The Source of all Knowledge ~ Part 2 ~ Awakening Universal Consciousness

Channeling knowledge and integrating it is important but for knowledge to be relevant it also needs to be meaningful. The receptive way of using knowledge is to trust that what is being communicated to us is for our highest good and to learn how to listen and work with it. The active way is to weave our intention into the conduit of universal connection with the Source and seek specific knowledge.

Intuitive, responsive communication is always a flow of receptive and active. We recognize what is being said and we respond with sensitivity to the outcome. A good listener has the opportunity to understand well, good understanding provides the opportunity to respond well, a good response provides the opportunity for relevant knowledge. This cycle moves in the direction of creating integrated meaning and purpose. The consciousness that leads it all is that of intention. The intention to seek deep understanding. It will always come back to this.

Observation and listening is an art, and so too is learning to respond clearly and coherently. If the consciousness is muddled with subconscious talk, mixed messages and so on, then our expression will reflect this. Our reality and the way that we interact with it will show the results of our expression. Learning to speak clearly to the Source takes practice. It is a balance of being aware of the ever changing dynamics of energy, the interpretation of the communication and the way that we are infusing our own meaning. In this, it is much the same as any good conversation we would have with another human being.
Just as in communication with another human being it is also important that we observe the nature of communication. If we were to go to another country where the people did not speak English, then perhaps we would have to learn their language, but perhaps in the meantime we would need to find some happy medium. Under these circumstances we would speak what little we could and use whatever other ways, we could to communicate. Importantly we would observe others very carefully for clues as to what it is that they were communicating and all along we would be gaining experience in how to speak their language. The same principles apply is communicating to the Source.

In order to hear and listen with clarity we must create a space for communication. Into this space the frequencies of communication can inter-relate freely. The way in which we realize this space will determine whether our communication is clear or confused, spoken or visual, diluted by emotional beliefs or neutral and objective. The nature of the space will also influence the way in which the Source will be shaped. Exploring the space and the manner in which it influences communication is important, because it is only in understanding and actually experiencing the many differences that we can know with certainty what will best serve our own true path. Integrating emotion, belief, thought or feeling into a space will provide opportunities for understanding these aspects, but the direction that this communication takes will be strongly influenced by our own attachment to these parts. It is this attachment that shapes the nature of the Source, at least in how we will perceive and communicate with it. For this very reason it is important to always come back to neutrality, the place that observes and experiences the Source as it is, unfiltered by our own mind, beliefs and emotions. Through always seeking, through intent for the truest aspects of the Source, we will be led back to the truest aspects of ourselves. This journey will integrate and reconcile all the aspects and bring universal understanding and knowledge.