Recognition and Advanced Manifestation ~ Part1

Manifestation is the ability to direct our consciousness and intention in a such a way that it affects reality. From the smallest of thoughts and sensations to the largest of experiences and connections, manifestation is the ability to understand the communication of energies at play. It needs to be understood that recognizing these communications of energy and the relationships of cause and effect means more than simply observing. The reason that manifestation has a limited effect for many people is that they do not recognize the communication that is taking place. In the instant that we direct our consciousness and intention there is an effect, this effect begins within our mind and body and creates a response. Listening to this response allows us to understand the cause and effect, that if we use our consciousness in this way then this will happen. Observation alone however allows the opportunity to pass in exactly the same way that it allows us to let go of emotional and energetic blocks. Manifestation is different. With manifestation we are intending to create.

Manifestation requires that we observe the interaction of cause and effect then recognize whether the resulting energies are conducive to our goals or not. If the result is one that is not congruent with our goals then we listen and observe why that is. By communicating within this energetic relationship we come to understand exactly what is needed to effect exact goals and directions we have. Keep in mind that in the beginning manifestation may simply reveal a direction, however the importance of this direction should not be underestimated. Profound changes in life occur because of direction alone, and similarly a lack of direction can lead to a real lack of fulfillment.

Manifestation may require that action is taken at the mental or physical level or both. Recognizing the communication that is occurring when we direct consciousness, understanding what is required then responding to this requirement is what makes manifestation work.

Perhaps the most common obstacle in manifestation is understanding what is required and responding to this requirement. In both instances the ability to recognize allows us to understand and integrate. Recognition is more than observation. It is observation with a purpose to effect a specific direction of consciousness. It may be an understanding that all is going as intended, or it may be an awareness that certain elements need to be altered. In any case once we have recognized we must respond. It is this reciprocation of energy and consciousness that allows that manifestation to take place.