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The True Inner Critic – Empowering Enlightenment through the Master Consciousness and Mind

Evolution only has meaning when we decide to imbue our choices and purpose with meaning. The integration point is the point where survival on this planet connects with our inner truth. Survival is necessary. Where we take it from here is up to us. We have decided that survival extends to having the right type of lifestyle, the right job, the right car, the right partner, the right house, the right watch, the right holiday and so on. During this time we decide that we’ll put off the inner truth part. After all there’s always time for that later isn’t there?

We shift our mind into critical mode, but it is different from the critical consciousness of our true essence. Instead of refining and seeking the elements that are most congruent with our true self, we create a critical mind that seeks ways to find gratification through the eyes of society, the image and the esteem that we find in the eyes of friends and family. We learn to play a game of painting the right picture and saying the right lines. All along the true critical mind goes to sleep.

We need to put the true critical mind to sleep during this time, because if it woke up it would be asking us with very little subtlety why we decided to become so daft. Accepting adoration through having a certain car or sports jacket? Tilting our noses up when we walk past people that we secretly want approval from? What is this game that we are playing, the true critical mind would ask – and why haven’t we finished with it yet?

It would point out with no concern for our attempt at ignorance that trying to win approval and self-worth from others was only an affirmation of our own need for approval, and so in fact was an affirmation of self-worth issues. It would then go on to inquire as to why we were kicking this dead horse.

The true inner critic isn’t about beating us up gratuitously. It is actually about taking apart everything that doesn’t work and fixing it so that it does. In short its about results.

Not getting the approval we need from our new shoes? Well how about bypassing the fashion sector and plugging in direct to the heart center? Want respect from our peers and colleagues? May or may not happen – but how about giving it to ourselves instead?

Results. The true inner critic cares little for the way of image and illusions. The true inner critic is about truth. What will truly bring happiness, worth, empowerment and meaning. With this goal firmly fixed it moves through flaws and fixtures without mercy and tears them apart. If we scramble to put our image back together then this just indicates to our true inner critic that we’re not so comfortable being naked and it has no problem prodding us and asking us why? Further more it wants to know how we can expect to become strong or at the very least attain a certain level of happiness if we just bundle our fears and insecurities up under the rug.

After a certain amount of time – weeks, years, decades we find new ways to get around our inner critic, we find ways of re-talking and affirming new directions. Counters and counter-counters – but the heart of the issue remains as true as it ever was.

The truth is patient. Denial on the other hand is forever desperate, for it knows that all it takes is one wrong turn, a slip up – and all fakery is revealed. Through this gap comes the true inner critic. Here comes the psychological beating that we have been running from for so long! But instead we turn and face it – and listen. We listen openly and we listen and feel for the part of the inner critic that is truth. We see to the part that looks beyond punishment to the source, to the very core and reason of its existence. The true inner critic has a purpose. This purpose is to see through the illusions of all that is not congruent with inner peace, real self-worth, happiness and empowerment. In truth it does not need to destroy anything. It simply prompts us to see – and in seeing we realize the flaws and limitations of illusion. That is all that is needed. That picture speaks a millions words. It tells the story of hope and exploration. It reminds us why we set out on this adventure of discovery in the first place. It wasn’t for half-baked dreams and easy compromises. It was to find real happiness, real peace and real power.


Creativity ~ Part 1 ~ Unlocking the God Force Within

Evolution is about the consciousness and for consciousness to grow, it must find new paths, opportunities and perspectives. This is what creativity is. It is the new paths, the new opportunities and the new perspectives. It is refining an idea of what is “better” or more suited to our destination, and then putting that idea into action.

The art of guiding our evolution must be alive with wisdom and intelligence. This means moving toward a deeper and deeper understanding of why we are practicing the way we are. We must reflect on what we are achieving and measure it up to our destination.

