The Adepts of Fiola

The Adepts of Fiola are a specialist guild of sorts which deals with their own brand of Astral sorcery. They are secretive to the extent that they will not allow admission to anyone that cannot prove a certain degree of ability in energetic manipulation. Fiola has since moved beyond the plane of the Astral where the tower, resides yet the adepts regularly channel his consciousness through the use of dimensional portals.

The path of Fiola is one of pure dedication to the art of sorcery. They place the understanding of energy above and beyond all other concerns even enlightenment. Interestingly however, their dedication to their path brings them closer and closer to full awakening. It has been observed that where many disciplines of the Fiola became dedicated because of a lack of ability to feel emotion, their exceptionally high level of development brings in expanded opportunities to access the emotional planes.

Considering the politics that exists within the Astral the services of the Fiola would be in high demand if they would have anything to do with anyone. The pure dedication of their path however is such that nothing can buy them. Their energy bodies are so strong that they survive directly from the astral plane in which they live and their ability to create and support Astral structures is amongst the highest in their particular plane.