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Real Manifestation – How to Create Your Reality

Manifestation is creation. It encompasses all that we create, from a single thought, to a breath, footstep or dollar. For each creation there is a transformation of energy, there is expenditure, destruction and creation of form. These days in metaphysical circles it is becoming popular to think of manifestation as existing without needing to expend any effort at all. There has become such a separation between body and mind, that people believe that if any physical effort or action is implemented at all, that this is not real manifestation. This way of thinking simply limits the potential and reality of manifestation.

Manifestation is not about creating things without lifting a finger. Manifestation is just about creation – period. Mental, physical, spiritual – it’s all the same to a consciousness that is intent on getting real and tangible results in life. The belief that says that all manifestation has to happen without any effort is simply limiting all the other ways that creation could happen.

It is our definitions and beliefs about work and effort that are getting in the way here. How can manifestation be working if I need to labor for 40 hours to get it done? The real question is: why is 40 hours for a manifestation wrong? Ah! Because I should be sitting on my couch waiting for enlightenment, a new car, fame and fortune to come knocking my door down!

The guiding principle of manifestation is to imprint the pattern of achievement into our consciousness. This pattern then communicates with our world with the language of achievement. If this language is saying: “I am master of my destiny, but only if I don’t need to do a thing,” then what is being broadcast loud and clear is that this goal really isn’t worth it. True intent is not about “I don’t want to lift to finger or get my hands dirty.” True intent is about “there’s my goal, let nothing not even heaven or hell stand in my way.” With an intention like that the language being communicated is entirely different. The world understands that we are serious about our goals, that sensations, emotions and feelings aren’t going to hold us back. More importantly, our own consciousness understands that we are serious. It is this kind of mindset that makes providence move mountains for us. It is also a mindset that cannot be faked. Denial is one thing – continual lack of results is hard to ignore.

We need to shift our minds from being attached to concepts and slogans, to looking at results. Legions of philosophy, spirituality and theory die in their very first steps when asked to provide results.

All manifestation, whether spiritual, financial, emotional, physical or otherwise has a logical process and practice that delivers it. If results are lacking, it is because the process is missing something. It may be something on the mental level, it may be something on the physical, it may be information and knowledge, it may be action and discipline. Real manifestation occurs when we recognize the process and structures that need to be linked and in place and then respond appropriately. The real reason that manifestation fails or is only partially realized is because limiting beliefs prevent us from seeing the opportunities and understanding that we can enter into them. This is all. Manifestation is simple. It becomes more complicated with each and every condition that we place on it. Being open to all the ways that creation may come, means that we need to destroy all the beliefs that would stand in creation’s way.


Being Natural – Creating Effortless Empowerment and Self Mastery

These days it has become popular to use the word “natural”. Its usage is especially enjoyed when it is used to refer to aspects of humankind or evolution not being natural and to use this inference in an attempt to direct a particular influence of “natural.” In the context of the universe there is nothing that is not natural. There is creation, there is destruction, there are layers of truth, illusions, shapes and forms. This very planet we live on was not always what it now is. There was a time that it was simply swirling gases, and a time before that when it was nothingness. Is this more natural than where we now live? Is it better simply because it is what was? A more accurate term for these swirling gases would be to use “original form.”

These same concepts and beliefs are projected through into how we see ourselves and how we direct our development. For instance in this very moment we may have natural tendencies which are not aligned with our conscious intention. These are habits, patterns and a magnetism that are moving in a particular way. The only reason that they are natural is because we have done them so many times that they are in effect self-perpetuating. This is in fact what we have defined “natural” to mean.

This planet, the trees, the air, the water – all have become self-perpetuating patterns of energy. They are able to hold their form, more or less. The same principles apply to consciousness. This is how energy works and yet we seem confused when certain achievements seem to require a lot of effort or hard work to attain. It is almost like all great goals and dreams should come easily. “It’s not natural,” we say when things get too hard and we fall back to old habits. “It’s too extreme,” we say and return to patterns that we consciously know do not serve us.

As a race we have done well to create language, but as a tool it can be used to hinder or support our intentions. We define words and concepts into negative and positive and then we act from the ridiculous notion of not wanting to be associated with negative words and only positive ones. What we really need to be doing is understanding what serves and supports us and what does not. Certainly being controlled by words does not. It is meaning that holds true power.

