The Nature of Energy Blocks

Energy is pretty much everything, so in this light an energy block can be pretty much anything from patterns of thought, emotions or physical knots. Blocks are simply weaves of energy. Deep blocks are weaves that have worked into each others spaces, formed subtler supporting weaves and interlocked throughout forming a multi-level matrix. The first step to unlocking a block is to follow the weave. There are several ways to do this, but first it must also be remembered that not all blocks are bad. All blocks have a reason for existing, it is important to understand this reason because sometimes a block is simply supporting our consciousness in its present direction.

The first question that should be asked is: ‘Why does this block exist?’

The second question should be to ask: ‘How would I benefit from removing this block?’

The answers to these questions can be gleaned from moving the mind into the blocks by simply observing objectively – no pushing or prodding of any sort. Dependant on the level of sensitivity, communication will occur in any number of ways. You may observe written contracts spelling out the reason for these blocks; you may view visions of a past or present life illustrating why the block exists, you may hear voices from guides; the knowledge may simply be felt. It is important to observe these responses and only act to remove a block once you understand why it was put there in the first place.

In many ways energy blocks can act like the walls of a hose. By creating obstacles and resistance these blocks can divert energies, emotions and thought forms to moving in specific directions or patterns. Some of these patterns may be necessary in order to fulfill certain intentions. It needs to be understood however that energy blocks will in the end cause the stagnation of energy at specific points of the body and mind. This will lead to dis-ease.

In choosing to remove an energy block it is important to understand that the essential ingredient is simply a connection to the block. Through this connection a communication is formed. By following the weaves until we find the first weave we can communicate a dissolution. Subtlety and focus of the mind must be developed to a very high level in order to reach this first weave. If the mind is not able to remain sharp at these very subtle levels, it will keep missing the spaces through which to follow the path of the weave.

All programs, blocks and mental patterns, can be structured through the workings of these principles. Energy can be set up to support specific patterns, or taken away to dissolve others. By implementing these at specific levels of consciousness, we build a kind of scaffolding in which to support the direction of our purpose and intention. In time the inner structures must be made self-sufficient, strong and flexible, as to not become reliant on the blocks and thus grow stagnant. As long as these phases and cycles of growth are regulated, energy structures can be used to create powerful mediums of intention.