Consciousness that is alive is consciousness that is creative. This expression of consciousness can only exist by constantly challenging our own dogma. This does not necessarily mean throwing away that which we find of value. It simply means to not hold what we believe to be the right way or method so strongly that we refuse to look for different and perhaps better opportunities. When we believe that what we know is “good enough,” then we limit our ability and the action we will take to find something closer and more congruent to our destination. Creativity is transformation, and transformation is both the destruction of a form and the creation of a form. Creativity then in its most pure form must be willing to completely destroy or let go of old ideas, methods and systems – because in that moment the potential for complete creativity and transformation is possible.

Pure creativity exists without fear. Pure creativity does not fear loss of skill, ability or experience, because pure creativity is potential and the ability to manifest that potential.

Grasping to a system, a form, a method or practice, because we believe it too be the best will simply result in us never discovering that there may be something more suited for us out there. Interestingly that “thing” may not be a form or system at all. It may well just be pure creativity, spontaneity and trust. Trust that in connecting to the creative consciousness we will not be without “experiences” and without “results.” Trust that in letting go of rigidity, the fear that we must grasp a system or form, that we will not “ascend” or be on the “right path.”

The creative consciousness has no “right” path. All paths belong to the creative consciousness, because all paths have potential. Grasping at what we may lose, we may never experience all that we may gain. There is always a reason or two why we must and need to stay fixed in our rigidity. But rigidity in truth is not about empowerment – it is about fear. Fear that we will lose our way, fear that we will regress or fall into the darkness. It is that very fear that holds us back. Creativity is the action that releases us from the fear of fear.


Healing Past Life Guilt – Releasing Karmic Debt, Pain and Suffering

Guilt is not healed so simply by moving on. It needs to be met completely. Without a complete connection there cannot be complete healing. All solutions require a complete understanding and connection with the issue at hand. Healing guilt is no different.

Guilt exists because of the perception of wrongness. Forgiveness is the doorway to healing guilt. It is the precursor to unconditional acceptance, the reunion with universal consciousness. Forgiveness will open the way through several levels. On one level the pure feeling and emotion of guilt must be opened completely. On another the aspect that was able to act in such a way as to create guilt must be forgiven also. It must be accepted and felt for what it is, without the condition that it is required to see differently or change. As soon as we require or demand change then the vibration of our forgiveness changes. The healing ability of forgiveness changes when it becomes conditional, for in being conditional we choose to hold on to part of the pain. Perhaps it is our story and we have become attached to telling it. Perhaps we feel like we need to protect ourselves, so that this will never occur again. Whether for protection or because we feel that this story has become who we are, the choice is between fear of being hurt again or healing and discovering reunion in all that we are.

By letting go of the need to protect ourselves we open up the way to finding a self that needs no protection. As long as we fear pain – then we will fear pain. As long as we need protection – then we will need protection. The path to true power is through letting go of the shields and devices that we would use to stop us from connecting with the universe and to let this connection take place. For deep understanding and thus empowerment to be realized we must move in the direction of whole connection, not denial.

Guilt holds a special opportunity for healing because the nature of guilt is about right and wrong. Even the most gifted technical healers may find difficulty with healing guilt if they do not believe that they deserve healing. It is only when we can accept that even that which we perceive to be wrong is worthy of love, can we forgive, accept and truly move on.

There is a resonance within the energy of guilt that has usually existed just below the threshold of this planets surface consciousness. This thread of emotion links all the way through all of our history and like any memory holds the reflections that have had the most impact. The perception that we have abused power has led us to fracture the way that we can wield and perceive real power. The strong magnetism that is directing this planet’s consciousness to heal guilt will help us to understand the nature and capacity of true power. At this time the resonance is slightly above the threshold of group consciousness. This means that not only can present life guilt be easily accessed, so too can the guilt of many past lives. The latch to opening into these is simply accepting even for a moment that what we do feel as guilt is quite alright and safe to feel. Allowing the essence of forgiveness to embrace guilt does not make us bad people, it does not mean that we will recreate those experiences that we perceive to be wrong. On the contrary, when we connect to forgiveness, we create forgiveness, the more we move into this space, the more we accept and are at peace. Rather than moving in the direction of creating pain, dominance and suffering, we are moving in the direction of unconditional love. We need to move away from the mindset of punishing ourselves or each other for what we perceive to be crimes and wrong doings. We may believe that we are being just in creating these states and emotions of punishment, but in truth what justice is there in perpetuating states that will continue to create anguish, misery and suffering in the world? For sure, all states of being need to be met if we are to gain positive opportunity, but those positive opportunities also need to be taken in order for them to become their potential.


