How to Develop the Psychic Senses Part 2

Psychic sense allows us to communicate with reality and understand how we are perceiving the universe and also how the universe is perceiving us. We can look once at a person and know their level of honesty, their level of denial, hope, dreams and despair. This sensory may develop as a feeling or as an ability to see these feelings in the physical structure of the body. As your skills develop you will be able to see the level of communication a person has with their own intuition, higher selves and the spiritual dimensions. You will be able to perceive where and how they allocated their conscious and subconscious energy, you will be able to see where and how they carry their parent’s and grandparent’s emotions and experiences.

Those of us interested in learning, growth and personal development will be able to perceive how a person is meditating simply by looking at their face. We will be able to see and hear the rate and frequency that a person’s brainwaves are moving and through this understand how to shift and move the mind state into different frequencies and shapes. Teaching meditation and esoteric alchemy at this level requires no guess work – methods are not simply the same system rehashed again and again but instead are developed explicitly and will suit and fit each person like a glove. Connecting to higher consciousness will work at a level that is tangible simply because we can see and hear the frequencies that are holding us back from perceiving – and we can see the exact frequency needed to “dissolve” and transcend this “barrier”. This is an important point for us at this time as the spiritual arena has been fed much disinformation and exploited by many for reasons of manipulation and ego. Learning to directly and tangibly connect to the higher self and intuition will banish any and all control that these systems have had. It is extremely difficult to buy into garbage when you can clearly smell and see with exquisite detail the pungent aroma! This may sound harsh, but the truth is that through the freedom we gain from seeing things for what they actually are, we develop the ability to not be affected by them. Further more because we are developing our own inner resources we gain the stability and strength and we move away from the fear and insecurity which usually asks us to seek external sources of power. As our own inner power is realized we understand that suffering comes through our own reaction to the world and we realize the choice that we have always in truth had – to be free. This freedom is not a mere concept, it is the reality of seeing and feeling what is and understanding the opportunity to choose. When we truly and deeply understand then regardless of our external or internal world we choose empowerment and love every time. This choice is available to us only because we choose to be powerful in spite of feeling fear, in spite of feeling inadequate, in spite of feeling insecure, ugly or doubtful.

In developing true sight we are able to see strength in a person regardless of whether they are currently shaking in their boots. We are able to see desperation in a person even if they are trying to appear happy and self-assured. This sight is not developed because we seek to see a person’s faults – we simply see, listen and feel. We observe and pay attention to our senses. We use the exact same methods on ourselves. We practice sensitivity to energy and meditations. We notice. We look beneath the surface. We listen to irregularities. When we are ready then the teachers will appear. Readiness simply means to see that knowledge and truth is being relayed to us constantly. In this instant we perceive teachings within everything. This is the beginning of psychic sense development.