The ability to consciously, positively and willfully direct our reality is powerful. It is extreme and for many people it is not what comes naturally. The processes and abilities involved to reach this stage take work and practice. Often this work will be hard. It becomes harder when we feed ourselves beliefs that everything should be easy. Ironically, when we embrace what is hard the experience becomes inspiring. No person who has broken through their own self-limiting beliefs has ever not been astounded. Breaking through challenges is not natural. If it were natural then it would not be perceived as a challenge at all. Take walking for example: How many of us find it a challenge to walk into the next room? Is there even a thought that it may be an insurmountable obstacle? For many people the act of walking is so natural that it registers not even a thought. Yet for those that are in rehabilitation, walking may not come naturally anymore. They need to train it, over and over until their body and mind understands what is required. Eventually, it can become natural.

Living life at a “high” level is never entirely natural. There is always a stretch or expansion that is pushing at boundaries and limitations. Yet when we embrace and accept what does not feel natural then it becomes natural. The bottom line is that achievement in any area of life is about working the body and mind to remember the forms of consciousness that are required to excel. As each level becomes entrained into the body and mind they become natural. This then opens the way to use this base to reach for a higher level of achievement. Without a stable base, none of these changes or understandings are natural – they become as impermanent as the wind.

Power without perception is of no true use for us humans. This is what happens when we become attached to words. We need to look clearly at what it is that is important to us – what holds meaning and value to us. Then we need to understand what characteristics of consciousness are needed to achieve these. All that is needed then, is to practice these characteristics until they become natural. Natural is not about “easy”, it is not about “hard”, it is about perpetuating what is important. It is a full time job, but when it has value, then there is nothing better in this world.


The Power of Perception – The Key to Mastering Reality

Power without perception has no true value. In the first, without perception, we will not even know power to exist. In the second if our perception is not up to scratch we’ll not know what to do with it. Perception is vision and clarity. It is seeing the big picture but also remembering the small details. When we have perception the ways and methods of power become simple and clear. As a result this type of power has profound value.

Clarity brings the ability to understand the why and how of things. The why and the how are the nuts and bolts of reality. When we can see how and why they hold everything together, we can loosen a nut here and tighten a bolt there or make everything come crashing down and perhaps build a new structure.

Perception and clarity also clears out all the superfluous garbage from our minds and body. Instead of wasting time and energy juggling meaningless variables and theories, we just take in the whole in a glance and see exactly what needs to be done to affect everything. Obviously this attribute is valuable for everything from healing to meditation and manifestation.

There are two fundamental directions that perception can move toward: inward and outward. By maintaining awareness at the sense doors where the external and the internal meet it, we are able to understand the interaction between both. Working with the creative and destructive cycles, the point of transformation occurs within this point. Moving into this point allows for a deeper perception of creation and destruction. The loop or cycle of transformation become tighter as creation and destruction begin to occur swifter, each taking the place of the other in rapid succession. Look for the point where both exist simultaneously and observe for a still point. This still point of zero point provides a completely different space from the reality of creation and destruction. It stands apart and is unaffected by cause and effect and yet its presence and acknowledgement affects all around it. This is they entry point into the void, stillness and eternity. It is through this infinite well that healers and magicians attempt to transpose reality.


The Foundation of Magic ~ Part 1 ~ The Secret to Unlocking Magical and Metaphysical Abilities

Magic is at it’s essence the manipulation of cause and effect. Through the deep understanding of energy the magic user learns to alter the direction and flow of reality.

The novice may begin with learning spells and techniques, but these are merely a pathway to learning the fundamental principles that underlie all magic, manifestation and creation. So too an adept may use external alchemy such as powders, roots, and herbs to enact an enchantment, but it is important to understand that these catalysts simply represent an energy. The path to mastery eventually leads to complete understanding of the frequencies of this energy such that no reagents or techniques are needed. The master learns to manifest at will because they have developed an understanding of the knowledge, energy and intelligence behind the reagent, technique or spell.

