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Illusions – Part 2 – Breaking Free of the Matrix – The Secrets of Meditation and Enlightenment

Moving through illusions is more than an esoteric past-time useful only for discussing over afternoon tea. The ability to move through illusions is the experience of feeling and perceiving more love, empowerment, joy, capability, spiritual dimensions and magic. As discussed in Part 1 the biggest obstacle for many people is the delusion that we have moved beyond self-delusion. It is interesting to note that many masters describe with awe and humility that at each level or plateau where they have believed that they could not possibly experience anything more wondrous they would eventually go on to experience a reality that was even more awe-inspiring. Until finally they reached the place of absolute peace. With this in mind if we are to develop ourselves to our potential we need to be explorers – explorers that test truth, reality, question ourselves and seek out cracks in our perception. As explorers we need to develop minds that can be objective as well as subjective, in this way we can grow as well as experience and enjoy.

The psychic senses are very effective tools for enhancing the abilities of observation and focus. Psychic senses expand and deepen what we observe and allow us to become aware of new dimensions. While our usual 5 senses observe in their own ways, the psychic senses have their own way of perceiving that ultimately reveal a new reality. When we turn these senses inwards we reveal the manner that this reality unfolds and interacts with our consciousness. This presents us with the opportunity to understand and make peace with a whole new level of being.

Turning the psychic senses inward instead of outward requires a change in attitude. From practicing the basics you will have become familiar with the experience of finding the “space” in between perception and the reality of the senses.

This is how you integrate it into internal work:

Work with just one of the psychic senses to begin with, visual, auditory or kinesthetic. If it comes easily to you integrate all 3 senses into practice.

Allow your senses to encompass all that you are. Extend your mind to seeing, hearing or feeling your whole being.

The way that you hold your being and consciousness may be firm, flowing, shimmering, subtle, solid or any combination of things. How it manifests to you is not important. Simply observe and hold your mind in the shape and form of how your being presents itself to you.


Find the “space” between the observer and the shape of your consciousness and being. Allow yourself to move into this space.

Simply be in this essence and allow it to permeate your consciousness. Allow it to communicate to you. Listen, see and feel what is being communicated. There is no need to intellectualize or try to make sense – simply listen like listening to wind or ocean. Feel for the rhythm, look for the frequency, listen for the touch.

The “space” that opens up here is the doorway to further development in the psychic arts, however what we are looking for here is not what lies beyond. We are training our mind to understanding the feeling of the psychic touch. Now we simply need to bring this essence into looking, listening and feeling within ourselves. Interestingly this part of the ancient art of Esoteric Alchemy, it is the mixing and inter-relation of energies.

Observing your emotions and thoughts. Observe what you see and hear, feel and taste and smell and integrate the essence of the psychic “space” into your perceptions of these things. You will begin to sense more to what you usually perceive, you will notice a certain kind of stretch or expansion in your consciousness in a direction that can only be described as “different.” Notice what comes through this space. Observe with the intention of understanding yourself and you will begin to gain an intrinsic understanding of exactly what illusions you have and what directions to take to move through them.

The path of understanding is an art. It is fluid and changing because we, reality and life is fluid and changing. The information I have written here will never compare to the experience. Use it as a guide and you will inevitably experience how and what works for you.