perfect game that we have created in order to experience the evolution and growth that we were unable to experience when we knew were whole. It is the perfect marriage for growth and experience. To deliberately create a state of forgetfulness knowing full well that memory will pull us to striving, struggling, practicing, growing and working our way to remembering once again.

The meaning in all this growth however needs to be remembered. It needs to be remembered that however perfect the game, however predetermined, that because of the perfection of creating finite consciousness we have the opportunity to move outside the game, through a path that exists within infinity yet has its own control and mastery within this space. Instead of being played by our own game, we become aware of and begin to direct the rules of the game. Meaning becomes something that we are, not something that we search for and we learn to walk between worlds, free and awake.