The Foundation of Magic ~ Part 1 ~ The Secret to Unlocking Magical and Metaphysical Abilities

Magic is at it’s essence the manipulation of cause and effect. Through the deep understanding of energy the magic user learns to alter the direction and flow of reality.

The novice may begin with learning spells and techniques, but these are merely a pathway to learning the fundamental principles that underlie all magic, manifestation and creation. So too an adept may use external alchemy such as powders, roots, and herbs to enact an enchantment, but it is important to understand that these catalysts simply represent an energy. The path to mastery eventually leads to complete understanding of the frequencies of this energy such that no reagents or techniques are needed. The master learns to manifest at will because they have developed an understanding of the knowledge, energy and intelligence behind the reagent, technique or spell.

The essence of magic has always been the manipulation of energy whether through the use of spells and reagents or direct energetic manifestation from the mind. It may be easier in the beginning to simply use the reagent recite the technique and leave it at that, but the magic users growth and understanding will inevitably stagnate. The longer road that ultimately leads to mastery comes from understanding and meditating on the energy behind the spell, entering and learning the wisdom within the reagents and listening to the principles as they communicate beneath the techniques. This is the foundation of magic.

There needs not be any division between metaphysical schools that encourage the use of spells, ingredients and reagents and those that promote pure and undiluted development of the mind. The only division is that of the mind that wishes to perceive itself as being right. True practice and development of the self is about opportunities.

All understanding whether pure meditation, magic, alchemy, psychology or modern science is about communication. It is about understanding the expression of energy and reciprocating an expression of energy. To divide and separate is simply to divide and separate ourselves from the opportunity to truly understand unity. There is no separation when we delve into the heart of the matter.

Meditation is understood through the mind and senses and so too is magic, science, music, conversation, sleeping and dreaming. All of these hold opportunities for learning, expression, communication and understanding. All of these hold opportunities for empowerment, wisdom and growth. When communication becomes open and universal, it is because we have allowed our consciousness to bridge the gaps in perception that would keep us separate. The choice to find and bridge those gaps will always be found in seeking out that which we would resist and separate ourselves from and exploring those energies and spaces. What is of interest is that the art of Magic directly works with bridging separation and moving through resistance. It evokes creativity and surrender, connection with the external and awareness of the internal. The very fact that elements of Magic will elude the contemporary mind is evidence of its ability to stretch and expand the mind. All of these aspects and principles are fundamental to any school of pure meditation or mental mastery. The real power of Magic lies however in the reality that it does not exist. For it is the perception of impossibility that creates the greatest resistance in the mind – and so it is this resistance that bridges the greatest separation.


Channeling ~ Part 5 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Channeling offers a practitioner the opportunity to shape their mind in such a way that it perceives itself to be communicating with external sources. It is this perception that allows the development of the internal consciousness to realize and understand that the entire universe can be experienced within. The process of seeking the outside from within guides the mind to discovering more than what its familiar comfort zone and it is this that allows it to find true strength and purity. The contrasting perception of purity, which is one of isolation ultimately creates a perception of complete separation from the True Self.

In moving the mind out we are working with the sense and perception that we are moving from what is the self into external territory. This perception is what opens us to the possibility of psychic manipulation and negative entities. There are two main methods of dealing with these phenomena. One is to release the areas of resistance within us that entities can hold on to. The other is to form the part of consciousness that channels into a weave of sensitivity – soft yet strong enough to match the frequencies of any that come in its way. At the point of meeting it is important that our mental direction and energy is strong enough to move past these entities without taking on their residues while at the same time not compromising flexibility for strength. This is a process that is learnt most easily through experience, however it is important to note these things. Interestingly it is almost impossible to connect with another energy and not have an effect. The intention is to learn how to manage and direct this effect so that it is congruent with our truth.