The essence of magic has always been the manipulation of energy whether through the use of spells and reagents or direct energetic manifestation from the mind. It may be easier in the beginning to simply use the reagent recite the technique and leave it at that, but the magic users growth and understanding will inevitably stagnate. The longer road that ultimately leads to mastery comes from understanding and meditating on the energy behind the spell, entering and learning the wisdom within the reagents and listening to the principles as they communicate beneath the techniques. This is the foundation of magic.

There needs not be any division between metaphysical schools that encourage the use of spells, ingredients and reagents and those that promote pure and undiluted development of the mind. The only division is that of the mind that wishes to perceive itself as being right. True practice and development of the self is about opportunities.

All understanding whether pure meditation, magic, alchemy, psychology or modern science is about communication. It is about understanding the expression of energy and reciprocating an expression of energy. To divide and separate is simply to divide and separate ourselves from the opportunity to truly understand unity. There is no separation when we delve into the heart of the matter.

Meditation is understood through the mind and senses and so too is magic, science, music, conversation, sleeping and dreaming. All of these hold opportunities for learning, expression, communication and understanding. All of these hold opportunities for empowerment, wisdom and growth. When communication becomes open and universal, it is because we have allowed our consciousness to bridge the gaps in perception that would keep us separate. The choice to find and bridge those gaps will always be found in seeking out that which we would resist and separate ourselves from and exploring those energies and spaces. What is of interest is that the art of Magic directly works with bridging separation and moving through resistance. It evokes creativity and surrender, connection with the external and awareness of the internal. The very fact that elements of Magic will elude the contemporary mind is evidence of its ability to stretch and expand the mind. All of these aspects and principles are fundamental to any school of pure meditation or mental mastery. The real power of Magic lies however in the reality that it does not exist. For it is the perception of impossibility that creates the greatest resistance in the mind – and so it is this resistance that bridges the greatest separation.


Channeling ~ Part 2 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

The power of channeling or communicating with our truth is that it provides the opportunity to express that truth. Even when communicating with entities that would deceive us or seek to feed off our fears, we are able to produce a profound change within the dimension in which we connect with them. By observing what is occurring and directing our understanding of this interaction we change the direction. By allowing our truth and energetic understanding of the connection to enter the communication, the entity at the deepest level receives a frequency that is understood as peace. The power of real peace cannot be matched for its ability to transform. Essentially peace is the energy of absolutely nothing, and yet it is recognized simply because everything else in the universe is something. Consciousness of all types are so used to meeting other energy and being made to be more or less than what they are. In meeting peace consciousness and energy is not required to be anything else than what it is.

When an entity meets this energy, at a deep level of its being it recognizes pure acceptance and this allows it to also understand the nature of its own rejection and struggle. Seeing and experiencing this moment is truly powerful and profound. It shows us what is possible when we create peace within ourselves.

At the same time we must be aware that there may well be levels of ourselves that simply cannot connect or communicate with specific entities at this time. We need to recognize and respect these limits, and we must understand the potential that is possible by gradually stretching these limits but not necessarily breaking them. In this way we come to understand the reason and nature of who we are and why we chose to create ourselves in this form and consciousness.

Using the principles of centering, truth, understanding and peace radically changes the nature of communication and channeling. Firstly rather than simply believing what is being said we simply see exactly what is occurring. Second, we gain the opportunity to expand the boundaries of our peace. We test it in live waters so to speak. Third, we gain the opportunity to communicate understanding and empowerment through resistance and obstacles. Fourth, we move in the direction of seeing and communicating with the path of our true self and fifth we make our consciousness congruent with with our higher self.

Channeling and communication is what provides the opportunities for deep development of our internal strength and power. Unconditional peace, love and empowerment is realized within the consciousness only when it is challenged by forms that test it’s existence. When we guide our minds and body to experiencing its existence in the face of contradictions, challenges and resistance, we manifest realization. This is an important key to bringing ourselves to a complete understanding and experience of our true self.

Channeling ~ Part 1 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Channeling is the ability to communicate with spiritual and dimensional entities. This ability is anything from subtle communication to allowing other entities to fully enter our physical being. It is important to understand that communication on any level with dimensional or spiritual beings is to be taken with the same cautions that we would take communicating with someone on the physical plane. Many factors enter the equation when communicating with dimensional beings, the first factor being purpose – ours and theirs.

