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Clairsentience means true knowing. It is the ability to shift into a consciousness that knows the exact knowledge that is desired. The shift of consciousness that occurs is a connection with what is known as the Akashic Records. These records are an energetic dimension that contain the knowledge of all that has been, all that could have been, all that is, all that could be and all that will be. The Akashic Records act as a portal between realities and from this portal we can directly draw upon knowledge and guidance. This is the reason why Clairsentience allows us to simply know. By connecting to the reality where what we seek has already happened we gain the opportunity of understanding how our desire or intention is successfully able to be manifested. Clairsentience is congruent with knowing because in relation to the place where we are receiving this knowledge it has already happened. This knowledge however does not mean that we can be certain it will happen here in this reality – we simply have the tools to make it happen. It is similar to an electrician possessing the knowledge of how to create a safe and effective circuit. They have the knowledge but they still must implement the action. This is the main mistake that many beginners make when developing clairsentience or manifestation abilities. They assume that knowledge equals action which is not always true. For sure if our only intention is to have knowledge then yes we have achieved our ends, but if we seek to create changes in our physical reality then we must take action. When we connect honestly with clairsentience then we will know this, it will be strikingly clear. This brings me to another important point about clairsentience. In my experience it is one of the most commonly felt of the psychic senses, but often people do not feel the openings because they simply assume that they have guessed or deduced the knowledge in some other way. In order to extend this ability to the level where it is impossible to gain the knowledge in any other way we need to explore it’s attributes and opportunities.

The main way that we develop clairsentience is through feeling, recognizing the frequency of knowing, integrating it with the process of “listening” and interpreting the knowledge into solutions. Knowing is a perception that will deepen and strengthen with time, but we must be careful not to allow it to turn into arrogance. Knowing is knowing. Arrogance is pretending that we know. Clairsentience works in a way that provides us with knowledge but it allows for the fact that reality can be directed and changed and so the relevancy of the knowledge can change too. Arrogance is rigid, knowledge is flexible. Knowing is represented by certainty tempered with sensitivity to changing what is required at any given moment – after all reality arrives in a fluid state not as static chunks of “rock!”

Clairsentience requires a fine balance between being and doing. The practice of automatic writing is an example of Clairsentience. Rather than thinking about what we need to do, solutions or answers we simply write, speak and be. We focus more on the state of being, finding and feeling, “listening” for the frequency that is congruent with knowing – then we simply let it come out. We get out of our own way and let it happen. The deeper we move into this consciousness the more we develop a trust with our body and mind to just let it happen. Automatic writing is an effective way of developing Clairsentience because the progression of knowledge will be seen on the page after we have finished. The main thing that this process aids is our confidence and belief that we are actually achieving something. Remember how I said that clairaudience is one of the most commonly experienced psychic skills? The reason that most people don’t go any further in developing it is because they don’t have confidence – they don’t believe. By showing yourself solid and tangible results you will begin to believe, as your belief grows you’ll use it more, as you use it more your skill will develop. It’s an all round beneficial cycle of growth. Eventually you will get to the stage where you don’t need to use automatic writing, you’ll just know. After all what we are really developing is a mind state, a dimension of consciousness.

All the psychic senses work around the same core, that of truth – and truth is essentially about knowing. We can use these psychic skills to play with the world, but ultimately like any toys and material possessions there is a sense of dissatisfaction. Turning these skills within and using them to master and empower our inner selves brings real wealth, joy and happiness.