This type of training provides a basis for moving in the direction of our potential at all times. Rather than fearing what we perceive to be negative energies because we have not yet reached the point where we can transform them, we learn to keep ourselves centered while moving toward our destination. We neither compromise our ultimate destination nor do we compromise our development of real inner strength. Working with this level of sensitivity requires a constant state of consciousness because subconscious states will have a tendency to react with fear to anything that they cannot assimilate or transform. A flexibility of mind is required to understand when the opportunity for developing aspects of emotional strength are at their potential and when less vulnerable methods of protection such as the popular white light visualizations are more appropriate. In itself this flexibility develops into a wisdom that is gradually understood at the deeper levels of body and mind. This direction entrains a further congruency of truth, reason and purpose between all levels of consciousness.

All action must report back to reflection and observation, and the main factor to observe is the overall state of tangible and conscious energy. Energy is the fuel that allows us to direct, drive and move our consciousness. There will always be a balance between integrating knowledge and having that act of integration drain us of energy. The important thing is that we keep tuned into our purpose and destination. There will be times when we intuit that it is necessary to enter low energy states, but the awareness of reason and meaning will provide the opportunity to find a gate through which we can again transcend this state.


Channeling ~ Part 4 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Integrating knowledge, experience and information and transforming it into understanding and wisdom requires different levels of surrender and receptivity. Form must always change in order to assimilate something new, but at a deeper level that form must remember what it originally had been seeking if it is to use the new wisdom at all. The longer we move into a certain experience the more we become encompassed by it. This provides the opportunity for deep understanding and wisdom, but in the process it is possible to lose connection with how that understanding and wisdom was originally intended to be used. In the fullness of time all consciousness will return to its true self. The choice however is whether our connection occurs within our life time, tomorrow, the next ice age or a day short of eternity.

Providing our consciousness with an internal signal or beacon that moves from within our depths to where ever we are and who ever we become, gives us the opportunity to move deeply into experiences and in essence to “lose ourselves.” At the same time we set a kind of consciousness alarm clock, to wake us and allow us to remember our true purpose. The time spent immersed allows us to then understand and integrate experience and knowledge from the perspective of one who has walked fully in the footsteps of life.

By understanding the reason and meaning behind choosing particular paths of experience we can set a beacon of intention to allow immersion until specific realizations are met. The waking itself can be as gradual or sudden as we direct it to be. For this reason it is important to understand and observe what would best serve our needs. As much as a sudden awakening can push an accelerated direction of realization, we must also take into account the person that we may be at this time and the emotional and mental patterns that we will be working with.

The beacon that awakens should be integrated with any of the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, taste or thought. The awakening itself must be initiated with awareness – a trigger of observation that originates within the main sensory of choice. This way the mind will have the tools to recognize and interpret the nature of the beacon.

Working with this level of channeling needs to come with a warning. Losing oneself will always come with the requisite emotions of anguish and despair. Re-awakening and realization will bring all into perspective, but while we are gone we do not have at our disposal the the same vision or understanding. This is after all what it means to lose our self in the first place. The same method of triggering a beacon can be used for when we experience and meet these specific aspects also. Just as there can be much knowledge gained from entering into “the dark night of the soul”, despair and anguish, perhaps more can be gained from remembering how to move through and out. More than just a reminder, a beacon can act to trigger a realization of illusion. That realization will allow the experience of empowerment to be felt and understood, regardless of any emotional pain, feeling or thought. As this channel of empowerment and truth draws through all the experiences that have been, integration, awareness and awakening arise automatically and with them deep levels of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and rejuvenation.