If we observe the spiritual dimensions objectively it is not difficult at all to perceive the truth behind any entity’s purpose. Many, many entities simply seek to have some fun with what they consider to be unsuspecting humans. Like many beings they like attention and so if we listen and follow their advice, they’ll continue to give it. Just remember though, just because they aren’t from the physical doesn’t mean they know anymore than you. The scope of entities available for channeling and communication is massive, but their relevance to our own life purpose is not. Many of the beings that have worked hard to purify themselves are also available but do not hang around or throw themselves at people who are not on the path themselves. In order to communicate clearly, we must be clear within ourselves. Without this clarity, the expression that we are capable of receiving is limited. In other words until our consciousness begins moving in a direction that is congruent with inner strength and truth, we are unable to perceive let alone communicate with those that are much further along the path.

The ability to create energy is always important. Without energy we cannot survive, let alone create. Between the initial and middle stages of development many forms of consciousness and entities will come to us, not necessarily to harm us, but simply because we are beacons of energy. As we begin to master our emotions it becomes more difficult to upset our center and so the entities that would normally take advantage of our fears and insecurities begin to move away and avoid us. The same thing occurs with people of this type in the physical plane. They simply sense at an energetic level that they cannot get what they want from us. At the same time they will sense that we can see quite deeply into their soul, but because we have met these aspects in ourselves with understanding we are able to meet these people with peace. The same goes for inter-dimensional entities, but the fact seems to remain, that unless they seek peace and understanding themselves, they will move on. In any case at this stage psychic vampirism and the like is no longer an issue.

It is of course important to move in a direction of fully meeting each aspect of ourselves with the energy of understanding. This is the best and only true protection that we can ever have. It is the kind of shield that protects by fearing nothing inside ourselves, not even fear and so in this state we are able to meet anything outside ourselves – even fear. Each master who has achieved full realization has come to this meeting and succeeded in facing this.

Until then, we must meet each communication and interaction with the highest level of perception and truth that we can connect to. We must connect to this truth and seek through the windows available to us even purer and clearer truths. This is the way to seeing to the heart of all communication, physical, spiritual or mental. There is no being that can truly deceive when we look at it through the eyes of truth. This is simply because when we are in our truth, we are in the essence of understanding and the essence of internal peace. This inner peace, means that we do not seek through craving, aversion or desperation any emotional promises or bargains. And so we can see with clarity what is actually occurring. This frequency of inner peace does not need to be fully realized in order to work. Even the merest intention or illusion of inner peace creates a direction for consciousness to understand. This is the true essence of real power, that even a reflection can banish what is false.

Use Your Illusions ~ Part 2 ~ The Secret of Enlightenment and Meditation

Recognizing that our journey occurs in cycles and understanding the limits and potential of these cycles will allow us to know when to choose illusion and when to choose truth. The journey to truth can bring us through many dimensions, many of these dimensions will bring with them a sense of confusion and overwhelm, simply for the fact that they reflect massive amounts of knowledge, energy and expansion.

Wisdom comes from understanding how to best meet each experience for our highest potential and good. Internally we must recognize how we are responding to the journey and the choices we make. There will be times when revealing truth will be pure joy, at other times it will be draining and perhaps confusing. Recognizing how all the aspects of our mind and body are reacting to the experiences is extremely important for ensuring our success.

It is necessary to understand that while the higher aspects of consciousness may not need as much energy to function, shift and move through dimensions, the denser and physical levels require a lot of energy to transform. Often releases of energy and emotion will accompany these transformations and will require that we rest, revive and give these aspects time to adapt. Full integration at all levels will always require that we respect and honor the limits of all aspects of the self. In particular those aspects that work and transform the slowest.

The adaptation process is nurtured and supported when we understand how to use our higher consciousness to lead and guide the lower and denser levels. Whether we are guiding toward pure truth or working with the specific aim of supporting our physical body and mind, the understanding and use of illusion is important. The more practiced we are with illusion the greater the effect on our body and mind and therefore the greater the effect on our overall journey and destination. Just as important is our sensitivity to understanding what type of illusion is needed.

