Breatharians are those that have mastered the art of absorbing breath as nutrients and energy for the body. It is an exceptionally high level of mind and body manipulation that requires a deep connection at the cellular level of consciousness. Most serious mystics attain a certain level of this ability – that is that they are able to absorb life force directly from the environment or mummify fruits and vegetables.

It is important to understand that the practice of the Breatharian does not ever need to begin with not eating food. Starvation is not the aim of the Breatharian – the aim is to draw in the purest forms of energy for the body and mind as possible. Many simply choose the middle path and consume only the foods with the highest possible vibrations while at the same time practicing the art of drawing pure prana directly into the cells of the body.

The results of channeling pure prana will always be an increase in energy, vitality, clarity, peace and focus. This is a sure indicator that the body and mind is cultivating the art of the Breatharian.