Use Your Illusions ~ Part 2 ~ The Secret of Enlightenment and Meditation

Recognizing that our journey occurs in cycles and understanding the limits and potential of these cycles will allow us to know when to choose illusion and when to choose truth. The journey to truth can bring us through many dimensions, many of these dimensions will bring with them a sense of confusion and overwhelm, simply for the fact that they reflect massive amounts of knowledge, energy and expansion.

Wisdom comes from understanding how to best meet each experience for our highest potential and good. Internally we must recognize how we are responding to the journey and the choices we make. There will be times when revealing truth will be pure joy, at other times it will be draining and perhaps confusing. Recognizing how all the aspects of our mind and body are reacting to the experiences is extremely important for ensuring our success.

It is necessary to understand that while the higher aspects of consciousness may not need as much energy to function, shift and move through dimensions, the denser and physical levels require a lot of energy to transform. Often releases of energy and emotion will accompany these transformations and will require that we rest, revive and give these aspects time to adapt. Full integration at all levels will always require that we respect and honor the limits of all aspects of the self. In particular those aspects that work and transform the slowest.

The adaptation process is nurtured and supported when we understand how to use our higher consciousness to lead and guide the lower and denser levels. Whether we are guiding toward pure truth or working with the specific aim of supporting our physical body and mind, the understanding and use of illusion is important. The more practiced we are with illusion the greater the effect on our body and mind and therefore the greater the effect on our overall journey and destination. Just as important is our sensitivity to understanding what type of illusion is needed.

Through observing and scanning our consciousness we must recognize whether to continue through a specific path or create and practice an illusion of inner strength and clarity in order to find this place first. The order of exploration will make a big difference in how and if the knowledge can be integrated. If we reach a place that is wealthy with knowledge but too intense for our consciousness, then we will most likely miss the opportunity for knowledge and certainly for integration. If on the other hand we recognize that our consciousness is likely not ready to enter this place, then we can work on building inner strength, clarity and openness. Then when we recognize that we are ready we can enter and make full use of the knowledge within.

Illusion will work on all sides of consciousness, it can be used to see what is needed, it can be used to create what is needed, but at all times it is but a guide to reaching and manifesting the real thing. The mind and body will use it like a template with which to match up and find the places, dimensions and feelings it is looking for, and when consciousness meets these places the reality is drawn and merged into us. For this reason it is important that the illusory template that we use is perfectly accurate. The more accurate the illusionary map, the more accurate the reality will be.


Illuminating the Dark ~ Part 1 ~ The Essence of Meditation, Purification and Enlightenment

Real mastery of the self can only be realized through meeting all aspects of being with conscious equanimity. In the moment of connecting with these parts unflinchingly and with acceptance, we no longer struggle with the self and we experience unity.

The path of ‘the dark’ means a path where we are lacking awareness. Unconscious, subconscious and spiritual dimensions all have relevance here, but it is also valuable to note the various grey areas. It is possible and common to have an intellectual awareness of certain concepts and principles, but without integration at the level of the body these skills and experiences will not be fully realized. For example we may understand the principle of ‘living in the now,’ but as long as our body still reacts to pre-programmed responses we are still living in the past. The journey of moving from an intellectual idea to an experience that encompasses not only the mental but the physical is a far deeper and more “whole” level of integration.

Mental consciousness generally works at a far greater speed than the physical, but through training and practice we can guide the body to realizing it’s own potential for development and expansion. Keeping the connection between body and mind requires that we do not neglect one over the other. When working with the body we observe the nature of the mind and learn to direct it’s energies through the body. When working with the mind we observe how the body perceives and interprets this level of consciousness and we look for the spaces and areas where it can open to the experience with deeper understanding.

Patience is important when working with an intention for integration because until full integration occurs the mind will almost always be faster than the body. This is especially true for those that are developing their psychic senses as the ability to perceive subtle energies opens a literal floodgate of information. Without integration this information will lead to various levels of agitation, stress and confusion. What is actually happening is that the physical level of consciousness has no idea of what is happening and being realized at the subtler mental and spiritual levels. We could look at it as upper level management not communicating to the middle and lower levels. While it may not always seems as exciting to work at the physical level the revelations and realizations can be just as profound if not more because they can actually be used and implemented into our physical reality. Further more what we experience is solid, tangible and built on a base of emotional, physical and mental strength. On the contrary experiences that try to ignore the body are essentially leaving the foundation or base behind.

