Recognition and Advanced Manifestation ~ Part 3

Mastery of the skills of manifestation comes through intensive practice and work. We must develop the ability to continuously confront and respond to what is required. This practice must be cultivated until courage, sensitivity and awareness becomes natural.

All masters who have developed the ability to manifest instantly have progressed through the ranks of first expending massive amounts of energy, focus and will in training. The furnace of training involved in this type of practice is what tempers and conditions the consciousness and enables it to move and create. There is no avoiding this if we are to gain these skills. The very fears, doubts, lack of patience and confusion that would prompt us to find an easy route to manifestation are the exact same aspects that will strengthen and develop our consciousness. We need these aspects to develop strength and sensitivity, a type strength and sensitivity that enables us to control our consciousness. This is what manifestation is and requires.

There are types of manifestation that are like puffs of wind and to those of us that can perceive this energy we can see that it is instantly dispersed. There is quite literally not enough energy or effort to hold it in our reality. The type of energy that we need to develop is of the mindset that is resolute and fixed in its determination to achieve its goals. If we have the mindset that we wish to manifest but only if we need not do any real hard work, then this is the exact intention that is expressed and projected. If we have the mindset that we will do whatever is required, that we will find a way and that even if we meet a wall we will climb over or find a way around it – then this is the type of energy and intention that we will manifest. At the mental level this type of consciousness looks for opening and opportunities everywhere. At the physical level the body is prepared and sensitive to respond.

Mastery of manifestation has never been about producing reality effortlessly. This has simply been a byproduct. The aim of manifestation is just that – to manifest exactly what we want, using whatever tools and knowledge we have and can get our hands on. This mindset creates that of an inspired, disciplined and dedicated explorer, on the lookout for new and better ways to do what we do.

It is this mindset that creates effortless power.

By finding ways in which first and foremost we achieve our goals we find better ways to succeed. If we simply seek to find easy ways and forgo making achievement our priority then we will find that what we create are ways of ease but not a lot in the direction of success. Finding ways that lead to our goals provides an opportunity to know and understand the destination. Then we can find paths of lesser resistance and effortless power. The ironic beauty is, that in achieving effortless power we have already transcended the need for it.