The Way of Manifestation Part 4 – Listening

The way of listening moves us into a subtler realm of manifestation. It is a skill that allows us to to develop and fine tune the principles of realization. Mastering listening really begins to open the doors to creating reality. We begin with affirmations of what we want. Vocally at first. Then in our minds. Silently expressing the affirmation and command. Up until this point we are working with the positive expression. Now we listen for the affirmation.

Work with this:

Silently express the command “Vibrant Health.”

Now listen for the echo of the command.

Remember that the affirmation already exists. We are training our minds to hear something that has already been created. Whether we initially hear the command or not, we continue to listen and in doing so we train our minds to become sharper. In time it will learn to distinguish and tune into the frequency of the affirmation. This is the basis of auditory realization. Similar training is found in the development of clairaudience, finding the eternal “OM” and connecting to “spiritual tones” for dimensional shifting.

We want to be intimately familiar with the difference between mentally projecting a sound and listening to a sound that already exists.

What is required is dynamic focus and enough trust to know that the sound does exist. We need to sustain our discipline and focus in order to move past doubts that the process is not working. This is particularly important in the beginning.

It may require imagination at first to bridge the gap between what you currently believe and what is possible. This separation or gap is caused by the beliefs of the mind. Imagination is what gets the mind to move past those beliefs. In time the object of imagination becomes more tangible to the mind and begins to shift into our reality. We learn to hear what has always been there.

Developing the skill of finding that middle point between listening for the sounds we desire and surrendering is what we require. It is not a full letting go – remember the example of the paper plane. We give just enough power for the plane to glide, not too much or it will clash with the air. We let it go but keep our minds with the plane. Focus on it.

Let’s work with this exercise a bit more. Using the example of health begin by vocalizing at your usual speaking volume the affirmation: “I am in vibrant health.”

Say it a few times to get accustomed to it.

Then say it silently in your mind. Don’t worry too much if your mind starts saying other things. The mind is like that – it always has a come back, don’t be concerned.

Now listen for the affirmation. Don’t express it with the mind – just listen for it. If your mind has lots of thoughts and other voices just let them be and go deeper. The affirmation may be quiet or loud, subtle or obvious.

We are listening for the genuine affirmation that requires no input from ourselves other than to listen. The affirmation already exists. Don’t let the mind fool you that it does not. It is there.

Again don’t be concerned with whether the process is working or not working, whether you are doing it right or not. This is the beauty of listening and realization. Simply by looking out for it you are doing it right. It is the listening and the looking that is being trained here – so as long as you are doing this, which you are, then you are doing it right.

Allow the genuine affirmation to unfold for you in it’s own time. It will become clearer as we find that balance between not struggling with the mind and putting out a beacon or feeler for the sound.

To coordinate affirmations with the visual and kinesthetic senses means that they work together. The visual sees us having achieved the desire here and now. The kinesthetic sense feels the emotions and feelings that we will feel. The auditory sense hears the affirmations of success.

Manifestation is a balance of action and letting it happen. It is the subtleties that make the difference. Listening for affirmations that are already there trains us to understand that what we seek already exists. Listening in itself requires us to let it happen. The very instant that we realize that something already exists we cease struggling to make it happen. Why struggle for vibrant health when we allow our bodies and minds to realize the existence of it here and now? This is the moment when we allow that reality to come to us.
Struggle merely affirms that the reality of vibrant health does not exist. It affirms what we do not have. Realization on the other hand is literally an opening of our eyes to what already exists. The mind realizes, the body realizes and the entire process is an affirmation that vibrant health already exists.

As we listen for the affirmations and commands that support our goals we draw that reality to us. As we listen for the affirmations and commands that limit our goals we draw that reality to us. The freedom to choose either is simply a matter of learning to listen and develop dynamic and flexible focus.

The practice of listening is one of the most effective ways to familiarize the mind to the reality of the law of attraction. If the practice has given elusive results before, it may be because contained within the process has been the affirmation of lack. What this basically means is that if we are struggling, then what we are actually manifesting is that achievement of this result is to be a struggle. If we are craving a particular result, then what we are manifesting is that we crave a particular result. It’s a pretty dirty catch 22 huh? But not to worry. The art of listening takes care of the situation.