Illuminating the dark brings light to all the aspects that we would ignore or pass off as too mundane, boring or not worthy of note. In bringing the light of consciousness we are communicating and understanding. This reciprocal interchange of energies speaks and listens and within time we realize that we understand the meaning of this communication clearly. As our ability to listen increases, so too does our ability to inject meaning into the communication – and so the product of the communication becomes more refined and more meaningful. Many results can be gained from bringing consciousness into these dark parts and each morsel of knowledge and wisdom opens up new opportunities to seek out and explore. In the end however, all paths lead back to the one true path, the path of unity, the path of peace, the path of power.


Spiritual Integration

Integrating spiritual realities into our lives requires at least in principle two things. The first is to send our consciousness through the window that opens and allows exploration of the spiritual realms and then we must train our physical body to experience and open up to this reality. Developing the psychic senses is a clear way to look through the dimensional windows, but in many ways this is simply the gathering of knowledge. The opportunity that a psychic sense such as clairvoyance offers us is to see clearly and truly how energy and entities are interacting and so understand how to affect the result. Likewise a skill such as clairaudience allows us to listen to the guidance of entities and energies and so understand how to create and manifest in a particular direction. The development of these skills is not by any means mandatory for spiritual development, they are simply extra tools for enhancing the journey. All of us have the ability to feel and observe and this is the most important principle of all.

In seeking peak experiences, spiritual realizations and empowerment we are actually seeking union with the true self. The true self is the peak, it is empowerment and it is spiritual realization. The process of observing and feeling allows us to move through the layers that obscure the true self from perception. This is the experience of realization and it is also the experience of true peace. When it comes down to it, it may be said that what we are truly seeking is inner peace and although the paths to realizing this experience are often different the principle is always the same. It is about meeting each atom of experience and allowing it to be exactly as it is. This reality of allowing an internal experience to be exactly as it is, is the energy of peace. We feel and perceive any particular energy and we do nothing. In doing nothing we allow these entities or energies to be exactly as they are. We ask nothing of them and so they experience peace and that peace is being formed and realized from within us. It is being created and shaped within us. The reason why we train our minds to become formless is so that we can take the shape of whatever form is manifested within us. When we hold our form there is a clash as two forms meet. When we allow our form to move and shift then there is no clash, only peace. As our consciousness is directed to connect with more and more energies and is given the opportunity to create peace, less fear arises simply because we know that we can meet and experience whatever comes our way. Without fear our mind and body becomes clear. Through this clarity the experience of our true self becomes effortless and furthermore because the experience has come through directly connecting with everything that comes our way integration occurs at the deepest levels of our being. There is no gap between spiritual and “normal.”

Since the accelerated way is through developing the psychic senses and then turning them within, we need to be aware of times when the development of these senses requires balancing with the physical body grounding and integration. In short I would recommend at least 3 times a week practicing grounding work. The essence of grounding work is connecting to the physical body, feeling and observing it and bringing the mind fully into it. The easiest way is to just observe the body during physical movement. Anything from walking, doing the dishes, showering or doing up your shoe laces. Observe your posture, the way you hold your weight and balance. Notice and objectively observe any physical tension and areas of relaxation. All physical manifestations are connections to consciousness and it is through these connections that the mind integrates with the body. The process of experiencing the physical and alternately experiencing the spiritual and subtle allows the realization of a consciousness that is expanded. Directing the mind to move between the spiritual, mental and physical provides the opportunity to observe the movement, the landscape and the spaces interwoven beneath and through these elements. Within these spaces and flows exist the essences that connect spirit, mind and the physical. Experiencing these paths of power allow us to find a unity between what we have previously perceived and experienced to be separate levels of consciousness. This unity and integration opens up the experience of spirit within the body, the physical within the mind and the mind through the spirit.

