Emotional Mastery Pt 2

What is important is to move the consciousness in the direction of emotional mastery. This movement will be refined and strengthened through the nature of it’s intention, and in time the movement and the path will become one.

It is important to understand that mastery is ultimately about control, and control is about sensitivity and the ability to respond to this sensitivity. Imagine trying to hold water in your hands. If you grasp your hands tightly into fists then the water will be lost, but if you cup the water gently in your hands then you may retain it all. Control is like this. We need to develop our sensitivity in order to feel and see the nature of our emotions. Understanding this nature allows us to direct the shape of our minds. When we can consciously assume the shape of an emotion then we can enter this gate. Through this gate we may find yet another subtler manifestation of this emotion and we are given the opportunity to refine our consciousness further. Eventually we come to the beginning and move through.

Taking the shape, being open, detached and formless are all essentially the same thing. By being formless we take the form of whatever energies we meet and being detached we do not add anything to the equation. Being open we accept into ourselves that which we experience and taking the shape we become one with it.

The reality of being detached means that we will feel the whole spectrum of emotions. Right, wrong, ugly and the rest – none are too good or too bad. In observing objectively the emotion and observing the thoughts and beliefs that come along with that emotion we are learning the nature of the key. Developing the ability to remain sensitive and formless we move with the shape of the emotion and we become that key.

While many of us will experience difficulty in feeling and connecting with emotions that they may perceive as bad or even evil, such as hate, jealousy, anger or grief, others will also notice that it is the pleasurable emotions that they do not truly want to let go of. Simply let go and know that the experiences of pleasure and pain are always there. We do not need to become afraid of losing them and in fact this fear keeps us from experiencing the moment of reality that is here and now. Within this moment of reality there lies the opportunity for realizing our true self, but we must continue to move through with consciousness what we are experiencing inside.