Through observing and scanning our consciousness we must recognize whether to continue through a specific path or create and practice an illusion of inner strength and clarity in order to find this place first. The order of exploration will make a big difference in how and if the knowledge can be integrated. If we reach a place that is wealthy with knowledge but too intense for our consciousness, then we will most likely miss the opportunity for knowledge and certainly for integration. If on the other hand we recognize that our consciousness is likely not ready to enter this place, then we can work on building inner strength, clarity and openness. Then when we recognize that we are ready we can enter and make full use of the knowledge within.

Illusion will work on all sides of consciousness, it can be used to see what is needed, it can be used to create what is needed, but at all times it is but a guide to reaching and manifesting the real thing. The mind and body will use it like a template with which to match up and find the places, dimensions and feelings it is looking for, and when consciousness meets these places the reality is drawn and merged into us. For this reason it is important that the illusory template that we use is perfectly accurate. The more accurate the illusionary map, the more accurate the reality will be.


Use Your Illusions ~ Part 1 ~ The Secret of Enlightenment and Meditation

At the true level of self there is no struggle, no craving or aversion, simply a state of being. Consciousness is at peace with all that is, be it pain or pleasure. At this level the mind has realized how to create the ultimate solution to all experience. To meet it exactly as it is, with peace. Within this consciousness the self understands that what it truly seeks is peace, reunion and truth. This understanding has been realized and experienced at the deepest, broadest and subtlest levels of mind, body and spirit. External circumstance and experience has long been let go of as a direct medium for peace. Instead the self has realized that true peace is experienced through bypassing the instability of the external and connecting directly and purely through the internal core and structures of the mind, body and spirit. This is not an ideal that exists simply for philosophical or spiritual ideals, it is a practice that has has been created because it achieves results.

The search for real reunion, peace, true happiness and love allows exploration, but as consciousness expands it becomes more and more fully aware of the flaws of relying on external experience for internal satisfaction. The journey begins with refining external experience, finding ways to limit those that bring dissatisfaction and perpetuate those that deliver satisfaction. Through lifetimes of experience, levels of satisfaction are lived through, refined, observed and judged. We begin to see flaws, impermanence and fallibility. What once brought a level of happiness may now reflect a deeper level of emptiness. The search brings us new clues, and we look and listen to see if these clues will lead to reconciling our inner spaces. More and more the journey leads within. In time we realize without a doubt that all the answers must come from within, because after all, this is where the questions were born.

When full shifts of consciousness occur, experience both past and present become integrated and so make sense. Incongruent realities and inner dimensions are blended and through this union show us through experience how contradiction can live in perfect harmony. Because the experience occurs at the lowest level of being, that of the physical, all higher levels of consciousness are automatically integrated. The same does not occur however when higher levels of consciousness shift first. In these cases it is important to be aware that the physical levels of body and mind need time and practice in order to bring them up to the higher levels of thought and knowledge. This process is facilitated by using illusions.

The lower, denser and physical levels of body and mind will use illusions like a road map to guide them to the higher levels of experience. In this way the process is very similar to using a road map in that the map itself does not directly bring you to the destination, but it shows you a representation of the path.

The internal world of consciousness reaches its destination by becoming the destination. That is, if our destination is to create peace, we get there by becoming peace. The illusion begins its work by observing the landscape within. Then it shapes consciousness to create the illusion of inner peace. These illusions meet our inner experience and communicate through this meeting our intention. Since both illusion and inner experience are in essence aspects of ourselves, both these parts get to understand the destination that we desire. Through learning and mimicking this destination, they become it. When they become it, then we are there.


The Source of all Knowledge ~ Part 2 ~ Awakening Universal Consciousness

Channeling knowledge and integrating it is important but for knowledge to be relevant it also needs to be meaningful. The receptive way of using knowledge is to trust that what is being communicated to us is for our highest good and to learn how to listen and work with it. The active way is to weave our intention into the conduit of universal connection with the Source and seek specific knowledge.

Intuitive, responsive communication is always a flow of receptive and active. We recognize what is being said and we respond with sensitivity to the outcome. A good listener has the opportunity to understand well, good understanding provides the opportunity to respond well, a good response provides the opportunity for relevant knowledge. This cycle moves in the direction of creating integrated meaning and purpose. The consciousness that leads it all is that of intention. The intention to seek deep understanding. It will always come back to this.