Integration is where real empowerment exists because it brings the experience back home to where we live. It is perhaps the most sustainable and realistic means of spiritual life because it does not seek to leave a single iota of being behind. All is met, the dark, the light, the ego, the personality and the higher self. With each meeting there is an opportunity for mastery through the experience of looking straight in the eye of whatever energy it is that exists there. We feel and choose to be open and the feeling and experience is allowed to be as it is. What is gained is a consciousness that is opening to a realization of truth.


The Power of Stillness

The power that stillness offers us is the opportunity to clearly perceive the nature of flow in all things. From this we can develop the ability to follow the path of flow into dimensions of knowledge, spirituality, empowerment and enlightenment. All things have their own flow or frequency, matching it is like creating a key that fits a door. We can choose to open this door and explore, we can choose to leave the door just as it is or we can choose to make peace with all the door represents. Each choice offers an opportunity for mastery of the self because each choice involves learning to move the mind.

The experience of stillness is like bringing quiet to a swirling lake so that we may see the bottom. In truth the bottom is always there, stillness simply allows us to see. When we have tuned ourselves to hearing and seeing this flow then we will find that quieting the mind and body is no longer necessary. We will gain the ability to perceive flow and stillness in all things, noisy, quiet, chaotic or orderly. Even the experience of stillness which is often perceived as eternal has within it a depth that when moved through is realized as flow. The question then arises whether this is true stillness? As with all things the speaking of it will never compare to the experience of feeling it. The perception of stillness is enough at any given moment, just as the perception of truth at this moment is enough when seeking absolute truth. Sustaining the direction through practice will in the fullness of time transcend all the layers. It is similar to a dripping tap filling a swimming pool with water, given enough time the tap will fill the pool.

Stillness can be practiced by implementing the physical path. By remaining absolutely still, moving no muscles other than our lungs to breath, our heart to beat and our other autonomous organs we observe a static state. The easiest way to do this is lying down or sitting in a comfortable position. In stillness we will then observe our mind and body’s desire to move, and yet when we do not move, when we remain still we will notice the flow of energy that is asking us to move. We simply observe this energy’s flow and it leads us to other flows. In time we may be conscious of many, many flows and yet beneath them all there is a deeper stream of flow. Learning to follow these pathways to deeper levels we find subtler and subtler feelings of stillness. The stillness may again open us to the awareness of flows which in turn lead us to gateways of stillness. Through each portal we will find that we are delving deeper into ourselves. We can also notice that between the stillness and flow is another space. This space is the canvas upon which we can realize clairsentience. Similarly, observing stillness we may begin to perceive movement, this movement may become visual at areas and is the space where we can experience clairvoyance. Each of the skills of true perception can be found through following the paths of power, but even at these levels of experience still deeper areas can be sought, explored and found. In time a doorway that unites all the senses, stillness and flow can be found. Through it we experience ourselves as we remember ourselves as we truly are and who we have been is changed through this reunion. One of the true beauties of this however is that although we are changed we can still perceive the consciousness that was unaware. This is the reality of the infinite mind, it can experience the contradiction of knowing and not knowing, truth and ignorance all at the same time. Learning to experience peace as it exists within all internal struggles, dissent and contradictions is what heals and reconciles all aspects of the self.

Gaining a foothold to understanding stillness is all that is required to integrate this essence into all practices and life. Remaining still physically gives us the most obvious representation of stillness. The principle remains the same as we travel deeper. Bringing this essence into the practice of focus allows us to find a far deeper, more sustaining focus. Bringing this essence into the practice of observation allows us to find a more expansive, fluid awareness. The psychic senses become clearer and connection with the higher self becomes tangible. The relationship between stillness and true empowerment are intrinsically linked. Each provides a direction for the mind to move and it is through this movement that the consciousness gains the opportunity to see the reality of itself – that it’s truest power and purpose exists in the realization of it.