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Clairgustience is the ability to “taste” the subtle and psychic essences of the environment, energies and world around us. It is one of the more under-rated and under-utilized of the psychic skills and for this reason development can bring the most dramatic results. Rather than simply being a tool for eating the taste sensory can become a faculty for interpreting knowledge and understanding reality. The most valuable opportunity lies in this: The taste sensory channels knowledge in a different manner than the visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Each has it’s unique and specific strengths that allow us to experience and understand reality in certain ways. When we understand each sense we in fact understand an aspect of our mind. At a particular point we shift into understanding all these senses as one expanded mind. The development of what seems like individual senses becomes the development of one infinite mind composed of many shapes, forms, colors and manners of communication. The psychic sense itself acts like a doorway to the mind.

The power of Clairgustience is that many people do not penetrate beyond the usual “chomp chomp, gulp gulp” of eating. The sensory becomes desensitized or rather our mind becomes desensitized. We perceive taste as having a relationship to food rather than understanding that food is but one type of energy and that the sensory of taste is available as a conduit to understanding knowledge and information. Since our main gate to taste is food the easiest way to understand Clairgustience is to work with food.

By eating with mindful observation on the taste of what we are eating we activate that part of our mind that is connected to taste. This provides a foundation for moving our mind into a deeper or broader level of taste. First we must observe how the tastes we are observing interact with our mind. How are we reacting and feeling? Then we need to feel for the space within the taste. It is the space that remains constant no matter what we are eating. It exists in the same manner that a certain space or gap exists for seeing, hearing and feeling. Move into this space and “listen” for the manner of communication. The first step in any good communication is to listen. By listening we gain the opportunity to understand what is being said. When we understand then the appropriate response or reciprocation is easy.

Clairgustience has the power to dramatically increase the effects of all the other psychic sense as well as the dream state. Observe that eating is in fact an experience that presents the opportunity for great pleasure, and yet we miss it simply because we are not present and conscious. The communication that is occurring when we are eating may appear to be primitive and not worthy of note, yet these so-called primitive senses are what make life good or bad. It is through the interpretation of our perceptions that we judge everything. By tuning in and honing our method of communication we can really learn to taste, understand and eat for that matter! At the most basic level of mindfulness really tasting our food allows us to observe what our body is reacting well to and what it isn’t. We get the opportunity to change our eating habits if we wish or we can use the experience to practice energetically transforming the frequency of our food. At later levels we can begin to communicate with the energy of our food in different ways. We can gather knowledge and information, we can ask for guidance. These methods have been used for centuries by Shamans and Druids.

Observe what you feel, taste and interpret when you drink a glass of water, a chocolate bar, a piece of meat or a piece of fruit. Observe what you feel as you eat something processed as opposed to something natural. “Listen” to the information being expressed. Observe, then explore communicating through feeling, energy and intention and see what you can create, transform and move. Buddhists and spiritualists have long understood that meat can carry the energy of fear simply because the animal may likely have died in fear. Perhaps this is where the practice of thanking and blessing food before eating it came from. By charging and transforming the food we release the fear instead of integrating into our own bodies. Likewise we can change the vibration of processed foods by moving our intention and consciousness into them and programming the frequencies to resonate to that of fresh, natural foods.

Gaining deeper knowledge through Clairgustience requires that we understand how to listen. We do this by observing the tastes of food. Then we practice changing vibrations – this is the expressive aspect of communication. Together we have a basic form of give and take. From here we learn how to form our expression into a question, but the energy of the question itself holds an intention or shape that acknowledges that understanding is already available – that it is here. Then we listen to the answer. The form that Clairgustience comes in is as different in the same sense that vision, sound and feeling are different. Learning to differentiate allows us to stretch our mind which will eventually bring us back to a more expansive and ultimately infinite whole. With practice the clarity in communication and understanding that we can perceive through Clairgustience can be as precise as any other aspects such as intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience or Clairsentience.