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Descriptions of terms commonly used on this site.

Zero Point

Zero Point is a place where time stands still. In meditation this is the place where consciousness experiences emptiness of the void. It is also a place of great creative potential.


Resistance is the ability to direct our physical and/or mental being through the current landscape or flow of life. Guided resistance is like learning to swim with in the ocean. We must be sensitive enough to know when to give and when to take, ultimately but surely making our way toward our destination. Resistance is the engine that will take us to our goals.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are beings that have moved consciously to any dimensions above the 3rd physical dimension. They are generally referred to as beings that are working for their highest good, meaning self-empowerment, inner strength and love.


Clairessence is the ability of true scent. The ability allows the practitioner to draw knowledge from the spiritual realms through the psychic sense of scent. Communication can be developed to the point that information and knowledge is reciprocated back and forth through this sensory. In some dimensions the ability of clairessence is the main form of communication and thus travel or perception of these realms is dependent on this psychic sense being developed.


Flow is the ability to accept on all levels of being the experiences that we are having. This means the experiences of the physical world, the experiences of the emotional and mental worlds and the experiences of the subconscious and unconscious. When we are able to embrace and move with everything that we touch and experience then we are fully in flow. It needs to be remembered however that flow also entails going with the flow of our own desires and needs. Sometimes our own desires will conflict with another person’s desires. The realization of flow within this conflict signifies an expanded level of consciousness and the ability to go our own way while managing conflict, which is a very real part of this world.