Observation and listening is an art, and so too is learning to respond clearly and coherently. If the consciousness is muddled with subconscious talk, mixed messages and so on, then our expression will reflect this. Our reality and the way that we interact with it will show the results of our expression. Learning to speak clearly to the Source takes practice. It is a balance of being aware of the ever changing dynamics of energy, the interpretation of the communication and the way that we are infusing our own meaning. In this, it is much the same as any good conversation we would have with another human being.
Just as in communication with another human being it is also important that we observe the nature of communication. If we were to go to another country where the people did not speak English, then perhaps we would have to learn their language, but perhaps in the meantime we would need to find some happy medium. Under these circumstances we would speak what little we could and use whatever other ways, we could to communicate. Importantly we would observe others very carefully for clues as to what it is that they were communicating and all along we would be gaining experience in how to speak their language. The same principles apply is communicating to the Source.

In order to hear and listen with clarity we must create a space for communication. Into this space the frequencies of communication can inter-relate freely. The way in which we realize this space will determine whether our communication is clear or confused, spoken or visual, diluted by emotional beliefs or neutral and objective. The nature of the space will also influence the way in which the Source will be shaped. Exploring the space and the manner in which it influences communication is important, because it is only in understanding and actually experiencing the many differences that we can know with certainty what will best serve our own true path. Integrating emotion, belief, thought or feeling into a space will provide opportunities for understanding these aspects, but the direction that this communication takes will be strongly influenced by our own attachment to these parts. It is this attachment that shapes the nature of the Source, at least in how we will perceive and communicate with it. For this very reason it is important to always come back to neutrality, the place that observes and experiences the Source as it is, unfiltered by our own mind, beliefs and emotions. Through always seeking, through intent for the truest aspects of the Source, we will be led back to the truest aspects of ourselves. This journey will integrate and reconcile all the aspects and bring universal understanding and knowledge.


The Power of Acceleration ~ Pt 2 ~ Expansion and Evolution of the Mind

Accelerated mind states bring profound and dramatic increases in awareness, while at least for the time being, neglect the processes of integration and resolution. Guiding the shape of acceleration to that of a spiral guides the knowledge back through all the spaces and levels that have been missed. Trusting that we can always find ourselves again we leap out into the space of our consciousness. The lines and paths that we take within the spiritual and mental realms are vastly different to those within the physical. In the physical the shortest path between two points is a straight line. In the spiritual and mental dimension points can be opened and connected to within other points, to an infinite degree. For this reason excessive acceleration can lead to problems with integration or “re-entry.” This is one problem that can occur to people who rely on drugs for acceleration and is reason that shamanic traditions that use drugs prepare their bodies through ritual.

Training the mind and body to understand how to consciously accelerate involves the same principles that all meditation and Esoteric Alchemy use. It is all about movement. While integration is about receiving and harmonizing, acceleration is about finding gaps and spaces and moving through these. At the same time we send our consciousness out with the intention of connecting to the source of the knowledge that we seek. This acts as a beacon or thread of intention. By communicating, feeling and seeing this beacon we understand and intuit which paths and spaces will open up further paths and spaces and which will not. Working with intention to direct our journey towards purpose and meaning ensures that our creation of consciousness is congruent with our truth.

It is also important to recognize the way that our higher consciousness communicates with us. For some there will be a leaning toward the visual, others auditory, kinesthetic or one of the other senses. While it is always beneficial to develop a well-rounded set of psychic senses, for the purposes of communication it is better to acknowledge the language that is being spoken.

Acceleration will always bring a sensory increase in one or more areas. If working with the chakras for instance one may see layers of colored energy rippling and peeling open. Or if one is more auditory one may hear tones moving and shifting through frequencies. Thoughts and seemingly random imagery may flash before the eyes and mind. All of these are indications of acceleration, similar to how sights and sounds flash by when we are in a speeding car. In the beginning it is fine to investigate some of these phenomena, but eventually it will be shown that only by staying true to the purpose of our journey will we find the meaning and answers that we seek. There is a literal infinity of sceneries that the consciousness will show us and if we allow it, this slide show can and will continue indefinitely!

The process of gathering knowledge from an accelerated consciousness is usually one of cycles. Each cycles allows us to push a little bit further and understand where we go a little bit more. As is often the case, just as acceleration is an experience that often elicits excitement, it is the return trip, the integration the elicits the understanding and thus the rewards.